Tricky Towers - Blazy013
Halloween is almost here, and with it a 60% sale for Tricky Towers! The perfect chance to get the game if you don’t own it yet, or maybe it’ll be the ideal gift for a friend?

And what if you want to get spooky while stacking your towers? Well that’s what the Halloween Bricks are all about!

The free Halloween Bricks start out like normal bricks, but when you place them they awaken into their true form! There are bats, pumpkins and spiders to give your tower a creepy Halloween vibe – and we think they’re super cute too. If you really like them, you can use them all year round – Halloween never needs to end in Tricky Towers!

Have a great Halloween everyone!
Oct 15, 2019
Tricky Towers - Blazy013
V-Sync option added!
As computers have gotten faster, some of our wizards have run into trouble playing Tricky Towers alongside other activities like watching video online. If you were one of these unfortunate people, today’s update brings a new graphical option which may help!

Try turning on V-Sync by going to Settings, then use the right arrow to get to where you set your graphical options. There you should see the new V-Sync button – just check that and hit apply!

We've also improved controller support for MacOS. We hope this will resolve issues some players were having.

Don’t forget your Halloween bricks! We’re less than a month away, so it’s the perfect time to try out the free Halloween Brick Pack if you haven’t already! These bricks are decorated with pleasing pumpkins, beautiful bats, spooky spiders and cute cobwebs!

Happy stacking, wonderful wizards!

Tricky Towers - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 66% on Tricky Towers!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Tricky Towers - Blazy013

Today we're celebrating Tricky Towers' 3-year anniversary!
To get the party started, be sure to pick up the game on Steam with a -66% discount!

Over the past year we have seen some crazy towers, here’s a collection of some building highlights.

Thank you for all the years of support and keep on building those tricky towers!

WeirdBeard Games
Tricky Towers - WeirdBeard
Hey everyone!

It’s great to see the Tricky Towers Steam community having fun! We’ve got a little heads up today to all of you Nintendo Switch fans - Tricky Towers will be coming out on the Switch October 11th!
Lots of people have asked for it, and for the diehard fans who want Tricky Towers on more devices, you can now play on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and soon Nintendo Switch!

We’ll post more info on our social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Tricky Towers - WeirdBeard
Hi all, just a small update today. Apologies for the title, we just couldn't resist that pun!

We have tightened up the online code to hopefully squash some issues - in particular the the incorrect online winner issue you have reported. We've added multiple extra checks to make sure that player ranking can't be changed after the winner has been declared. In theory this should fix it, but it's very hard to reproduce.Therefore it would be great if could also keep an eye out and let us know if it comes back!

Thanks to everyone who reported the issue!
Tricky Towers - WeirdBeard

The latest update for Tricky Towers adds the new singleplayer endless race game mode, where you have to stack blocks faster than the water rises. How high can you build before the water catches up with you?
Tricky Towers - Blazy013

New Halloween bricks have been added for free to Tricky Towers so you can already get in the mood before October 31st - bats, pumpkins, and spiders all feature in our spookiest brick skins yet!

If it’s all too scary by yourself, why not invite your family and friends to join you in a Tricky Towers tournament? Our Tournament Pack includes papercraft crowns, a roster with rules, and even a super cup you can 3D print!

Happy Halloween!
Tricky Towers - WeirdBeard
Today’s update brings language support for Traditional Chinese and Romanian to Tricky Towers.

We are also excited to share that Tricky Towers is now available for Xbox One - and features an exclusive new single player mode! Don’t worry though, we’ll be bringing the new game mode to Steam later this year..

Stay tricky!
Tricky Towers - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 60% on Tricky Towers!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time

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