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Server offline alert! 🚨 We're upgrading our back-end database engine Wednesday morning, so Raw Data online features will be unavailable from 10am-12pm PT. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Raw Data - Survios

Happy Hours are happening! ːsteamhappyː To encourage more player community and activity, we invite everyone to come together on Saturday evenings from 6pm-8pm PT (US) or 5pm-7pm GMT (EU) in Raw Data and Sprint Vector. Set up and find matches in the Steam forums or join the official Survios Discord to chat and play with friends live!
Raw Data - Survios
Attention operatives! We have to temporarily take down our Parallel servers for scheduled maintenance tomorrow morning at 10am PDT. This will affect online features for Raw Data. We anticipate that maintenance will be complete and servers back online by 12pm PDT. Thank you for your patience!
Raw Data - Survios
Server maintenance alert! The Raw Data servers will be temporarily down starting at 10am PST. They should be back up by 12pm PST. Thanks for your understanding!
Raw Data - Survios

Hey operatives: If you know of any potential SyndiK8 agents who may have procured an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift+Touch VR setup this holiday season, this is your opportunity to recruit them to our cause. Now through January 4, Raw Data is on sale for 20% off in the Steam Winter Sale!

Well, what are you waiting for? Bring a reliable co-op and Hostile Takeover partner to the resistance and Eden Corp will never know what hit them...
Raw Data - Survios

Calling all Operatives! Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean that you're getting a break, so put down that eggnog and stash your cookie plate in your weapons cache: it's time for a SyndiK8 Challenge!

In homage to the recently uncovered Data Chamber battle arena we're tasking you to make like a mouse and AMBUSH as many enemies as possible until not a creature was stirring...not even Eden Corp scum. We define an ambush kill as any successful surprise kill made from behind, above, or below--your victim shouldn't know you're there until he sees red.

Five randomly-chosen players will receive the exclusive Elder Raw Data t-shirt! And there's always a chance for extra swag if your kills show some extra festive flair. ːsteamhappyː

Submissions will be accepted through Tuesday, 1/2/18, at 11:59pm PT! Good luck. Submit your best sneaky-style kill here (remove spaces and paste into your browser): https ://goo. gl/ forms/l0SRLrAjqRwJJ6Uy2 You can also submit your kills in the Raw Data Highlights channel on the official Survios Discord!

  • Must be accomplished in Hostile Takeover PvP - any map (but bonus points if it's on INTERCEPT)
  • Video must be a continuous clip showing one or more ambush-style kills: no editing other than cutting time off beginning and end
  • Only one submission per player
Dec 19, 2017
Raw Data - Survios
Hey everyone,

We have a holiday surprise for you...a Raw Data content update! ːsteamhappyː This small update has some minor bug fixes and one big drop: INTERCEPT, a new Hostile Takeover PvP map.

At the center of Eden Tower are the Quantum OS Data Chambers. Each Chamber stores and collates all of Eden's vital data to ensure a better and safer future for humanity--unless, of course, SyndiK8 has its way! Right now, terrorists are attempting to break into Reactor 4 of the Sector F Data Chambers and corrupt Eden's mission! Eliminate threats in this open map of interweaving walkways: find safety higher above, or rush the Data Core from below. Either way, get fired up--or get fired!

Here are the patch notes:

Patch Notes for Update 1.1.0 (Released December 19):
  • New Hostile Takeover King-of-the-Hill Map: INTERCEPT
  • Various crash and stability fixes
  • Fixed an issue where death may cause grip controls to reset to HOLD instead of STICKY or TOGGLE
  • Fixed minor typos on some text fields
Raw Data - Survios
In this final installment of our three-part mini-documentary, we focus on arguably the most integral component of Raw Data's development: you, the passionate VR community, whose ongoing support and feedback influenced crucial design decisions during Early Access and led to the creation of the Hostile Takeover PvP expansion and more. Watch now:
Raw Data - Survios

In Part 1 of "The Making of Raw Data," we shared the story of Project Holodeck and Survios’ initial experimental projects that eventually crystallized into the vision for Raw Data. Now, we pick up with the artists, engineers, and designers as they evolve the rough–yet well-received!–elevator tech demo from VRLA Winter 2016 into the final expansive, immersive combat experience. Check it out now!
Raw Data - Survios
From VR dream to reality, Raw Data's development story was a crazy journey from beginning to end. Watch Episode 1 of our mini-doc "The Making of Raw Data" now to learn about the Survios projects that paved the way:
Then check out more videos and art in our in-depth blog!

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