Jun 14, 2016
Sudoku Quest - BananaKing
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Sudoku Quest - BananaKing
  • Fixed a crash on startup that was caused by missing Direct3D 11.1 runtime.
Sudoku Quest - BananaKing
  • Play time is now showing correct after playing a single game more than 1 hour.
  • Custom game menu now contains "New Game" button alongside with "Continue", the latter is shown only if game save is present.
  • Fixed a bug when after loading Adventure game gold was not given to a player after revealing cells until next level.
Sudoku Quest - BananaKing
  • Fixed crash that occurred when "New Game"/"Next Level" button was pressed in Pause/Results screen.
  • Crash described above could result sometimes in corrupted game save files that caused the Adventure mode to load infinitely. That is fixed now.
  • Fixed situation when player is left to guess cell value from multiple remaining cells that are equally possible. Now all boards have exactly one solution.
Sudoku Quest - BananaKing
  • Game now does not respond to mouse and keyboard events when main window is not active or minimized.
  • Overlapped Classics Sudoku Speedrunner achievement is now obtainable.
  • Fixed memory leaks that were caused by sound library.

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