Jun 13, 2016
Otem's Defiance - hyperberrygames
Greetings Tributes!

We have some big news we wish to share, there are a lot of changes happening right now and we believe as a company we like to be as transparent as we can to our buyers.

The first thing is, we are releasing a new update of Otem's Defiance to include two new languages, Catalan and Russian, along with some performance improvements.

We are also publishing a new DLC which includes our original soundtrack, plus some couple of covers made by collaboating artists.

Lastly, we are lowering the price of our game to 6.99$, this decision was based on the input we have received from all of our testers, users and followers on social media and places alike, We have been told constantly that they believe this to be a price range suitable for our kind of game.

We have dedicated a lot of time and effort, about a year and a half with almost zero budget or investment whatsoever, working late night shifts and doing other sacrifices we knew came with the title of being indie game developers to craft Otem's Defiance. Our original price was the price we believed to be worth the amount of work we put into this project. However, we also want more gamers to experience and enjoy Otem's Defiance, and since we believe our customers to be our main investors and supporters, we decided to trust their input by making our game more affordable.

We haven't forgotten about our first buyers, those who believed in us since the very beginning, we think is only fair to show our gratitude to them for purchasing our product at release price, so please, do contact us ( either add hyperberrygames as a friend to chat on steam or send us an email with your username to info@hyperberrygames.com) so we can verify your purchase and send you a key to download for free the full original soundtrack of Otem's Defiance, along with other goodies we will reveal once we get in touch.

On behalf of the entire HyperBerry Games team, we wish to thank everyone for the support and hope we can keep updating and expanding our game we hope you enjoy Otem's Defiance as much as we have enjoyed developing it!
May 4, 2016
Otem's Defiance - hyperberrygames

Greetings tributes!

We just released a small update to cover a first round of feedbacks we received from our first buyers.

We wanted to thank you all for the support you've given us so far and we are glad to know you are enjoying Otem's Defiance :) we are developing more content and features we will soon be announcing!

Meanthile, here are some of the features and bugfixing that's being released on this update:

  • Integrated music and SFX volume control to the settings panel
  • Added new camera mode in-game to have a wider view of the level ( toggle it by pressing Y on the controller or C on your keyboard )
  • Allowing player to look up
  • Improved support for more screen resolutions ( even as small as 800x600 )
Bugs Fixed
  • Issue with colliders on certain levels where you would get stuck inside two walls.
  • Lighting rendering issues when quality settings were set to "Fast".
  • Pressing skip on the first comic would send you to the second comic instead of the tutorial.
  • Clipping issues on Molten ring where the camera would enter the volcano's geometry.
  • Game aspect ratio not being forced to 16:9 for proper rendering of the UI

As for the reported feedback regarding the comic we are already working to improve the pacing and will be released in our next small update.


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