Kim - hoguean

In the words of the lama, Kim's faithful friend, this is for the "brawlers and swashbucklers" among us! We had some feedback from the community that certain combat missions weren't playing as smoothly as intended so we investigated and discovered a couple issues that we wanted to address.

Our main focus has been to make it easier to plan attacks with the game paused and then unpause to let them play out. We've also tweaked how Kim behaves when he takes multiple hits in quick succession.

We discovered some inconsistencies between how line of sight was calculated for Kim and for enemies so we have updated this system so both use the same rules. Systemic changes like these require a lot of testing but we're now confident that you'll find the life of a highwayman on the Grand Trunk Road an altogether more enjoyable one!

We always appreciate input from our players, especially when it helps to make Kim better as in this case, please keep it coming! For feedback or simply to say hi, you can reach us in the forums or on Twitter or Facebook:

v1.3 -> v1.4.1

- Updated system for storing attack orders issued with the game paused
- New stun logic that preserves previous attack target irrespective of number of hits received
- Unified line of sight system applicable to both Kim and enemies to ensure that if they can hit you, you can hit them!
- Various minor tweaks and optimisations to combat
Kim - hoguean

Intrepid explorers! Our 3rd post-launch update has a new feature, which has been designed with you in mind, uncharted territory! From now on, Kim's map will begin covered and you will reveal it as you travel. As with the photo album, your progress in this area is not reset at the start of a new playthrough; this helps you plan where to go to meet new characters and discover new quests. If you have a save game, places you’ve visited in that run will already be revealed so you can continue from where you left off.

After our last update, one of our players, Jambu Kolla, suggested we include excerpts from the books, which Kim can find. We loved the idea and have picked out choice passages, which are now displayed as Kim reads the book so you will get a taste of some other great Victorian authors. If you want to see which books you haven’t found yet, there's a well-stocked bookshop in Lucknow.

We’ve also updated the travel line on the map to follow Kim’s route more closely and added a number of fixes and little bits of polish to make your Indian adventures more rewarding. We hope you enjoy this update, let us know what you think in the forums or on social media:

v1.2.2 -> v1.3

New Stuff
- The map of India begins as uncharted territory and you discover it as you travel; revealed areas remain revealed in future playthroughs
- When Kim reads one of the nine books, which you can find around India, the animation will show excerpts from this book
- The travel line has been updated so it doesn’t need to be redrawn when you first open the map after loading a save game and, when you take the train, it appear closer to the railways shown on the map

- Buying or finding the Map of the NW Frontier will reveal Afghanistan and nearby levels instead of only Afghanistan
- It is much rarer for a policeman to not be carrying some kind of weapon
- The end game replay will play out at a faster speed if it is going to take a long time to display
- Scrolling backwards and forwards through past scores now works more intuitively
- Some tent assets used in campsites and serais have been polished
- The end game sequence when you finish a permadeath playthrough has been updated to be smoother and more similar to when Kim turns 18
- Trees’ view cone colliders have been updated to better match pathfinding colliders

Bug Fixes
- The travel line will always update correctly when changing aspect ratio
- Scores that exceed the highest value in their results screen chart now display correctly
- The dots on the travel line now display correctly during the end game replay
- Fixed occasional crash when game was quitting
- The music track will no longer occasionally stop abruptly
- Achievements will always unlock at the correct time
- Conversations will be hidden before the end game sequence begins
Mar 9, 2017
Kim - hoguean

Welcome to Kim's second post-launch update! We've made lots of small improvements and optimisations and fixed some minor bugs. The centrepiece is the new end game replay, which let's you relive your epic journey around India and perhaps start to plan a better route for your next run! We wanted to make the end of a game feel climactic and do a better job of summarising your playthrough. When Kim turns 18, the screen fades, a choice quotation is read, which transitions into 'The End' and a replay of Kim's travels around the map of India by train, horse and foot.

We've also made some balance changes. You will now encounter more characters, who will offer opportunities to improve Kim's skills or set him objectives, which grant a variety of rewards. This provides more choices about how to spend your time while travelling and helps you discover all the different quests more easily. It should make it slightly easier to get a high score as well!

We hope you enjoy this new and improved version of Kim. We've got lots more updates planned for the rest of the year so please do let us know how you find this one and want you'd like to see in the future in the forums or on social media:

v1.1 -> v1.2

New Stuff
- New sequence at the end of each playthrough, which includes a replay of Kim’s route around India on the game map
- Improved detection of when an NPC or animal is stuck somewhere to prevent them wiggling on the spot
- Numerous code optimisations which will improve performance on all platforms

- Increased likelihood of random events triggering
- Fatigue no longer affects Kim’s strength, dexterity, stealth, speed and intelligence (although it does still affect his health, which in turn affects these)
- Policeman will almost always be carrying a weapon
- The map info panel appears over the map not before it
- Minor polish to some UI elements

Bug Fixes
- Combat encounters will always trigger speech bubbles to allow you to interact with the NPCs
- Speech bubbles never appear but then don't lead to a conversation
- Slight lag when panels open now fixed
- Character portraits will always appear at the correct resolution
Dec 21, 2016
Kim - hoguean

Welcome to our first major update! After Kim launched, our designer went to India (as you can
see here!) and we all relaxed and started to think about what we might add to Kim in future updates. Each time we finish a new feature, we’ll announce an update, which will also include any balance changes and little improvements we’ve made along the way. The centrepiece of v1.1 is an album showing the photos and descriptions of the places you’ve discovered during all of your playthroughs. The photos were provided by The British Library and the descriptions are excerpts from Victorian travel guides so we wanted to add a way to look through these as a collection. We've made a host of other changes, which you can read about below. Let us know what you'd like to see in our next update in the forums or on social media:

v1.0 -> v1.1

New Stuff
- A button in the main menu opens a photo album containing images of all the places you’ve discovered, which you can click to read their descriptions
- New ‘stuck detection’ system prevents Kim getting stuck on parts of the environment
- Unity updated to the latest stable version to improve performance and solve some minor issues

- Tents made cheaper and less powerful, they now block two-thirds of health loss from sleeping outside (in the relevant biomes) rather than all of it
- If you select a combat target, their icon enlarges to show that Kim will attack them and the combat icons of other NPCs shrink
- You can now unpause by clicking a speech bubble
- It is not possible to spawn the policeman, who has a letter from the lama, in Sarnath
- Volumes of a number of sounds reduced to better match others
- Ambient sounds default to playing quieter than they did before
- The travel line on the map is saved to stop it popping in when you open the map and it is very long
- Various bits of code optimized to reduce lag spikes
- Lots of UI and text tidied up

Bug Fixes
- Fixed occasional failure of certain achievements to unlock
- Inconsistent rounding fixed - numbers ending in .5 are now always rounded up
- Houses will never keep their lights on during the day
- Removed extra page visible when viewing the Scores list after immediately after the tutorial
- Your latest score will always be shown when opening Scores
- Lightning now always displays correctly
- Text in labels on the map will be scaled correctly
- Labels on the map will automatically close when you exit the map
- The continue button in a conversation will always light up on mouseover
- The black icon, which denotes that an NPC has a conversation available, always displays correctly
- You cannot skip past a conversation choice by clicking continue really fast
- Fixed broken sound when Kim dies after being attacked by thugs
Oct 24, 2016
Kim - hoguean

Kim is officially complete! Our little team has been working on it together for nearly two years. It's been a fantastic project and we are very grateful to everyone, who has supported us along the way by buying the game or spreading the word - we couldn't have done it without you! This update is focused on tying up loose ends and making little improvements to streamline the experience. We’ve been playing the game a lot so we’re confident it’s in good shape! Don't miss Kim's official trailer, released last week; you can watch it and check out our latest screenshots on the store page. We will continue supporting Kim long into the future and we love hearing from players so if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a line in the forum or on social media and we'll get back to you as soon as we can:

v0.13.0 -> v1.0

New Stuff
- Containers now have a grey version of their icon when empty and temples have a grey icon if Kim doesn’t have the right outfit to enter them
- Speech bubbles animate on mouseover and click and map icons scale up on mouseover
- New system for controlling entering and exiting buildings to ensure Kim uses correct entrances
- A few new sounds for animations and effects added later in development and a full polish pass on all existing sounds and overall audio balance
- The time remaining, displayed in Kim’s suitcase, now shows an hourly countdown on the final day

- Each book can now only be read once and they stack in your inventory and are not deleted when Kim finishes them
- Significant optimization to a number of processes to reduce lag spikes and increase frame rate
- If Kim owns the correct outfit to enter a temple but is not wearing it, he can enter and as he enters, he will change into the correct outfit
- Kim will not get hungry so soon after staying in institutions
- Pathfinding logic adjusted to prevent characters walking too close to buildings
- Combat mode no longer turns on automatically under any circumstances
- NPCs sitting at campfires can now be selected to open their panel
- Pathfinding and view cone colliders for houses and vegetation updated for improved pathfinding and neatness
- The slider on the fast travel panel lists destinations in geographic order and also scrolls faster
- Trains depart a little quicker
- Taking special outfits on and off will not trigger notifications
- Similar objectives have been grouped into the same mission to tidy up Kim’s notebook
- Effects determining an NPC’s opinion of Kim are now sorted by size
- Kim will now sleep in any of the tents in a campsite or serai
- Building icons on map made slightly smaller
- Building button on map now hides objective icons for neatness
- Kim’s reloading icon is a bit bigger so you can see him better through it
- Special characters' homes now use a different icon from random houses
- Town colliders polished
- Various UI screens tidied up
- Lots of conversations tweaked

Bug Fixes
- Kim will never be unable to enter a temple if he has the correct outfit
- Kim will never get interrupted going to sleep by an NPC blocking his way or other obstacles
- NPCs will always show their speech bubble at the correct time if Kim enters the level next to them
- First Day info panel will not appear more than once
- View cone offset removed so that they are an exact indicator of what an NPC can see
- The ruin in Lucknow no longer casts a strange shadow
- Kim always exits sleep locations properly when he wakes up
- Events meant to occur in multiple locations will now occur in all of them
- Reset button in Options now resets view cone quality as well
- Travelling to and from Dehra Dun no longer produces incorrect travel effects
- Compass effect no longer displayed when using roads
- NPCs now flee correctly after conversations in which Kim intimidates them
- NPCs in combat will not insult Kim or comment on his low stats
- Objective labels on the map always appear over the objective icon
- Warrants button won’t remain lit after it is no longer selected
- Kim’s icon on the map will not appear over an objective label
- HUD hit boxes adjusted to better fit buttons
- Muzzle flashes positioned exactly on end of gun
- Kim will never lower his gun before firing
- House lights will gently fade up and down in towns and the countryside
- Music will never pause for a moment as the game loads
- Travellers will not spawn facing the wrong direction
- Invisible horserider fixed
- Thieves cannot look around when the game is paused
- Fleeing thieves will not disappear if their exit is blocked
Kim - hoguean

Like the brave men and women of Starship Troopers, we’ve been on the front lines squashing bugs for humans everywhere. Onward to victory and full launch, which will be on October 24th! For now, we have stuck our heads above the parapet to share our final pre-launch update. It’s an avalanche of polish, fixes and balance tweaks, all detailed below, and there will be more of these creeping in via hotfixes over the next week or so. As launch approaches, we’ll be doing our best to spread the word so come say hello. We've just released a new teaser trailer and we have a full trailer coming soon!
v0.12.0 -> v0.13.0

New Stuff
- New house icons show which houses can be broken into and which require a better lock pick
- When you click the ground, a particle effect appears
- Lots of in game actions now use a faster page turn animation that doesn’t require you to click to continue
- The train now has a light at night and some houses have more appropriate lights
- We’ve updated to Unity v5.4.1, which has numerous minor benefits

- Improved pathfinding to use suboptimal routes and more natural turning behaviour
- Removed the modifiers on the effects of travel from not being with the lama
- Increased price of Bandages from 2 to 3
- Reduced health gain from Medicine from 30 to 25
- Intersections in the travel line on the map have been made neater
- More realistic ratios of different professions and religions spawned in each town
- Rewritten house and item descriptions and info panel text
- Updated the frequency and location of some events
- Tweaked some NPCs’ weapons and inventories
- We no longer spawn British servants or labourers
- We’ve deleted a few scores from the leaderboards, which are impossible to replicate after changes to scoring in the last update
- Lots of convos, towns and UI panels polished

Bug Fixes
- Policeman will never fail to notice Kim breaking into houses in towns
- Policemen will not give up chasing Kim prematurely
- Kim will not tell Lispeth the babu is lost until the relevant events have occurred
- Your past scores will display in the correct order
- Wealth is included in total scores posted to the leaderboards during a playthrough
- Stats’ contribution to total score is now calculated correctly
- Opinion notifications will not make the main menu button appear in slightly the wrong place
- Multiple copies of the same book will not stack in Kim’s suitcase
- Vegetation and serais will not spawn on other level objects
- Fatigue effects from travel are applied before the level loads
- Milestones will not spawn too far from their road or the edge of the level
- The HUD will not move as the page turn animation starts
- The rock cluster’s drop shadow is the correct size
- Game will always close correctly
- Assets will never pop in after the level loads
- Kim’s animations pause when the game pauses instead of switching to idle
- Police huts will not appear under the HUD
- Icons will not animate when their sleep location is selected on the fatigue panel
- Combat animals will not break the icon animation sequence when Kim arrives in a level
- After Kim goes to prison, policemen will never still be looking for him
- Bugs caused by being arrested and taken to prison in a nearby town fixed
- Policemen will not issue warrants for their own murder
- Sleeping NPCs won’t answer calls for help
Kim - hoguean

As Update 12 pulls in, you will hear it getting louder because it now has 3D sounds! We’ve made a number of improvements to the game’s audio system and assets; as you explore India, creatures and objects play sounds at a volume based on Kim’s changing distance from them. We’ve also been polishing level icons, which now appear as Kim arrives in a level and animate when clicked, and rebalancing how hunger affects Kim’s stats to speed up his decline in hopeless scenarios. Last week, Kim was selected for the Made With Unity showcase at their Unite conference so we’ll be demoing it on the show floor in LA from 1st-3rd November. Our plan is to continue balancing and polishing the game, fixing bugs and adding a few final missions before launch so let us know your feedback in the forums!

v0.11.0 -> v0.12.0

New Stuff
- Icon animations added for level icons when clicked and when Kim arrives in a new level
- New ambient sound tracks for certain biomes
- All localized sounds (NPCs, animals, etc) are now 3D, which means their volume is controlled by Kim’s distance from them
- 21:9 screen resolutions are now supported
- Desert version of serai added

- We’ve made some changes to prevent Kim getting stuck in a slow death spiral including quadrupling the negative effects of hunger, removing the ‘natural improvement/decline’ effects and reducing how much free health he receives when he enters last legs (from +1 to +0.0001)
- Volume sliders in Options scale different sound types more evenly
- A medicine box can now be used in place of medicine in all conversations
- Kim goes to prison in the nearest large town instead of the level he is arrested in
- View cone sorting updated to ensure all level objects below head-height do not block view cones and appear below them
- View cone detail level is now dependent on number of NPCs in the level
- Travel line on map updated to be neater and clearer
- Equipped items display (Equipped) on the sell button in the pawnshop
- Updated show HUD button animation
- Milestones rotated to face direction of travel
- There are slightly fewer NPCs in Delhi and Simla
- Lots of conversations updated
- Certain high scores on the leaderboards, which were recorded under more generous scoring rules, have been deleted

Bug Fixes
- Missions ‘A Souvenir’ and ‘A Special Gift’ can now always be completed
- NPCs in combat encounters will not thank you for helping them when you just watched
- Train stations are always rotated correctly in relation to their track
- Kim always spawns in the correct position after being rescued when he collapses
- The Space button can now unpause the game as well as pause it
- HUD button hit boxes fit their button better
- Serai and campsite panels always open correctly
- Sounds no longer play from behind loading screen or page turn animation
- Closing a panel by opening another only triggers the opening sound of the new panel
- Happiness and Health scores calculated correctly if Kim ends game in prison
- Sad, Sick and Tired objectives will not complete when you reload the game
- Horses with riders will not rotate unnaturally quickly
- Travellers no longer retain clothing items from previous travellers
- Invisible horseriders fixed
- Lama never forgets to get onto the train
Kim - hoguean
Update 11 has been powered by our players, especially blaa and GreyCrow, whose feedback has been fantastic. We’ve been homing in on the perfect game balance while batting away bugs. There’s new content too, we’ve added Steam trading cards to the game so you can collect all your favourite characters, craft badges and even employ some India-themed emoticons! Your survey equipment can now be put to better use in a series of missions that will take you to the far-flung corners of India. Be sure to blend in, not everyone trusts travellers from afar, especially those seen skulking around at night! We're also running a new high score competition every update to win a free copy of Kim for a friend, which you can read about here:

v0.10.0 -> v0.11.0

New Stuff
- You will earn trading cards, badges, profile backgrounds and emoticons as you play
- Two new missions turn the existing surveying mission in Bikanir into a 3 part quest line
- Police will help Kim to fend off thieves, who attack him, if they notice their aggressive behaviour
- A view cone setting has been added to the Options panel to allow you to choose if you want normal or high quality view cones (which can reduce performance on lower spec PCs)

- Weapons now start charging when the character enters combat mode so Kim can surprise NPCs if they are not prepared
- Pawnshops’ generous pricing allowed certain trading exploits so they now offer less money for your items
- Many different ways of earning merit have been rebalanced including drawing the Buddhist holy wheel and delivering items
- Colonel Creighton’s missions no longer allow Kim to earn as much money
- No merit is awarded for killing thugs
- Stats can now contribute more to total score as each is doubled and then the base values are subtracted rather than us simply adding them together
- Food and lockpick stats have been rebalanced
- NPC view cones move naturally instead of following the rotation of the character sprite exactly
- Milestones are now oriented to reflect the direction of travel they allow
- The distance at which Kim can interact with icons in the level is now based on the size of the object
- NPCs will no longer spawn at the very edge of the level or under the HUD in 16:9
- It is slightly brighter in the middle of the day during rainy weather
- Lots of conversations updated
- Various UI elements polished

Bug Fixes
- Special outfits cannot cause incorrect stats to be displayed either right away or after reloading
- Roads will always have milestones at both ends
- Travel effects will always display correctly when using tents
- Charts on the scores screen will display correctly throughout the game
- Bridges cannot spawn in such a way that they cannot be crossed
- Invisible riders on horses fixed
- It is always possible to sell guns at the pawnshop
- It is always possible to buy back sold items from the pawnshop
- Selling special items at the pawnshop will not affect Kim’s stats
- Closing the game with the pawnshop panel open will not cause saving errors
- Damage resistance from strength now displays correctly in the suitcase
- The use button in the suitcase is disabled for items that cannot be used
- NPCs cannot have more than five traits
- The correct seed is always displayed on the options panel
- Characters cannot get stuck if another NPC occupies their destination
- NPCs will always rotate naturally
- Thieves will always attack Kim if aggroed
- Kim will not be prevented from sleeping in a level after killing a thief
- Convalescing now resets stealth and combat mode
- Kim enters the boarding house in Lucknow from the correct side
Kim - hoguean

Since adding the new combat features last update, we kept getting in trouble with the police! This time, we've focused on updating the police system to make those bothersome blue blighters a bit smarter. They will notice NPCs being aggressive and have a nasty habit of finding out what Kim’s been up to behind their back and reacting accordingly. We've overhauled our pathfinding system so man and beast alike are doing a much better job of not walking into stuff. Also, to make time a more valuable resource, games are now 30% shorter (but there is still Endless Mode if you want to continue your playthrough) - let us know what you think here!

v0.9.0 -> v0.10.0

New Stuff
- We’ve implemented Aron Granberg’s A* pathfinding system to improve characters’ path selection and local avoidance. Aron was really helpful, we recommend it!
- Updates to the police system make policemen react to aggressive behaviour from any character in their line of sight and ensures those killed in action are replaced
- NPCs have a new head turn animation for more realistic looking around
- New assets and animation for hiding and showing the HUD

- To make the challenge of how to earn the highest scores more interesting, we’ve made Kim 15 years old when the game begins so a playthrough lasts 1000 instead of 1480 days
- Kim’s merit has half the effect on NPCs’ opinion of him (every 200 merit grants +1 opinion)
- To ensure a fair contest on the leaderboards, as a result of the above two changes, we have deleted some scores, sorry to anyone who lost theirs! We have more balance changes coming next update so watch this space!
- Towns’ colliders have been updated to have more consistent walls and alleys to hide in
- The travel line on the map has been redesigned to look neater
- Kim now respawns outside the police station of the arresting officer after going to prison
- NPCs only have a chance to insult Kim if their opinion of him is less than 40 (this rises as opinion drops)
- The ‘One Year Left’ panel has been replaced by the ‘Six Months Left’ panel
- If Kim is on his last legs, a notification is displayed at the top of the Health panel
- It is easier to enter countryside buildings such as campsites and stables
- Various conversations and UI elements have been polished

Bug Fixes
- The train will allows follow its track exactly
- Tutorial arrows are all the same size
- Tutorial sleep location will always be Mahbub’s stable
- A target icon cannot remain on screen after combat mode is switched off
- Thieves will always enter the level immediately
- Blurry map text fixed
- Building icons on the map are never pixelated
- Warrant info displays at the correct size
Kim - hoguean

Ladies and gentleman, this one’s a whopper! Update 9 is brimming with improvements and additions to combat, items and institutions. Check out the full list below, I’m just going to highlight the biggest mechanical change: a death’s door reprieve that we’re calling ‘last legs’. If Kim’s health is reduced to zero, he no longer collapses, instead he’s on his last legs and the game pauses giving you a chance to improve Kim’s health with medicine or food. Kim remains on his last legs until his health gets back up to 30; while in this state, he will collapse if his health hits zero again so be careful, especially if you’re playing with permadeath!

v0.8.0 -> v0.9.0

New Stuff
- 'Last legs' is a new state that Kim can enter, it's triggered when his health reaches 0 unless he is already on his last legs, in which case he will collapse as usual. When it's triggered the game will pause to give you a chance to take medicine - getting Kim's health back up to 30+ will turn off last legs
- Four new items have been added, three are outfits that grant stat buffs and the fourth is a rucksack that increases the weight Kim can carry without becoming encumbered
- Two new institutions have been added, the house of a Hill Raja with a penchant for antique guns in Dehra Dun and a poorhouse that accepts donations of food in Peshawur
- If Kim has a ranged weapon equipped, attack icons display the percentage chance of a shot hitting the target
- The weapon system and all weapon stats have been overhauled to make Kim's stats have a larger impact on the damage he can deal
- Dynamic item info has been added to all weapon and lock pick items, instead of showing base values, it shows values that consider Kim's current stats

- When Kim is in stealth mode, NPCs will take a period of time to notice him based on his current Stealth stat
- Changing outfit will no longer stop policemen from recognising Kim, warrant info has been simplified as a result
- If Kim starts a journey in stealth or combat mode, he will arrive at his destination in the same mode (in case you want to arrive in stealth mode to avoid policemen or thugs)
- Stations now allow travel to all other town stations on the map
- Strength has twice as big an effect on damage resistance as it did before
- Traits affecting NPC health have been rebalanced to make NPCs have slightly less health on average
- The building icon map overlay has been updated to include all institutions
- The travel line on the map has been updated to better explain what type of journey Kim has made
- A short pause has been added before an info panel can be dismissed to prevent them getting closed by accident
- Policemen will not insult Kim even if they have a low opinion of him
- Left Ctrl keyboard commands now also work with the right Ctrl button
- Various art assets and UI elements have been polished
- Numerous conversations have been updated

Bug Fixes
- Kim will always prepare weapon before attacking
- Slow frame rate in stealth mode fixed
- Station colliders updated to stop NPCs spawning inside them
- NPCs always un-aggro when Kim goes to prison
- The screen fade at the start of the game can no longer be dismissed early
- You can now use the mouse wheel to scroll through destinations on station and stable travel panels
- You can zoom in and out when the game is paused
- Penalty from sleeping outside in the rain is always applied
- Lag when exiting combat mode fixed
- House lights cannot spawn too far from their house
- Kim's shadow when in stealth mode follows his sprite's movements
- NPCs in temples no longer visible
- Icons belonging to NPCs sleeping in buildings will never appear
- Thieves will not continue hitting Kim after he is dead
- Recovery time is no longer displayed on the merit panel if the game is in permadeath mode
- Weapon particles will pause when the game is paused
- Show HUD button will not unpause game
- Lanterns carried by policemen go out if they are killed
- Guards can no longer spawn without any legs

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