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The next level of BlackShot is here! Weapons Update, new map, new items, new Competitive Season, exclusive rewards crate for new, returning and current players, and more!

Full Patch Notes:

Operation Breakthrough is now in GO! Mode. Here’s a full rundown on what’s new and what’s different in this 2018 Quarter 3 update:

-Leveling beyond Lv 99 promotes you to Generation 1,
-Generation Rewards: 650 Gems
-Special Event: If you reach Generation 1 before 26 Sep 2018, you will win Marksman Package

-Reduced SMG and Shotgun accuracy at medium to long ranges.
-HK and AK rifles deal more headshot damage.
-M4 rifles have a 50% chance to instantly kill with a headshot.
-All rifles have increased accuracy when firing fully automatic for the first few shots.
-Tier 4 and higher Sniper Rifles deal slightly increased damage to the lower body.
-Sniper Rifles can kill in one hit with shots to the chest and head.

-Reduced repair cost of weapons by 10% (3hr), 20% (10hr) and 30% (30hr).
-New tier 4 Gem weapons added to Shop. Gem weapons are time-based and cannot be repaired.
-New cosmetics and gear have been added: Legion Headgear, Desert Smemagh, NightOps Mask, Departing Gift, and Med Kit +.

-The Goldbox has been renamed to the Gachabox.
-Frontier Box has been removed.
The Assassin Box is now the Ultra Box, containing more high tier weapons such as the MSR Phoenix.
-The Premium Box has been added, featuring Scopes, Silencers, Weapon Effects and Tuning-style weapons (tier 4&5). These are time-based items and cannot be repaired.

-The Black Parade is a new Achievement that gets you Gems for playtime. For full details, check the Merits menu in your character info screen.

-New map added: Radar Station (WR)
-Added Twin Tower, Factory II (TDM), Broken City II, Factory (TFM), Hans Cargo and Power Plant (SD) to the map pool.
-Removed School, Scrap Yard (TDM), Sandstorm I, Xitang (TFM), Plaza and Mont St. Michel (SD) from the map pool.
-Added Domination Mode, with No Mercy and Reclaim.
-Throwing Mode has been removed.

-Fixed map glitches in Hunting, Ball Room, Han’s Cargo, and Office.
-Fixed McMillan Chameleon Zoom Function.
-Fixed Minor Text Issues.

-Resized Desert Eagle, Desert Eagle Gold, Jungle Knife and Police Baton.
-FPS Limiter added to Settings menu.
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - Vertigo_NJ

Hello Mercenaries,

The maintenance is complete and BlackShot: Revolution is officially live! Step into the future of tactical Mercenary warfare, modernized and rebalanced for a truly unique Free-to-Play experience.

Check out the new BlackShot: Revolution website link here to see the full details:

BlackShot: Revolution Website

- Team BlackShot
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - Vertigo_NJ
Hello Mercenaries,

BlackShot: Revolution is launching very soon! In preparation for this historic update, there will be a lengthy maintenance period starting at 03:00 CEST, during which time the game servers will be unavailable for approximately 6 hours.

In preparation for BlackShot: Revolution, all Steam DLCs are also being deactivated and removed from the store. If you purchased DLC items and have them in your account, you will be compensated for what you purchased in-game during the Revolution update period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may cause, and are very excited to welcome all of you to BlackShot: Revolution!

- Team BlackShot
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - DSH-Snowboarder

Hello Mercenaries,

The maintenance is now complete and the game servers are back online.

We thank you again for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance may have caused.

- Team BlackShot
Jul 6, 2018
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - DSH-Snowboarder

To the BlackShot Global Community,

Oftentimes, games must undergo significant changes to remain competitive in the marketplace. For long-lived games this fact is even more evident, and BlackShot is no different.
For this reason, BlackShot is changing .

Before detailing the coming changes, however, our team would like to first express our tremendous appreciation for all the dedicated members of our game community. Last year BlackShot surpassed its 10th year of service, an achievement seldom reached in the gaming industry, and we are truly humbled by your continued support that made such a feat possible.

In the four years that BlackShot Global has been operating directly under Vertigo Games/Papaya Play, our team has strived to continually improve the game experience in every possible. Some of these initiatives include: implementing the BattlEye Anti-Cheat system, introducing dedicated servers for the Brazilian community, adding Portuguese, German, and French as supported languages, and unifying all payment gateways for ease of access. Our goal is to make the game the best it can possibly be for everyone, and the changes coming later this month are the next step towards reaching that goal.

While we know that you love BlackShot, and have for many years, it cannot be denied that the game’s legacy foundations are beginning to show. In the years since BlackShot’s release, FPS conventions have moved in many exciting new directions, especially in the Free-to-Play space, and our team believes introducing some of these can help iron out some of the game’s more contentious issues and make the overall experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Here’s what this means for you :

Substantial system changes, more impactful than any our team have released in the past ten years, are coming July 25th. These changes are tantamount to a product relaunch, and we have collectively titled them BlackShot Revolution.
In brief, BlackShot Revolution’s major changes/additions include:

Total Weapon Rebalance

All weapons in BlackShot Revolution are completely permanent, and instead of timing out, will now degrade with use until they need to be repaired (this will not impact the weapon’s stats, however). This means no more lost gear or play time. Furthermore, every single weapon in the weapon in the game is being rebalanced to promote overall fairness and further strengthen competitive play.

Streamlined Leveling

The Level-Up System is being streamlined and revamped with new rewards. Ranks are also now reflected by a single numerical value (ex. Level 58), making it easier for new recruits and seasoned Mercenaries alike to see how they measure up against the competition.

Currency Overhaul

The BS and BSC currencies are both being replaced with the more thematically-appropriate Gold and Gems and having their functionalities significantly adjusted. Gold can be used to purchase most Shop items and perform other critical game functions, while Gems are exclusively reserved for purchasing Goldboxes and cosmetic/customization items.
The full details of these major changes, plus the rest of what BlackShot Revolution has to offer, will be revealed closer to the full launch date of July 25th.

Now, for the bad news :

The coming system changes are so substantial that the game data format must be completely reformatted, a process that will result in the loss of all existing player progression and set all accounts back to Level 1 under the new progression system. While the loss of data was never our goal from the outset of this project, it quickly became apparent in development that it was necessary for our vision for BlackShot to be fully realized.

Despite the data being removed, though, there will be carry-over into BlackShot Revolution for inventory items, ranks, and unused currency, including:

  • All inventory items, BS currency, and progression ranks, will be converted into the new Gold currency and credited to accounts when Revolution launches.
  • All BSC currency in player accounts is being converted into Gems.
  • Weapon Masteries and ranks will be immortalized in the new Hall of Fame, coming to the BlackShot Revolution website.

As can be expected, given the nature of the wipe, the Goldbox system will also be deactivated in-game until Revolution launches.

We do not expect this news to be met with enthusiasm by everyone in the community; indeed, it is one of the most difficult development choices we have had to make, and we know many will have strong feelings about it. All we ask for now is for you have trust in our team, and trust that these changes are what is best for the game we all love. We believe that Revolution will make the beginning of BlackShot’s next great chapter, and we invite all of you to join us for the journey.
We will keep you updated with more news through all of BlackShot’s official channels as the July 25th launch day approaches.

- Team BlackShot
Jun 27, 2018
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - DSH-Snowboarder

Hello Mercenaries,

The sun’s out, and that means it’s time to get your guns out! Before you head off on vacation, make sure to check out the hot new events and prizes in the Summertime Sendoff Event available for a very limited time!

- Team BlackShot
Apr 25, 2018
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - DSH-Snowboarder

Lock and load, Mercenaries, Season 2 of the Competitive Mode BETA is here. Several tweaks have been made to the Competitive Mode systems following the feedback received so far, the most exciting being the introduction of Team Flag Match (TFM) into matchmaking! The number of maps for each mode has also need increased from 2 to 3, adding some much-requested variety into the mix. Finally, every match in Competitive Mode now offers 200% EXP and BP, giving even more incentive to fight through the ranks.

New weapons and weekly missions are available with this update too, plus a red-hot Goldbox, the all-new Plaza map, and much more detailed below.


Stand your ground with the Desert Eagle Legion or swing for a grand slam with the gruesome Slugger baseball bat - both are guaranteed to keep your foes at a distance, and are available now in the Shop.



Damage: 5.8
Fire Rate: 6.7
Weight: 1.6
Magazine: 10
Accuracy: 5.6



Damage: 9.1
Fire Rate: 4.9
Weight: 2.0
Magazine: (0)
Accuracy: 7.0


Log in everyday during Season 2 to receive a Lucky Draw Box, containing an assortment of valuable weapons, gear, and characters. The more days you play, the more chances you have to win, as every fifth day you will receive multiple prizes, all the way up to 20 Lucky Boxes!



Competitive Mode is heating up with fiery gear from the latest Goldboxes! This time round the red-hot AWP VTG Blaze is back in the spotlight, accompanied by the classic HK-416 Omega, defiant G36 Graffiti, glittering SCAR Aurum, and deadly Rayne premium character. Burn away your competition with these exclusive weapons, gear items, and characters, available now for a limited time!



Set in a sprawling outdoor mall, Plaza SD is the latest new map added to Search & Destroy Mode. Fight through the plaza’s open shops, long corridors, and beyond, using the several intertwining paths around the plant sites to your advantage.

This new map comes with its own set of achievements, awarding bonus BP on completion - conquer all three to receive a shiny new Slugger [7D]!

Frugal Shopper I Complete 5 Matches in the Map Plaza SD
Shopping Spree II Complete 25 Matches in the Map Plaza SD
Shop 'Til You Drop III Complete 100 Matches in the Map Plaza SD

Map Boosts

This new Competitive Season comes with another selection of helpful map boosts to optimize your time on the battlefield!

Maps below will have 300% EXP and 200% BP until further notice:

• Plaza
• Office
• Titan Valley
• Hunt TFM
• Ballroom


Celebrate the addition of TFM to Competitive Mode with the GM Team! Join the GMs in Competitive matchmaking every Friday during Season 2 for a chance at random BSC weapon prizes. As in the previous events, if you win or receive MVP, you’ll get even better loot!

These events will run every Friday from April 27th to May 25.
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - MuziqVertigo

Hello Mercenaries,

The Competitive Mode BETA is now live! This intense new mode moves ranked play in BlackShot in a dramatic new direction, making every match matter and every tactical decision count. Climb the ranks and aim for the exclusive Black grade, reserved for the top 100 most skilled Mercenaries. Think you have what it takes?

More information on the BETA is available here:

The Competitive Mode BETA is accompanied by several events to help get the most out of the new mode, plus many opportunities to submit feedback and assist in the BETA’s ongoing development.

The full event and survey info can be found here:

See you on the battlefield,
Team BlackShot
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - DSH-Snowboarder
Skull Breaker Goldbox

It’s time to smash some Mercenary skulls on the battlefield! This new update to the Goldbox offering features the terrifying SAR21 Skull Reaper, accompanied by other classic weapons including the SCAR Aurum, AK-47 Black, plus the famous Polizei Premium Character. Use these epic items to get the boost you need to finish off the last of your New Year’s Resolutions missions in style.

Check the Details here:

Jan 16, 2018
BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS - DSH-Snowboarder
New Horizons for BlackShot

2018 is a very important year for BlackShot. There are big changes in the coming future that will greatly enhance the BlackShot experience and aligned with the game with modern FPS conventions. The first wave of changes is coming soon and we are looking forward to sharing the details with all of you.

This year is starting with a bang with 22 daily missions for every BlackShot Mercenary, each offering special rewards. Complete all the daily missions to receive the Kaltec KSP Legion, one of the new Legion weapons introduced with the New Horizons update. This update also features a selection of maps with boosted EXP and BP, plus a Goldbox update with awesome weapons on the line.

Last but not least, will have our weekly community "Protect the GM" event bringing intense Friday action and awesome prizes. Keep reading for the full details of the New Horizon’s update.

We are Legion

A new weapons company is ready to make some noise among the BlackShot Mercenaries - the Legion Weapon Manufacturers. The Legion have arrived in BlackShot with two powerful weapons: the KSG Kaltec Legion and the P90 Legion. The stats of these finely-crafted guns are listed below:

Damage: 4.6
Fire Rate: 1.6
Weight: 3.5
Magazine: 7
Accuracy: 3.1

Damage: 3.1
Fire Rate: 9.3
Weight: 2.5
Magazine: 60
Accuracy: 4.7

New Years Resolutions

Try something new in 2018 with the New Years Resolutions Event! This event features 22 different daily missions, with each giving a unique weapon reward upon completion. Complete all of the event missions to receive the new Kaltec KSP Legion. The event will run from January 10th to January 31st.

Don't forget to register for the New Years Resolutions Event on the BlackShot website!

GoldBox Change

Start off strong in 2018 with the latest updates to the Goldbox offering. Supplement your arsenal with the potent MSR Venomphoenix and other deluxe weapons and battlefield gear available only for a limited time.

Map Boosts

Get even more out of the New Years Resolutions missions with these map boosts. Like last year, playing on these maps will grant additional EXP and BP, giving even more benefits while you work to complete your daily missions.

Maps below will have 300% EXP and 200% BP until further notice:

  • School (TDM)
  • Sniper Site (TDM)
  • Scrap Yard (TDM)
  • Station (WR)
  • Summit (WR)

    Protect the GM - Community Event

    The Protect the GM Event brings Friday fun back to BlackShot in the new year. In the event, a GM is the captain of each team in a TDM match, and your objective is to protect them at all costs. The team with the fewest GM deaths at the end of the match is the winner. While all participants will receive prizes, the winning team and MVP will, of course, receive ones of higher value chosen by their GM.

    These events will run every Friday from January 12th to February 3rd.


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