Dec 14, 2018
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Celebrate the Season with Slime Rancher's Wiggly Wonderland!

Wiggly Wonderland is back this year and with it comes a new festive event to celebrate the end of another year on the Far, Far Range. Starting December 18, ranchers will receive daily visits from the mysterious “twinkle slime.”

Few ranchers have ever even glimpsed a twinkle slime, with most believing it to be a legend, but those that have know it's real! Some believe that if you find a twinkle slime it will leave you with a gift to collect.

The twinkle slime will appear somewhere on the Far, Far Range once per day between Dec 18 - Dec 30 (based on your local time). Follow the music to find the twinkle slime and collect its parting gift.

We’ll be posting hints on where the twinkle slime has been spotted, so check our Twitter (@MonomiPark) around 9AM PT throughout the event for a hint on each day’s location!

Holiday Giveaway

Last year’s Wiggly Wonderland was a blast and we’re excited to bring back another holiday giveaway for you to join!

Share your holiday adventures by tweeting us, posting on Instagram, or sharing on Facebook using #WigglyWonderland for a chance to win a Slime Rancher-themed ASTRO A40 headset!

As with last year, you can post as many times as you’d like throughout the event! So GIF, screenshot, and capture our hearts with your holiday spirit!!

Winner will be selected January 4th and will be contacted via comment or Direct Message. For full giveaway rules please go here.

Have fun! And happy holidays! ːslimehappyː
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Free Galactic Playset DLC is Here!

Get the new Galactic Bundle - This DLC bundle includes a Steam exclusive fashion pod, slime toy, and chroma pack!

The Galactic Playset will let you dress your slime up as an intergalactic hero off to save the planet with their trusty Beeper Bot. We're also adding special, platform-exclusive Ruby Chroma Pack which you can use to give your ranch house, vacpack, and ranch tech a shiny, new paint job!

Beeper bots are best for booping

Wiggly Wonderland 2018:
Last year’s Wiggly Wonderland was a blast and we can’t wait to share with you what we have planned for this year. Part of 1.3.2 prepares the game for the incoming holiday event and we will do separate update once we get a little bit closer! :slimeamazed:

We think this year is going to be a lot of fun and we’d appreciate it if you would keep any surprises you find a secret until you see the official reveal. No one wants to get a blog of tarr in their stocking, do they?

Stay tuned for a full announcement later this month!

(PC Only) Message of the Day:
You may notice a new pop-up message on the main menu of the game. This new feature is a way for us to keep you up to date on all sorts of things. For example, we will send you messages when we release a new update, if there’s big news about Slime Rancher, or when new plushies have been added to our merch catalog!

Our goal with this is to keep you in the loop when there’s cool new things happening! It’s quite surprising, but apparently not everyone uses Twitter. But if you want to make sure you never miss a beat, we recommend following us on your preferred social channel (links below) and subscribing to our monthly Newsletter.

Follow us:

Other Changes:
- Puddles be praised! The pond received a makeover!
- Gilded Gingers now appear in two locations daily and, if you listen closely, are easier to locate. Happy hunting!
- Game credits got a little longer because our team got a little bigger :)
- Special event slimes (ie: Party Gordo) are now hidden until discovered and are no longer required in order to complete the “Pro Style” achievement.
- Adjusted fruit and veggie growth to make sure they’re always ripe when entering a certain secret area.

- Fixed colliders in the lab and docks that were causing drones to do gymnastics while navigating and interacting in those areas.
- Fixed a bug where the shop occasionally wouldn’t add a slime key to your inventory after you purchased it.
- Addressed some input issues for non-steam controllers.
- Fixed a visual bug where drones appeared to be shrinking items rather than vacuuming them up.
- Fixed an issue where scareslimes sometimes weren’t scary enough. Scareslimes are back to being 2 spooky 4 slimes.
- Fixed a bug where Playset Slime Toys were not properly reducing the agitation of slimes dressed in the corresponding Playset Fashion Pods.
- Fixed a bug that caused tarrs to stop chomping if you stood still. The best ways to deal with tarr is to blast them with water or to RUN!
- Fixed a bug where the slime key count on the map did not include keys that you had already discovered.
- Fixed an issue with the Newbucks UI where it could get stuck on the screen.
- Minor localization fixes and improvements.

Dec 5, 2018 - 1.3.2b
- Fixed a bug related to activating/deactivating Steam Overlay
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Dive Into the New Slime Rancher: VR Playground!

There's a new way for you to play with some of your favorite slimes in this free VR Playground DLC!

The Slime Rancher: VR Playground is a free, standalone add-on for Slime Rancher that lets you vac, feed, and play with slimes like never before! Get face-to-face with some of your favorite slimes like: pink, tabby, and phosphor ːslimehappyː

There are three unique VR playgrounds for you to explore: play a game of Slimeball in the Dry Reef, relax by the pond in the Moss Blanket, and (cautiously) play with boom and quantum slimes in the Ancient Ruins.

The VR Playground is available to download—FOR FREE—right now! :slimeamazed:
Slime Rancher - Kara

It's spooky season, ranchers!

The Party Gordo is giving out a special Halloween treat to any rancher who is brave enough to find him! Pop the Party Gordo and break Party Crates to get a burst of Jack-o'-lantern ornaments.

Don't miss your chance

This unique ornament will only be available Oct 30-Nov 1!

Plus, have an extra happy Halloween and save big on Slime Rancher during the Steam Halloween Sale! Slime Rancher will be a whopping 50% off now through Nov 1st ːslimehappyː

Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Slime Rancher v1.3.1 represents a significant overhaul to the way that a lot of backend systems work and while overall it should produce significant gains in performance, it may produce unexpected issues that we did not catch in our testing process. Should you experience any issues with v1.3.1, please email and we’ll be sure to help you right away!

The Optimized Update

The Optimized Update is here to improve overall performance of Slime Rancher. Yes, even though we're nearly 3 years out from initial release, we're still hard at work to make Slime Rancher the best possible experience for everyone!

Game Optimization:
We have upgraded Slime Rancher’s game engine which will bring performance improvements for a majority of players!

- We did a lot of technical wizardry, but the short of it is we upgraded the game engine to Unity 2018 and all game data has been reorganized to optimize the way we store data and manage certain game states.
- Most PC players, as well as all Xbox and PS4 players should see improved performance and overall frame rate.
- DirectX 9 is no longer supported. More on this here.

Drone Improvements:
Drones got a nice little update that allows them to deliver to the Refinery and improves how they interact with some targets/destinations!

For plorts only:
- Refinery and Refinery Link have been added as a destination—for science!
- Updated “Outside Plots” to a new “Free Range” option. Drones set to “Free Range” will collect the target item from anywhere on the ranch expansion that is not in storage (e.g. Silos, Plort Collectors).
- Updated programming interface to clarify that drones can deliver to the Plort Market via Market Links when you’re in another ranch expansion. The destination will dynamically update to either read “Plort Market” or “Market Link” depending on where you are.

- Updated incinerator programming so they now serve the sole purpose of feeding fire slimes rather than infinitely destroying items. Drones will only deliver food to incinerators until the ash trough is full. If you’re looking to burn two thousand carrots because you really hate carrots, you’re going to have to do that manually. But come on, they’re just carrots.
- Drones are now able to deliver food directly from silos to corrals.

New & Updated Translations:
- Added Korean translation! 어떻게 지내?
- Completely overhauled the French translation!
- Updated the Chinese translation!

- Updated the super secret Party Gordo schedule. Wondering who the Party Gordo is? Check out the details over in the Party Gordo Update notes.

- Fixed an issue where fruits and veggies would almost always be unripe in an area that you haven’t visited in awhile.
- Added a fix that will prevent some cases of items getting stuck below ground in Ogden’s Retreat.
- Fixed drone trail artifacts upon re-entering areas with drones.
- Fixed it so that drones would stop grabbing carrots out of gardens instead of odd onions while you’re not looking.
- Fixed a bug where certain other slime types were counting towards the Omnivorous achievement.
- Fixed gamepad bindings buttons being invisible in certain resolutions.
- Fixed an issue where the ash trough was not correctly remembering its fullness after a save/reload.
- Fixed a few instances where some game translations would overflow in the UI.
- Fixed the “Reset Defaults” button on the gamepad options panel leaving the invert-y-axis option in an inconsistent state which was resulting in some players not knowing what was up and what was down.
- Fixed an issue where plorts didn’t know if they should stay or they should go after a save/load.
- Fixed ferals sometimes cooling off after jumping into water while chasing you. This involved delicately balancing their ‘Hangry’ parameter. Game development is fun.
- Fixed a bug where gold slimes were leaving an incorrectly, unfabulously colored splat.

Again, if you encounter any oddities with this update please contact us at

Happy ranching! ːslimehappyː
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Experience the Adorable Slimes of Slime Rancher—in VR!

For the last couple of months we've been working with VR Studio, 3lb Games, to create a fun, new way to experience the Far, Far Range! We're really excited to announce that you will be able to play with some of your favorite slimes in our free VR Playground DLC!

The Slime Rancher: VR Playground is free DLC that will let you vac, feed, and play with slimes like never before! You will be able to enjoy unique VR playgrounds based off of the Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, and Ancient Ruins.

It's coming to Steam - for free - this Fall!

Wishlish now!

And yes, you can absolutely boop a tabby on the nose ːslimeamazedː
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Introducing the Slime Rancher Collector's Edition!

Bring home a lucky slime with the new Slime Rancher Collector’s Edition set by our friends at Fangamer! ːslimeamazedː

Each Collector's Edition includes the following items, all packed up in a Kitty-Carrier window box:
  • Lucky Slime coin bank and satin display pillow
  • Beatrix bandanna
  • Puffy slimes sticker sheet
  • Newbuck collector's coin

Pre-Order Now Available!

You can pre-order now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, or standalone HERE!

But that's not all... ːslimescaredː

There's a new Slimepedia Guidebook!

Our friends at Fangamer worked with the infamous Kari Fry to create the official Slimepedia Guidebook which you can pick up at a discount alongside the Collector's Edition or on its own HERE!

It's jam packed with ranching tips and hand-drawn notes from Hobson Twillgers himself! Worth a read if you want to go from newbie ranch-hand to veteran plort-producer!

Fangamer also recently released a vinyl of the OST, has all other Slime Rancher merchandise currently on sale, and is seriously the coolest merch partner.

You can see the entire collection at

Okay, that's all for today! No other crazy announcements happening this week. Promise. ːslimehappyː
Aug 1, 2018
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park


Today is Slime Rancher 1.0's birthday! Thank you everyone for supporting us this last year, the year before that, and all the many years to come!!

Stay wiggly~ ːslimehappyː
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

DRONES ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! Drones are happy little helper bots that can be programmed to help with various tasks around the ranch!

Drones are a new gadget that can reduce some of the work a rancher needs to perform on the ranch. They will happily bring food to corrals, take plorts to the market, or help store excess crops in silos. There are many different types of tasks you can program a drone to do, so it will be up to you to figure out how they can help!

- A Blueprint for drones is now available for purchase at the Lab. Once you unlock the Blueprint, you will be able to craft the drones gadget from the Fabricator!
- Program drones by using three simple inputs: target, source, and destination.

- Drones can deliver to market links, silos, auto feeders, and more! Destination options will change dynamically depending on what the drone is targeting.
- Drones can only operate within a single ranch expansion and only two drone stations may be placed per expansion.
- Drones are smarter than you think! A drone will never empty a coop and will try its best not to overfeed your slimes.
- Drone stations are hydro-powered and require regular watering to stay active. A drone will run for about a day before its station requires another splash of water. If a drone station is out of water, the petals will close and the drone will go into stasis until it is watered.

When a drone completes its task it will sleep at its station until it is time to get back to work!

New Translations:
- Added Japanese translation! Konnichiwa, new friends!
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translation! Oi, tudo bem?

Other Changes:
- Optimized the experience when you return to an area of the world you haven’t visited in awhile. Feels more like “Welcome back!” and less like “Why did you leave?!”
- Added 10 drones to your Rush Mode inventory!
- Using a PS4 controller on PC now shows PS4 button prompts, nifty!
- Made some adjustments to SFX volume and balance.
- Updated some font choices to better-match Chinese/Japanese characters in spots where we use Latin characters.

- Fixed bug where when phase lemon trees in the ruins were watered, they would get overly excited and phase repeatedly.
- Fixed bug where a ball of water could sometimes spawn in the docks after a player knockout. But who was the water?!
- Fixed bug where some slimes (and especially Hunter Largos) stayed happy and calm and were not becoming agitated, even under the most extreme circumstances.
- Fixed bug where PS4 controllers on PC could not bring up the game menu.
- Fixed bug where items washed up in docks sometimes stood up unnaturally straight. We fixed this because it was really creepy.
- Fixed bug where puddle and fire slimes sometimes did not properly notice that they weren’t on their preferred surface.

Let us know what you think about drones on Twitter!
And until next time, happy ranching! ːslimehappyː

July 24, 2018 - v1.3.0b
A small followup patch was issued to fix a few issues related to the last release.

- Fixed bug where drones could get stuck on gordos and slime toys
- Fixed bug where sometimes gardens would produce slightly less food than intended. To claim any carrots you may have lost, please send a postcard to 'Where's My Carrots?' c/o Monomi Park in Walla Walla Washington, or visit your local grocer.
- Fixed bug where drones sometimes did not properly perform their behaviors while the player was knocked out.
- Fixed bug where some drone behaviors were performing extra times while sleeping.
- Fixed bug resulting in drones sometimes trying to take a position inside the archways on the docks
- Fixed bug where gordos could sometimes be replaced by another gordo.
- Optimized some drone plort-selling behavior.
- Optimized some aspects of mosaic slime glints.
Slime Rancher - Monomi Park

Hey ranchers!

We’re putting the finishing touches on drones this week and we’re happy to announce that drones are coming to Slime Rancher NEXT WEEK!

Drones are a much-anticipated feature, so we have been performing extensive tests to make sure that these little helper bots are as helpful as they can be.

I can confirm that drones will happily carry out their tasks, even when under the most extreme circumstances. Not even a barrage of pogofruits can slow these little worker bees down!

(No drones were harmed in the making of this gif)

Drones can be programmed to help with a variety of tasks around the ranch. Need them to carry plorts from collectors to the plort market? Easy as kookadoba pie! Want to throw a bunch of carrots into an incinerator? Let it burn, baby!

How do you want drones to help around your ranch? Tell us on Twitter or join in on the discussion below!

Did you miss the Drones Update Preview? Read the full post and learn more about drones HERE!

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