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Play Die Young: Prologue now!

Get ready to slowly merge into Die Young's full story starting right from the roots!

Play as Nehir, a field agent of a well-known political party trying to deconstruct and eliminate Brother n.1, the leader of Island's community.

The Prologue covers her desperate attempt to reach the rendezvous point. Will she be able to save herself or will she die young?

Die Young: Prologue is an action-adventure with a more linear structure than the open-world of Die Young, but it leaves the player with the possibility of using different approaches and paths to escape.
The game consists of three levels: Introductory, Main, Final.
If players choose to explore these levels, they'll discover several useful items that'll unravel the deep lore behind Die Young.

We hope you enjoy this free prequel game!
Die Young - RiciRick
Hi all!

We remember that everyone ( even non DY owners ) can
Download Die Young: Prologue for FREE exclusively from IndieGala!

Meanwhile the work on the main story of Die Young continues, all levels completed and in intensive testing / decoration stage.
Software is pratically feature-completed and now is under optimization iterations.
This is the last major update of Die young before final release in july.

Please keep in mind that few days before final release we will reset all saves.
This is necessary unfortunately for a number of technical reasons
So yes, once the game will release you'll need to start over again.
The final release adds almost 50% of additional content, ( maybe even more in terms of raw gameplay hours, depending on your play style ) so in any case if you start playing the game now there is no risk of not having new emotions at release ;-)

The prologue, however, is a totally different story ( and game ) , it is completed and will not be affected by save reset.

Here are some of the changes this build introduces:

  • AI Optimization and improvement.
  • Inventory mechanics improvement.
  • Fire weapons and enemy fire interactions improved ( most of it visible in prologue and final part of the game ).

Expect some other minor hotfixes within this week, we are working franticly on optimization of DY full game ( some of our improvements you can see in the prologue ), we hope to make the game run decently on the widest possible array of machines at release;-)

Also, for those who want to help us actively, please contribute to official wiki!
Die Young - The_Keeper
Download Die Young: Prologue for FREE exclusively from IndieGala!

Get ready to slowly merge into Die Young's full story starting right from the roots. Download Die Young: Prologue now for FREE exclusively from IndieGala and play as Nehir, a field agent of a well-known political party trying to deconstruct and eliminate Brother n.1, the leader of Island's community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already own Die Young or if you'll buy it in the future, you will receive Die Young: Prologue for FREE in your Steam library.

Add Die Young: Prologue to your IndieGala Library from here: https://games.indiegala.com/die-young-prologue/

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Die Young - RiciRick
Hi all!

We are excited to announce you that Die Young : Prologue will be released on indiegala.com this saturday.

Also, every previous buyer of Early Access version of Die Young will unlock the prologue as well in his/her Steam library the same day.

Prologue stand alone Steam release, instead, is scheduled for the summer, closer to DY Final release.
But, again, all the previous buyers of DY Early Access will have prologue unlocked in their steam library this saturday as well.

Also, stay tuned because Die Young full release exiting from Early Access is confirmed for this July ( first half , unofficial date 11 of july ).
More info on the exact date coming soon!
Die Young - RiciRick
Hi all,

0.8.1 introduces several improvements in performances with higher frame rate and less stuttering / drops ( albeit still present in some heavy loading zones )

Key notes:

- Improvement in general performance
- Graphic optimizations
- Optimization and AI improvement
- Various improvements in levels: Manor Farm, House of the Beach, Pinewood, Mountain Pass, Coastal Tower, Stone Pillars, Apricot Valley.
-Backpack moved to the central area of ​​the Manor Farm
- Added new Ancient Idol in Manor Farm
- Weapons durability calibration
- UI improvements
- The "I" key on the keyboard now always leads to the ITEM menu (the use of the TAB key instead remains unchanged)

We are also pleased to announce that Prologue is in the final stage of working and we are excited to show you here some preview screens.

We will release the prologue initially on indiegala.com

Die Young - RiciRick
Hi all,

This is a smaller but important update, which introduces fixes and several gameplay improvements and balances.

improved behavior of wildlife fauna

- now rats attack only if you go really close to them.

- raptors, far from their nests, now attack only if provoked with ranged weapons or throwing something at them.

- dead raptors drop now 5 feathers. A very important resource.

- vipers threaten when they are on alert. Approaching further they begin to attack.

- bats now are removed ( we are not satisfied by their current behavior. at the moment we don't know when and if we are going to refactor it completely ).

New stuff

- now the ranged enemies respawn, for the players who killed all of them in previous versions. This way you will manage to get a crossbow ;-)

- new animations for junkies, melee soldiers and vipers.

- tap / hold text in interactions


- light reaction of the junkies now works properly when they take a hit.

- Improved ambiental occlusion

- improved npc behaviors

- rebalanced perception for npcs

- weapons rebalancing

- improved gameplay in twin houses and pinewood

New levels building and testing proceeds as usual.
We are also working intensively on texture optimization ( and a bunch of other stuff ) for having the game running better on the widest possible range of hardware.
Expect more optimizations in the upcoming weeks.

Die Young - RiciRick

Here we are finally!

I know that you were waiting impatiently for this moment and that the waiting it's consuming you ( it's also consuming me if it makes you happy ;-) ) but fear not, we are working for you.

With this update, we introduce a ton of stuff ( and also a lot more stuff that you can not play yet ;-)) and we get closer and closer to completing our long journey!

But here we go:


You were among the ones who complained about not being able to use the equipment left by a killed soldier?
Well, now you can!
Enjoy this brand new lethal weapon: the CROSSBOW.

Players may also be able to collect a Quiver and Arrows from the enemy.
The Quiver, upgradable in the Craft Menu, allows you to accumulate multiple Arrows in a single Inventory slot.

There are three types of arrows:
  • The STANDARD ARROW is collectible from a dead enemy (the number of collected arrows is random to each loot).
    Once fired, it can be picked up again from the ground if the target is missed.

  • The CRAFTED ARROW can be built in the Craft Menu. It does less damage than ARROW and always breaks on impact.

  • The POISON ARROW can be crafted by combining a Poison Needle and an Arrow (both standard and crafted).
    Striking a medium-sized foe (Melee, Ranged, Junkie) and a medium-sized animal, you kill him instantly.

N.B .: The recipe for the POISON ARROW is added by buying the recipe for the Poison Needle from the Collector.
Players who have already purchased that recipe must discard from their inventory a Poison Needle and collect it again.
The Poison Arrow recipe will then be automatically added to the Craft Menu.

In order to manufacture the CRAFTED ARROWs, a new RAW MATERIAL has been added: the Feathers.
They can be collected from the ground near flocks of birds or by killing birds of prey.

You can get the CROSSBOW by killing the soldiers equipped with it ( the ones around Stone Pillars for example ).

The dynamics of CROSSBOW will be further expanded and improved in the next updates and in the upcoming prologue.

When aiming with the Crossbow in Iron Sight (right mouse button), Daphne's hands will begin to shake after a few seconds.
To improve targeting, players can use a new consumable item: RELAXING INFUSION.
The recipe for this Item can be purchased from the Collector.

A new Ancient Idol has been added on the island;
It's in the Watchtower.

Now Militia enemies (Melee, Ranged, Executioner) who are close to each other, alert each other when they spot the player.

The damage of some weapons has been rebalanced (now the "factory" weapons do more damage, while their crafted version does less damage).

The bug that occasionally threw Daphne into the air was corrected when walking on some surfaces or objects.

- General AI improvement
- New Graphic AO improvements
- Fix to some UI bugs in the Inventory
- Fix collisions between enemies and Daphne

The final levels of the game are being tested internally. DY: Prologue ( containing also a taste of the final stage) will be released soon as free minigame on steam.

We hope you like this update, don't forget to leave your feedback in Community Hub.

Oh, and by the way...
Die Young is on sale! So grab it if you didn't do it already and tell it to all your friends!

Die Young - RiciRick

Hi all!

With this update we introduce a long-awaited and very entertaining feature!
The Ai vs AI interactions!
Are you running in the countryside chased by 3 crazy junkies?
Do you see a big fat guy with a sickle far in front of you?
Try to reach him, maybe you'r lucky and he'll start attacking your enemies so you can escape and enjoy the show!

Actually AI tables are configured so that soldiers executioners and dogs can attack junkies, junkies and wildlife attack practically everyone if provoked.
We will experience various combinations according your suggestions, so keep reporting us feedback!

As usual we keep improving, fixing, enhancing the software and adding new cool things! For example look at...

NPC restyling

Now they looks much better, huh?

Also included in this build:
- Better AI and animations for all NPCs Especially human ones.
- Combat system fixes: ( improved limb to limb and limb to weapon collisions, strange hit reactions reduced )
- Fixed a bug in The Gate shortcut
- Several CPU Optimizations that should improve frame rate stability and raise fps a bit.
- New Music tracks from Simon.

The final levels of the game are almost ready, (actually 6 out of 7 levels are roughly ready and being tested internally! They will be tested still for some months, so to ensure a smooth experience) but before releasing new content in 1.0 next year... you can have a taste of it soon if you are impatient ;-)
Yes, i can officially announce you that we are going to release parts of the final game stages in a free minigame available on steam in the next weeks.
It will be a story happening few hours before Daphne & friends kidnapping. And you will find bind to this story when you are going to play the 1.0 and reach final stages.

We hope you like this update, don't forget to leave your feedback in Community Hub.

Oh, and by the way...
Die Young is on sale! So grab it if you didn't do it already and tell it to all your friends!

Oct 1, 2018
Die Young - RiciRick
Hi Everyone.

This is a small patch that improves few things and fixes some other.

- added random skins for fauna ( goats, rabbits )
- improved enemy ragdolls
- fixed frame rate bug introduced in last update
- fixed enemy unintended respawn

We hope you enjoy it.

Die Young - RiciRick

Hi all!

The game is coming along nicely and we keep improving, fixing, enhancing the software and adding new cool things!

While designers continue building the final levels of the game on the road to full release 1.0 (actually 4 out of 7 levels are roughly ready and being tested internally!) we added several things. Some are new ideas and some are improvements that you suggested.

Perception now highlights climbing holds

Many have highlighted a difficulty, in some sections, in identifying the right hooks to hold on to.
Much of the criticisms that parkour received were also given by the difficulty of figuring out exactly what to hold, especially during climbing. Now just press "Alt" in the game and you will have no doubt which way to attempt.

New Weapon: Batons

If you manage to eliminate a soldier now you can loot the baton from them!

It is a powerful and durable weapon that will help you survive the island!

Improved Daphne Animations

We improved Daphne's animations and mesh, especially in the bottom.

AI improvement and bugfixes
We changed the position of some enemies, improved their behavior especially when attacking the player. We decreased the amount of fauna that was excessive in some zones and for some species as many of you noticed.

We fixed an annoying bug for ranged soldiers and fixed a major bug preventing "The Campers" quest from being completed.

Overall graphic improvements
Last but not least we keep raising the graphic quality, doing our best ;-)

We keep pushing for releasing 1.0 this winter, hopefully i can give you a release date in the next weeks!


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