INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
Version 1.7.8 is a very minor update. For players with the full game, this adds some improvements to audio quality on Windows 7. This update is also available for the demo version which hasn't been patched in a long while. It now has all the latest fixes, etc that have been added to the full game.
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
You might have noticed that the game just updated, but what did it do? Today’s update tackles a couple problems!

Reduced False Positives
During the Winter Sale, there was an unfortunate incident where the new Windows Defender database incorrectly flagged INVERSUS as a potential threat. Microsoft has since fixed the problem, but I wanted to reduce the chance of it happening again! The new version of the game executable has been digitally signed as a Hypersect developed application which should make it more trustworthy to the many virus scanners of the world.

New Audio Engine
The original INVERSUS audio engine was based on XAudio2. XAudio sort of dates back to the days of Xbox 360 and sometimes doesn’t play well with Windows 10. It was time to take a step forward and replace XAudio2 with WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) which is actually what XAudio2 used under the hood for everything after Windows Vista. Here's what the end result is:
  • Fixes a potential crash due to a bug within XAudio2 on Windows 10
  • INVERSUS will now recognize plugging in your headphones while the game is running.
  • Changing your default audio device in Windows should also change it in INVERSUS mid game.
  • I think the audio latency has also been reduced, but I haven’t actually done the testing necessary to verify this.
This is a pretty big change and I’ve only been able to get it tested on a small set of computers so far. If you notice any unexpected issues please let me know as soon as possible so I can fix them! You can contact me on twitter at @Hypersect, on email with, or on the official Discord server at I do not get notified if you just add a comment to this post so please use one of the above methods to reach out if it is urgent.

Once everything looks stable, I'll update the free demo with a similar patch.
Oct 16, 2018
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
There's a new build of the game! So what does it do?

  • Cloud saves are now properly working in the demo app (this was also preventing any save data from being stored by the demo).
  • Both the full game and demo support running with either DirectX 11 or DirectX 9. If you have an older video card and want to use DirectX 9, just right click INVERSUS in your steam library and select the appropriate option to play.
  • Improved error message for when running the DirectX 11 version of the game on an incompatible video card.

I also have a request for anyone playing online! The INVERSUS networking tech depends on each player's computer generating the exact same results. With the new addition of separate DX11 and DX9 builds of the game, it is a bit trickier to make sure they remain perfectly the same (I'll skip the details of why). If an online game does ever go out of sync, it results in a "Network Error Occured" message. Things look to be pretty stable, but if you do start seeing this error message, let me know by emailing so I can fix any issues!
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
INVERSUS now has a free demo on Steam! The demo supports local play against the computer and friends, while the full game is required to play online matches and view the leaderboards.

  • In Versus mode, you can unlock the first two maps and play with up to four players! Computer players can fight at the 2-star difficulty tier - perfect for learning the ropes.
  • In Arcade mode, you can fight for a high score on the first map in solo play or cooperatively with a friend! Skilled players will eventually hit a demo time limit, but good luck finding it!

If you're on the fence about whether INVERSUS is for you or just looking for something to spice up your next multiplayer game night, download the INVERSUS Deluxe Demo and give it a shot!
Aug 25, 2018
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
It's almost INVERSUS's birthday so I think we should celebrate with a new patch!
  • Thanks to Lyvo, INVERSUS just got a brand new song! This is the first musical addition to the game since launch and I'm told he will also be making it available on Spotify, etc in the near future!
  • The graphics engine has been upgraded from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11!
    • This should help solve driver compatibility issues some players were having (specifically with Nvidia laptop graphics cards).
    • This also means INVERSUS will no longer support Windows XP or Vista, but as far as I can tell, INVERSUS players are all using Windows 7 or later. Note that Steam is also removing support for XP and Vista at the end of this year.
    • This is a large change, and while I have tested on numerous computers, I can't test every configuration possible so please email or post on the forums if you encounter any problems.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing motion trails to unlock later than expected.
  • Minor improvements to the Russian language translation.
May 4, 2018
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
Who likes bug fixes? I do!

Today's update fixes a very rare networking crash that you've probably never encountered unless you put your wifi router in your microwave while downloading a full copy of the internet.
Apr 8, 2018
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
Today there is a small update to the game. There was an issue causing the game to fail to launch directly into exclusive full screen mode (in contrast to borderless fullscreen which most players use). It should now be back to working order!
Apr 3, 2018
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
There's a new update with a few (small) improvements!
  • Added support for V2 DualShock4 controllers.
  • Reduced rate at which skill (number that RP is based on) uncertainty grows due to inactivity. This means that you will lose less RP due to a loss when returning to the game after taking a hiatus.
  • Removed the bonus RP adjustment on the loser's end when there is a large upset. This means that if you defeat a player with much higher skill, you still get an extra boost up, but if you lose to a player of much lower skill, you do not get an extra boost down.
  • Updated to the latest version of the Hypersect engine. This results in some performance improvements and reduced download size. It should not affect the actual gameplay (and hopefully did not introduce any bugs).
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect

Registration is now open for the final tournament of 2017 and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place players will all get a free copy of the game to share with a friend for the holidays! Sign up and read the rules on Challonge.

The tournament starts on Dec 18th and will likely take a couple weeks as everyone coordinates their matches around their daily lives. All coordination happens on the INVERSUS Discord #tournaments channel.

Good luck!
INVERSUS Deluxe - hypersect
A small patch released to day that fixes a couple small bugs.
  • It was possible for the audio to get muffled after entering the options menu. This has been fixed.
  • The arcade map "Tiles" was rendering slightly off center. It is now very much centered.

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