Special Tactics - GameHopper
As promised, a new option has been added for Custom Matches with no Planning Stage time limit

so you can take your time to play with a buddy 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 with many buddies :)

Matchmaking has reverted back to fall back for a while till we pick up more players. If you dont want to play against a higher rank just back out for now.

Tell your friends and ENJOY
May 4, 2016
Special Tactics - GameHopper
Before, high ranking players would first look for another high rank and if can't fine within X seconds then fall back to find any match.

We have now kept the pools separate with no fall back so you might wait a little longer but be matched with someone closer to your rank.

Also, the default weapon class is GOOD ENOUGH to win. Alternative weapons have their own drawbacks but open up alternate play styles.

Special Tactics - GameHopper
good place to add friends and challenge each other :)


Sharpen your Tactics..Let the Blood Bath Begin.
Special Tactics - GameHopper
The blood bath continues.

Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy :)
Apr 26, 2016
Special Tactics - GameHopper
Thanks to all you guys who have helped debug and test the game and provided feedback. We tried our best to get it all in for 1.0.

We are working on allowing people with older computers to also play:

- Supporting GL2.1
- Supporting older CPUs (Core 2)


AUG and AWP Asiimov ADDED
Silenced AK has been nerfed slightly
Apr 25, 2016
Special Tactics - GameHopper
If you guys wanted GL 2 support, it should be working now on the BETA branch.

right click on Special Tactics
go properties
select BETA
select prerelease

voila! Let us know if this fixes your GL issue. There's still an outstanding isuse we are looking into into OLD CPUs.

we are trying to let as many people as possible enjoy the game

Special Tactics - GameHopper
We are working hard to add support for older GPUs that dont support GL 3.0. Hopefully we can get it in before the release or shortly after.

Also, there seems to be an issue with older CPUs that we are looking into. Add me as a friend to work with us to fix this if possible.

Also, there's lots of requests for SURVIVAL CO-OP. Let us know how interested you are in this. We can plan it out to go in shortly after release.

The first version will be like PvP squads where you and a friend each control 2 soldiers to complete the objectives. How does that sound?
Special Tactics - GameHopper
Special Tactics - GameHopper
The AUG is the longest range and weakest SMG. It's a cross between an Assault and SMG.

The Asiimov finish for the AWP is obviously inspired by the CSGO finish and added for fun :).

Getting closer to release date! The game is still at a LOW PRICE till launch.
Special Tactics - GameHopper

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