Phoning Home - Ion
I found some old footage from our voiceover recording sessions back in December 2016 and made this little video clip for you. Beware, there are some German parts in there, but two thirds are English.

Hope you enjoy!

Featured in this video:
Ian Dickinson (the voice of TR2)
Laura Cameron (the voice of Sister)
Till Hagen (the German voice on TR2)
Charlotta Bjelfvenstam (the German voice of Sister)
Neal Wach (the voice of the Aliens)
Peter Weinsheimer (he did the recording)
Juliana Hodkinson
Eric Hansen (Juliana and Eric assisted during the recording and checked that everything sounded great to the native ear)
Wolfgang Walk (story)
Not in this video is Markus Hoffmann, the German voice of the Aliens. The only reason for this is that I forgot to film.

I was filming, so you can only hear me at the end when I asked Wolfgang Walk what his favorite line was.

ANI: "Life should be more self-explanatory." ːanimadː
Jun 18
Phoning Home - Ion

With the help of our friends at Graj Po Polsku we are happy to present you a full Polish localization of Phoning Home. A lot of care went into this translation and we hope that our Polish followers will enjoy the game as much as we do. To activate the language please go to Language tab under the game's settings and select "Polski (Polish)".

Furthermore this update includes a series of small tweaks to avoid confusion after rescuing ANI from the skyscraper.

Celebrating this update and the upcoming summer, Phoning Home will be available for a great discount for a 3 days.
Phoning Home - Ion

1 Year Anniversary

Time flies. Phoning Home turned 1 a couple days ago on February 7.
Today we want to celebrate this with an amazing 75% discount for all those who kept the title on their wishlist for so long.

Enjoy it while it lasts!
ːionː ːanimadː ːionː ːanimadː

Dec 11, 2017
Phoning Home - Ion

Today we deliver a long anticipated language update for Phoning Home. The whole game is now playable in Simplified Chinese. We've spent a lot of time with this translation and did extensive testing. And we hope that our Chinese followers will like this update as much as we do.


Furthermore, thanks to lostprophet and Patyek we can present a Hungarian translation of the game as well. To use one of the new languages, open the game properties and select the Language tab.

Celebrating this update, Phoning Home will be 60% off for a limited time.
Oct 27, 2017
Phoning Home - Ion

ION is a young exploration unit on a mission to secure resources for his home planet when a strange gravitational anomaly forces his ship to make an emergency landing on an alien planet.

The planet looks peaceful on the outside, but he is soon going to learn that in this place nothing is what it seems. Like these "moving" rocks...

We wish you all a great Halloween weekend!

Sep 19, 2017
Phoning Home - Ion

Hello Explorers,

In this update we bring a redesign of the desert environment as well as more changes implemented from player feedback. Thanks for all your friendly suggestions and your criticism. It is always appreciated. Phoning Home is a challenging experience, where the right path forward is not always obvious. The changes in this update mainly improve the flow of the game. You can find the full change list below.

There is one thing we would like to ask you today. If you enjoyed Phoning Home, we'd love it if you let us and others know by writing a review. Because we implemented a lot of improvements since the release, we would also like to ask those who had issues with the game before to re-evaluate and update their review. That would really help us to better know your experiences and continue development. Thank you! ːionː

There are still a few changes in the pipeline. To name one, we are working on adding new languages. In this forum thread you can let us know which ones you'd like to see supported.

Full Change List:
  • Improved the autosave functionality to avoid saving right after loading a game or multiple saves right after each other.
  • Added terrain borders to avoid falling over the edge of the world.
  • Added an automatic move feature. Hit 'R' on the keyboard or 'Left Shoulder' on the controller to toggle it. Auto-Move is also disabled when hitting the backward move button or loading a savegame.
  • Increased the default inventory capacity from 7 to 10 per item and from 10 to 20 after building the memory upgrade.
  • Added more autosave triggers in the desert.
  • Edited the desert terrain providing clearer guidance how to reach the southern radio tower.
  • Added more visual cues in the desert to indicate potential paths to follow. Plus, it looks a lot more exciting wandering around the mountains and sand dunes. There are also a couple more shortcuts via portals.
  • Portals that can be found on the planet are now marked on your compass including the distance.
  • Tweaked the positions of several task markers.
  • Added further improvements to the way ANI's following speed is calculated depending on her distance. She will now be able to catch up more quickly when she has to take one of her little detours to reach ION.
  • Added visual improvements to the lava borders on the forest areas to make them stand out and avoid getting lost unnecessarily.
  • Since some players missed the pipe after ION's crash landing, that was made more visible. Also added an icon to the pickup UI.

Phoning Home - Ion

On August 23rd in the year 1899 the first ship-to-shore wireless message in U.S. history was sent by Lightship No. 70 to a coastal receiving station at the Cliff House in San Francisco.
Celebrating this milestone in radio technology,
Phoning Home will be 40% off for a limited time.

Find out more about this historic event:

If you like Phoning Home, we'd love it you let others know by writing a review. It would really help us. Thank you!
Phoning Home - Ion
At first we would like to say hello to the many new explorers joining the Phoning Home community during Summer Sale. Welcome everyone!

Today we've uploaded a new version containing a couple more bugfixes we implemented from player feedback. They are mostly fixes related to the storyline and compass markers. There was also a rare situation that players could end up with not enough Tetrerium at the end of the game, which is now fixed as well.

Furthermore we want to try something new today and start recommending games from other fellow developers. Games that we find fascinating and worthy for recommendation.

One such game is Aporia: Beyond The Valley developed by the talented people at Investigate North.

We particularly love the focus on environmental storytelling, which has been a strong design element in Phoning Home as well. In Aporia there is no dialog or text, everything is told via symbols and by exploring the beautiful environment itself.

Aporia is coming out tomorrow and we suggest to give it a try!
Phoning Home - Ion
Ansel is an awesome tool to create wonderful screenshots. It allows to take full 360° shots. The easiest way to share them is via Facebook or Google Photos.

Check out this example. Click the image to view the full 360 on Google Photos.

But that's not all. You can also take ultra high-res or VR screenshots and position the camera wherever you want. Here's what you have to do:
  • Make sure to install the latest GeForce driver and check here if your GPU is supported:
  • Play Phoning Home and press Alt+F2 (the default Ansel hotkey) during gameplay to open the Ansel interface. The game is now paused.
  • Reposition the camera by using WASD and rotate with the mouse+LMB, change Ansel options as desired, apply any effects you want and click “Snap”.

To adjust Ansel's internal settings, open the following tool:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\NvCameraConfiguration.exe

Show us your creative skills on Facebook:

Story Hotfix
We have implemented a fix for a bug which broke the story script when returning to the forest from the desert too early.

As always, thanks everyone for your support.
Have fun!
Phoning Home - Ion
If you've been waiting patiently following development, or waiting to get Phoning Home at a discount, now is your chance!

Or get the Soundtrack Edition including the game's theme song "Find Our Way" performed by Caleb Blood and Taylor Olson.

Listen to a sample track here:

Our recent updates added a lot of improvements to the game, making IONs and ANIs journey more fun than ever. We also completely revamped controller support and implemented many fixes.

Welcome all the new players to this hub! Please share your experiences and feedback in the forum and among your friends.
If you like Phoning Home and want to support our work, please let others know by writing a review. Thank you!

Have fun!

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