Mazement - Wronghut
Seems we have forgotten to post about the latest update to Mazement. Time to fix that.

Released back in May the most important feature in version 1.2.1327 is that it brings Mazement full controller support. You can now navigate all menus using your controller, including the graphics and controls settings menus that were previously only controllable by mouse. The engine was also updated to Unity 5.5.3p2 and some small bugs were squashed.
Mazement - Wronghut
After a year of working together, Black Shell Media has given us the opportunity to self-publish the game. So Mazement is now published by its developer Wronghut. This does not change anything for the players. We will keep Mazement on sale at Steam and keep it up to date at the same pace as before (admittedly a bit glacial since we have day jobs elsewhere and Mazement updates are done on our free time).

Our experience with Black Shell Media has been a good one and we thank you again BSM for getting Mazement on Steam!
Community Announcements - MarkZero
Hello all,

Mazement has today been updated to version 1.2.1307!

New feature:
-You can now change the color of your ball! Go to the "other menu" (button with the ... icon in main menu) and there click on the button with the palette icon to choose your color.

-Fixed the Secret Agent achievement not working
-Fixed achievements not working properly on Mac

-Upgraded engine to Unity 5.4.0f3

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