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Our June card release is just around the corner!

Fact Sheet

Just like the first batch of new cards from the Ancients Rising season, a full playset of all the cards released in June will be available in the game's Marketplace for a set price.
  • Card contents - a total of 15 cards (2 heroic, 2 epic, 3 rare, 4 uncommon, and 4 common cards, with 2 of the common cards being Primary). As a first, this card release has more non-creature cards than creatures - but the creatures in it are quite badass!
  • Release date - between June 20th and June 25th. As a small indie team we can't set a firm release date. A floating release date lets us release as soon as we are ready.
  • Package price - 600,000 Gold or 2,400 Crystals. Despite the cost, this package provides around 1.5x better value for your money than our May release (calculated by number of shrines required to craft the cards it provides).
All the cards will be rolled into our Novelty Packs, and you will also be able to get them through crafting. Please also note that there will be no cards released in July because of team vacations.

Card Mechanic - Embody

Some creatures have a mental presence so strong, that their astral projections can reincarnate, basically giving them an afterlife. The Embody keyword reads "You may sacrifice a Spirit as you play this creature. If you do, play it for 1 less and it is Swift this turn."

Please don't mind the expansion symbol :)

Creatures with Embody are usually on the high end of the curve, providing excellent stats and abilities. The good thing is that with the help of Embody, you can play them a turn earlier and also take advantage of them immediately due to Swift.

Card Mechanic - Ancient

In the ancient times, mana was abundant and all aspects of magic as we now know them were united. To reflect that, all Ancient cards are "colorless" - they only require generic levels.

Please don't mind the expansion symbol... yet again :)

But that's not all - the Ancient keyword reads "You may play this card as a shrine for +1 Mana and +1 Card". Yes, you are reading it correctly. If you don't need a particular Ancient card, you can simply play it for mana instead of a shrine and get a new card in the process!

Further Previews

This is one expansion full of suprises, and you can certainly expect more exciting card reveals in the following days. We have a cycle of Spells with Play Boost effects for you, and two Ancient cards that are simply crying "build an entire deck around me"!

Stay tuned to our social media channels or our Discord server at https://discord.gg/BqEVhpV for more previews ;)
Spellweaver - Dream Reactor
Ancients Rising

In May we are starting monthly card releases, and with them a brand new season – Ancients Rising.

The world of Asperia was inhabited by the magical spirits of the lands, the skies, and the seas, long before the sentient races as we currently know them came to live. Alongside those magical spirits strode the Guardians, ancient protectors of Asperia. These majestic beings were powered by the energy of Asperia’s magical field, which penetrated the entire realm in its early ages of glory.

But with time, Asperia’s magical field waned, until it shrank to a point now known as the Astral Flux. The Guardians retreated through the Flux to the outer realms where magic was still plentiful, and with no one left to protect Asperia, it was only a matter of time before something sinister tried to sneak and take it over.

The one we know as Aamon is a trans-realm creature with an insatiable appetite for power, and while a fearless hero named Amalric managed to banish it from the lands for the time being, Aamon will one day come back. The Ancients are returning to Aspecia, aware that they only have limited time to rally the entire realm before Aamon returns – undoubtedly a lot better prepared – for his revenge.

Release Schedule

Each month, we are going to release 6-15 new cards from the new Ancients Rising season, with two pauses in July and January to account for summer and winter team vacations.

The cards from each card release will be nicely packaged and easily obtainable in the form of a one-time purchase, available for both Gold and Crystals. The exact price tag will be announced on the release date and will depend on the number and rarity of cards. Please check the FAQ below for more ways to get ahold of the new cards.

The next release is scheduled for the week starting on May 7th, and will include 7 new cards, including a brand new hero. We bet that you can guess what that hero might represent!

Cards and Seasons, Oh My!

Soon enough we will have cards from two separate seasons in the game. What does this mean about packs? What kind of cards should we expect in there?

We put a lot of thought about the best thing we can do about packs and rewards, plus the impact this would have on rewards and the entire gameplay experience. So, if you have questions about the information below, please have a look at the FAQ section at the end of the article.

  • Small, Normal, Good and Evil packs will only contain cards from the “Core Set”, which is currently the old Valiant Dawn season.
  • Premium and Foil packs will contain both cards from Valiant Dawn and Ancients Rising.
  • We are introducing Novelty Packs, which will contain 4 cards from Ancients Rising only, and will be available for both Gold and Crystals.

Drafts will add one Novelty Pack instead of one Small Pack to each Normal Pack used. Thus, in draft you will pick from 14 cards, 10 of which will be from Valiant Dawn, and 4 from Ancients Rising.


Will purchasing the card release package provide me with the full number of cards I need?

Yes, each card release package will include a full playset of every card from that card release.

Why are you releasing the new set/season in small pieces rather than a monolithic expansion?

This is the best way we have to keep the game new and exciting. If we had to release a big expansion, that would mean a long time without new content. Nobody wants to wait 4+ months without anything new in the game, provided that we haven’t had a lot of new content lately already.

Small card releases allows us to have regular new content and also keep that content easier to obtain.

Can we expect a large expansion later on?

For now, the plans are to complete the Ancients Rising season with monthly card releases only. Depending on how well these releases are accepted, and our own experience with them, we might change plans, in which case you will be promptly notified.

Why aren’t the new cards included in all packs?

There are a currently 342 different cards you can get from a Normal Pack, including over 100 different Rare cards. If we add the new cards to the already large number of cards we have in Valiant Dawn, the odds of getting a newly released card from a Normal Pack would be quite small. Also it would become increasingly difficult to get a specific card you need from an opened pack. We certainly don’t want that.

Keeping the cards from Ancients Rising separate helps us keep everything simple, and the number of different cards you can get from a pack under control. It prevents us from having too many different kinds of packs in the Marketplace, and also lets us keep the same packs as the means to obtain cards from the current “Core Set” after we start doing card rotations.

How can I obtain the new cards without spending money?

To get all new cards at once, you can purchase the corresponding card release package with Gold you get from games and quests. Of course there are also other ways to obtain the new cards. Quests will occasionally give you new cards and Novelty Packs as rewards. Novelty Packs contain only cards from Ancients Rising and you will be able to purchase Novelty Packs with Gold too.

The crafting system will also allow you to craft any card you want using Shrines.
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Hello Spellweavers,

I'm happy to announce we are launching a lot of new resources dedicated to our beloved player community!

Discord Server

We now have an official Discord server. Let this be a chill place to hang out with fellow players, discuss strategies, and talk directly to the devs!

Join at https://discord.gg/BqEVhpV

Deck Article Series

Today we are starting weekly deck guides series on our website, written by the one and only triple Spellweaver Masters Champion - Rinriet.

The first one is already up and discusses the Shamans / Totem deck:


An Awesome Resource for Players Old and New

We also have a brand new community-created website with a LOT of resources for Spellweaver.

Guides for new players, budget decks, video tutorial, and a lot more, kindly compiled and created by VanguardX and the Spellweaver competitive team "The Shrining".

Check it out at https://www.spellweaverdb.com/
Spellweaver - Dream Reactor

During the last couple of months, we have been too silent. But that was because we were working hard on a huge amount of features and improvements for Spellweaver!

Here is what you might have missed if you haven't been playing for awhile.

Abundant Rewards and New Features

Part 1 – New Rewards!

We added achievement rewards, increased rewards from quests, and made Rare/Epic quests appear regularly. If you have some completed achievements, hop on and claim your rewards now.

Achievement rewards can are worth up to 20 packs combined!

Part 2 – New Features!

We have redone or improved large parts of the UI, we added global chat, and we released 8 new cards in January. We now also guarantee Epic and Heroic card drops after a certain number of packs you open.

You will also find a lot of other improvements, big and small, e.g. a new font rendering technique which makes all text appear 100% crisp!

Part 3 – New Prices!

Spellweaver is already quite a generous game, but to make it even fairer for our paying customers, we recently slashed all our real money prices by as much as 25%.

New Card Release Schedule

To keep the game fresh and interesting, we are starting to make regular small card releases. Each month, we will have 6-15 brand new cards for you, and there will be an easy way to get them.

Be certain we will make sure that the new cards are awesome and with an impact to the decks being played!

The first release is scheduled for the beginning of May - news coming soon!

Mobile Version

Spellweaver has always been developed with a mobile version and cross-platform multiplayer in mind.

We are happy to announce that you can now play the game across devices using your existing account, and we also have a 500 Crystals login bonus valid until April 10th!
Spellweaver - Dream Reactor
Halloween is fast approaching, and the Zombies, Vampires, and Spirits of Asperia are planning an invasion. Our Magi prophets are foretelling that the invasion will start as soon as Monday, October 30th!


Five unique challenges will be waiting for you. Hardcore Mode will also be available, and you will be able to replay all missions.

Did we mention you can earn prizes worth more than 2000 Crystals ($40+)?

We hope you have a blast playing against the Halloween invasion forces!
Spellweaver - Dream Reactor
Did you ever want to try a Spellweaver deck but didn't have the cards for it? Are you a new player who wants to try the game out to its full potential?

If the answer is yes, our Summer Promotion lets you do just that, no questions asked!

We have also prepared a wonderful collection of 10 fun and competitive decks for you, available at the click of a button. Check them out and try some of the most efficient strategies in the game!

  • Build any deck you want (or import a ready one)
  • Participate in friendly, ranked, and tournament games
  • An option to purchase your winning cards at special promotional prices
  • Gather more wins with a card to earn up to 50% extra discount
  • Activate your 3-day free period at any time you want (before the promotion ends)
Hurry up and activate the promotion, time is running out!

Be sure to bring your friends - now is the perfect time to get them into the game!
Spellweaver - krip

Spellweaver friends,

with the latest major patch we introduced 1 new hero, 15 new cards and most importantly – the first Spellweaver single player campaign -

Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child

Since day one our team wanted to provide the players with a solid single player experience with unique AI battles, entertaining rules and a greater journey trough the interesting lore of Spellweaver. We’ve been working hard over this fresh content and the time to let you in has come! Hop in!

The campaign* brings you the following:
  • 15 new cards and 1 new hero
  • 10 main missions and 10 side mission with unique gameplay
  • Thought-provoking Hardcore Mode and tricky Challenges for added replayability
  • Narrative Events that alter the player’s experience depending on his choices
  • Intriguing story uncovering more of the Spellweaver lore
  • Thematic cosmetic rewards for the completionists

We know you are very eager to dive into the action, but there are lot of questions that come in your mind. So, here is a short FAQ for you:

What is the Hardcore Mode and the Challenges? How can I get the unique cosmetic rewards?

Hardcore Mode applies to the Main Missions and adds a serious difficulty to the battles bringing reinforcements to the opponent every few turns. Completing a mission in Hardcore Mode will give you one Golden Star. The Challenges are linked to the Side Missions where you will have to perform a certain feat in order to win Silver Stars. By collecting all Golden and Silver Stars you will be rewarded a unique card back and a foil hero!

What are the Narrative Events?

Narrative Events are interactive pieces of the story where the player is given the choice of how the narrative will continue. Depending on your choices you will receive different number of new and powerful cards and additional modifiers will be added to the game-play for your next battle.

How can I get the new cards released with the Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child? Are these cards part of the Season #1: Valiant Dawn set?

All cards introduced with Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child are part of the Valiant Dawn set. All new cards are included in all of the different types of Packs and are available for crafting.

The new hero Amalric, Holy Knight can be acquired by purchasing the campaign or by crafting.

What is the Holy Child story all about?

In Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child you take the role of an aspiring young Spellweaver named Amalric. Your hero will gather a loyal party of think-alikes, he will train his magical skills and then join the fight against Aamon, Lord of Corruption. Given a very significant and urgent task by the Holy Amendment he will do the impossible to save a certain very important infant from the grasp of Evil.

All these events take place after the signing of The Trigon Pact. An alliance formed between the Good factions (representing Order, Wisdom and Nature) under the threat of the common enemy. So, you can expect a lot of adventures and interactions between Knights, Elves, Magi and all your favorite characters and races.

Hope you enjoy the campaign! May the cards be with you!

*DISCLAIMER – Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child is available only in English at this point.
Spellweaver - krip

Fellow Spellweavers,

The long awaited first single-player campaign will be here soon – the release has been set to the 30th of March. Hold on tight and prepare to take part in the

Spellweaver Chronicles #1: The Holy Child

Go to our website to see the FIRST CARD REVEALS

Evil is growing strong in the lands of Asperia. Some of the factions are uniting under the threat of the common enemy. A new league is formed after the signing of The Trigon Pact. For forty days and forty nights the Ivian Priests, the wise Magi Archonts and the proud Elvari Princes debated on an ancient stone table whether to join forces. You will take the role of a promising young Cleric-Knight on a quest to become a true Spellweaver. Seeking retribution and driven by his zealous faith in Order your hero will serve as a weapon in the hands of the Pact.

Will he succeed to save a certain very important infant from the grasp of Aamonm or his great feats will be all in vain? Play the campaign to find out!

Campaign Features:
  • 15 new cards and 1 new hero

  • 10 main missions and 10 side mission with unique gameplay

  • Thought-provoking Hardcore Mode and tricky Challenges for added replayability

  • Narrative Events that alter the player’s experience depending on his choices

  • Intriguing story uncovering more of the Spellweaver lore

  • Thematic cosmetic rewards for the completionists

Spellweaver - krip

Dear Spellweavers,

this February our beloved game becomes exactly one year old.

We have a birthday and we are inviting you to celebrate it together!

Spellweaver is still an infant in terms of card games lifespan and yet it had it’s fair share of exciting moments, important events, successes, and moments of mischief. For this one year our child was constantly growing, adding new features to its character. It was busy playing, building 3 DLCs for Steam and creating a 115 cards expansion. It made new friends and learned 10 languages. It even had a flirt with eSports and competitive gaming. Way to go!


To celebrate Spellweaver’s birthday properly, we are adding six new cards and six powerful bosses will be guarding them! We will unlock one boss each day starting on February the 9th, and you will win one copy of the corresponding card by defeating the boss. The cards will also be available in all types of packs and for crafting. They will also be valid for ranked and tournament play from day one.


We also have a special promotion for you that will kick off on the very same date. For every Gold or Crystal package you buy from the Marketplace you will receive аn unique code that can be activated only once, and only by another player. This code will give that player the same Gold/Crystal package you bought. Let there be gifts for everybody!

The Birthday Promotion is the perfect occasion to get a friend into Spellweaver. Don’t forget to combine this with the Friend Referral Program as well!

The entire team wants to thank you for your passion and continuous support for the game during this one year. You are awesome!
Dec 15, 2016
Spellweaver - krip

Dear players,

Welcome to our Holiday Fiesta!

Spellweaver will treat you with spectacular Gift Boxes until January 1st, 2017.

You will receive Gift Boxes by simply spending Gold and Crystals in the game, or by redeeming special Gift Codes from your friends. Open your holiday gifts to uncover amazing rewards, and collect Coins from your gift boxes to earn even more items.

But that’s not all!

Three lucky players will receive a FULL CARD COLLECTION from our holiday raffle!

Each of your Coins gives you one entry in a special raffle that will be drawn in the start of January 2017.

About the Gift Boxes

You will receive one Gift Box for every 25 000 Gold spent, every 200 Crystals spent, and every gift code you redeem.

List of Gift Box rewards:
  • 1x All Multiaspect Heroic Cards
  • 1x All Epic Cards
  • The Box
  • A special new Hero Pack item
  • A Premium Pack
  • 200 Crystals
  • A random foil card
  • A random rare or epic card you don’t have the full number of copies of
  • A card back you don’t own
  • Ticket, Small Pack, Normal Pack, Good Pack or Evil Pack
  • 1, 2 or 5 Coins

Warm holiday wishes and a very Happy New Year from the team! May the cards be with you!

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