Magicka - cKnoor
Greetings Magicka Community!

As you know by know we've added a few features this year, and we're continuing with that strategy today.

The next in-game feature we're launching are in-game events. During an event your mettle will be tested with an single-player challenge available for a limited time. If you choose to take part in the event your result will be added to the leader-board, so that you can brag about your result. And/or marvel at the players at the top of the chart.

The first event will launch on Wednesday November 21st 09:00 UTC and end on Friday November 23rd 23:59 UTC

As this is a new feature we appreciate your feedback, on the forums, once the first event has come and gone. Let us know what you think and what challenges you'd like to see next.

Good luck on the leader-board.

ps. Once we get closer to the start of the event, a count-down timer will appear in-game to remind you.
Sep 24, 2018
Magicka - cKnoor
It's time for another update, this time the team has focused more on bug fixes, we'va also made some features more visible for some players.

New Content:

New main menu banner
Improved New badge for DLC menu

Bug Fixes:

FIXED - Sometimes the game would crash after attempting to Login to a Paradox Account following the log in/register popup
FIXED - Receiving a request time out error while viewing an expanded store image would cause a crash
FIXED - Robe ability names could persist between sessions
FIXED - Local players were occasionally dropped from a game when multiple players died
FIXED - Local players could occasionally not be revived
FIXED - Friendship is Magicka achievement would not unlock correctly
FIXED - Store featured page occasionally displayed incorrect prices
FIXED - When attempting to buy DLC in game with the steam overlay disabled the error popup would not display
FIXED - Held items were lost upon reloading a save
FIXED - Gamepad controls were disabled when hosting a multiple game
FIXED - The chapter select menu frequently did not respond to input
FIXED - The controller navigation of the DLC menu was unintuitive

Improved memory management

Magicka - cKnoor
A new version is upon us as we continue experimenting and fixing bugs.

New Content Added:

Ice Regent Robe Set
Ice Regent Robe
Cold Knife
Icicle Staff

Shaman Robe Set
Shaman Robe
The Badger
Healer's Burden

Centurion Robe Set
Centurion Robe
Valkyrie Spear
Protector's Staff

Astronomer Robe Set
Astronomer Robe
Founder's Saber
Founder's Staff

Steam Wallet introduced for new robes.

Bug Fixes:

FIXED - Sometimes the player character wouldn't appear after transitioning from the previous level, leading to defeated state.
FIXED - Crash when challenges were started without a selected character.
FIXED - Unable to change profile in singleplayer - Thanks Dikharz for highlighting this.
FIXED - Pausing the game with damage text could sometimes cause it to stretch.
Magicka - candyalien
DLC Demos added for:

Other Side Of The Coin
The Stars Are Left
Dungeons And Daemons
Dungeons And Gargoyles

Info panels for all DLC added
Magicka - cKnoor
We just released an update, this update includes some more bugfixes and the in-game store.

In game store added, with DLC for sale through Steam overlay.

Bug Fixes:
Crash in chapter 4
Crash in chapter 8
Crash in The Stars Are Left chapter 3
Crash when transitioning to next scene in Vietnam Rescue Mission
Added a popup to inform players how to re-enable the steam overlay during the GDPR popup if it has been disabled. This should stop players getting blocked at the start of the game

Jun 7, 2018
Magicka - cKnoor
Thank you for all the feedback and reactions to our previous update to Magicka.
As some of you had some issue with the update, we’ve put another patch live that should combat most of the issues that have been reported.

Magicka build
  • fix to progression blocker in chapter 9
  • fix to local multiplayer
  • fix to PVP hot join
  • fixed crash when switching steam accounts
  • fix to Spanish language crash on challenge mode

We’ve also added a GDPR popup and some changes related to GDPR
  • Allow Privacy Policy to be read from in game menu
  • Allow Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to be read from Paradox Account Menu
  • Changes to account creation screen
Magicka - cKnoor
Hey guys, we added Hot join.

Today we’re proud to release Patch for Magicka. This patch comes with bug fixes and the option to join your friend’s multiplayer games when they’ve already started. You no longer have to wait for the next chapter to join.

The patch also contains:
Fixes to several issues related to progress being blocked in the tutorial.
Weapons now carry over into the next chapter while playing online.
The stability of multiplayer modes have been improved.
Host game mode selection defaults to whichever tab is selected.
Improved memory management.
Several other minor bug fixes.

Some of you might wonder why we’re adding new features after a few years, and why we’re doing it to Magicka 1, rather than say Magicka 2?

The answer is that we want to learn more about how to improve our games UI and in-game experiences and the best way to do that is to run experiments and A/B-tests. The games we’ll be doing these experiments on are Magicka 1 and Crusader Kings 2. (You can read more about the CK2 plans here: )

For players that means you’ll most see some smaller patches and updates from time to time, as we try out different UI configurations and similar things. Not everyone will see the same thing, as A/B-testing means that we try to different options to two different groups, and see which option works best. You will still be able to play against your friends, and your gaming experience will not suffer. You might just notice that other players have a slightly different UI compared to yours.

What about feedback?
We always appreciate feedback to our tests, but we’d like to carry out all the tests in a segment before we ask for feedback. So what’s most likely going to happen is that once we’ve run some tests we’ll post forms on the forums where you can give us feedback. We will not do that after every test, as some of the tests will relate to each other.

Magicka - (Matt Cox)


It seems IGN’s recent purchase of Humble Bundle hasn’t compromised their ability to put together a pack of awesome games. For the next 5 days, The Humble Care Package Bundle offers 27 games–including Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon, and Pony Island–for $30 and all of the money is going to emergency relief charities, which makes this one well worth checking out.


Magicka - (Matt Cox)


Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.>

QFQFSAA + M2. I just made a double steam arcane double lightning beam, and now you re dead. Oh, you were on my team? Crap.

Magicka does away with mana and cooldowns, allowing up to four wizards to cast spells as quickly as they can hammer on their keyboards. Eight letters correspond to eight different elements, which can be combined together and cast in different ways to create a bewildering array of spell effects. (more…)


Paradox' varied, frequently excellent catalogue of sims and strategy games is on sale on Steam this weekend. 

Highlights include the superb Cities: Skylines, true heir to SimCity's throne, which is 68 percent off. The gorgeous, evolving space 4X Stellaris is 40 percent off. Crusader Kings 2, actually one of the best games in the world, is 75 percent off. Glorious co-op wizard-'em'-up, Magicka, is also 75 percent off.

Also! The huge, excellent ode to cRPGs of old, Pillars of Eternity, is 60 percent off. The moody, challenging rop-down shooter Teleglitch is 80 percent off at £1.79 / $2.59. That's a lot of horror for the price of a coffee.

If you want to dig into Paradox' back catalogue you can grab Hearts of Iron 3 and the complete Crusader Kings 1 pack for cheap too.

Great sale. If you were short of something to sink your teeth into this weekend, any of the above will serve you well.


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