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In an interview with GameSpy, Paradox's CEO Frederik Wester has revealed that the publisher cancelled four games in the past year, in an attempt to ensure that consumers weren't paying for buggy or unfinished titles.

Wester's comments were in response to questioning about the much maligned alternate history Civil War RTS Gettysburg: Armoured Warfare. Wester said, "That was terrible. We did not do our homework. It was a one-man team with some backup... we learned a lot from that release. We've had many bad releases before that, as well, and we learned something every time."

"In 2012, we also closed four game projects. This happened after Gettysburg. We looked at them and said, 'These games are not up to the standards we're currently looking for at Paradox, so we're going to close these projects.' We're not going to have any more games that are unplayable at release."

Gettysburg wasn't the only Paradox title in recent history to launch in an unfinished state. Both Magicka and Sword of the Stars 2 were released with significant problems. Wester admits that previously, Paradox couldn't risk the financial hit of cancelling projects. "We needed to release the best product we could release at the time in order to get at least some of the cash we invested back."

The success of Magicka and Crusader Kings 2 has put Paradox in a position were they can afford to be more diligent. "An internal quality assurance team has been built over the past year," Wester says. "Previously, we didn't have an internal QA team. Now we have a team of eight dedicated people in-house. We have a dedicated QA team for the Paradox development studio, specifically for the Crusader and Europa games, and we also now work with a number of external QA studios to stress test our multiplayer games, compatibility testing so it runs on different hardware, etc."

Wester closes by saying, "That's what you'll see from Paradox – fewer and better titles. The quality improvement is the most important thing we're working on right now."

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One of PC gaming's finest co-op experiences is coming to a rectangular productivity-enhancing device near you. How many times will you "accidentally" kill your friends in Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet?

Developed by Ludosity, the folks behind the lovely Bob Came in Pieces, Wizards of the Square Tablet is a whole new adventure in the Magicka universe, capturing all the hallmark features of the series and trapping them in a flat rectangle of power. It's got four-player online co-op. It's got the elemental-combination spell system. It's got plenty of accidental murder. Throw in exclusive items for the iPad and Android versions, cross-platform play and the ability to touch yourself for hours (well, a digital representation of yourself... or whatever, just don't tell me), and you've got a game that most certainly is this one.

I mean, I can't say it'll be amazing, I've not played it yet. I can be excited though, so imagine meet hooting and hopping in my chair.

Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet is coming. They didn't specify, so I can't say soon. Before you die, surely. Hopefully.

What Sorcery is This? Magicka Casts Its Spell on Largely Rectangular Tablets What Sorcery is This? Magicka Casts Its Spell on Largely Rectangular Tablets What Sorcery is This? Magicka Casts Its Spell on Largely Rectangular Tablets What Sorcery is This? Magicka Casts Its Spell on Largely Rectangular Tablets

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To the west: the vast, all-powerful expanse of the Holy GabeN Empire. To the East: the notably less powerful, but still somewhat impressive Kingdom of GamersGate. Paradox Interactive have been successfully trading with both for years, but, in a shock bid for independence, they've now launched their own store.

Currently in beta, the Paradox Webshop is selling the publisher/developer's catalogue directly to fans. Well, not quite directly. Rather than providing downloads, users are given a Steam key on purchase. Still, to celebrate the launch, Paradox are offering 55% off the majority of its games.

That means cheap deals on the feudal feuding of Crusader Kings 2, the samurai strategy of Sengoku, the madcap mayhem of Magicka and... lots of other games. Sorry, I couldn't sustain that level of alliteration.

The store's still missing some of Paradox's back catalogue. At a glance, it seems that CK2's trade-based expansion The Republic has yet to dock. But the homepage assures that, "Eventually all our titles will be offered along with lots of other fun goods and surprises."

Thanks, RPS.
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1.8 million copies! Pull the cracker... KABOOM!As the ice-god Wulþuz is exacting his revenge on the blasé warm bodies of Britain, it might be a good idea to sort yourself out with a game this weekend. You might get dripped on. You might nearly slip! Why even give yourself the option of leaving the house when you could be inside and away from the icy danger? You could just plug your name into Steam Roulette and see what pops up. Or, if you’re not one of the 1.8 million people that bought a copy of Magicka, then you could pop over to Steam and grab the free weekend. (more…)

Product Update - Valve
- Free Jólnirs Workshop does no longer show up as being modified
- Fixed a reintroduced bug that would allow players to host modified content on VAC enabled servers

Product Update - Valve
Patch – Major patch today, this update addresses several major issues and crashes players have experienced, it deals with both some great old ones as well as a few issues of the lesser castes. We’ve also added a little treat for you, a free challenge you can pick up in the steam store; Free Jólnirs Workshop.
A big thanks to everybody who posts well described reports on the different forums. That really helps!
- Added free challenge DLC; Free Jólnirs Workshop. FREEEEEEDOM!
- Fixed the crash with the “Magicka has stopped working” windows prompt due to dependencies not being installed correctly. This should now be greatly improved. Crash of the Titans
- Fixed a crash when host attempted to change level with gamepad in online play lobby. Tango & Crash
- Fixed a crash when cutting the rope in the tutorial and any other physical objects in the game, while using the Which Dr. Robe. Crash Gordon. See a trend here?
- Fixed an issue where players would only be able to select a few game modes when hosting an online game. What can we say, we’re gracious hosts
- Fixed an issue where chapter select for Adventure and The Stars are Left would be empty. And though Adventure and The Stars are Left put their issues aside, they still parted ways. –insert sad trombone noise–
- Fixed a crash in Chapter 5 of the campaign when players killed the boss by freezing him and blowing him to bits. W-Men: First Crash. Getting difficult to keep this up.
- Fixed a crash when hosting online games using Italian language setting. I’m running out of movies to use. Oh wait, how about Jumpin’ Jack Crash? Yeah, that works.
- Fixed several issues related to playing with gamepad and not running the game in BigPicture. Amongst other issues, we fixed a crash caused by a gamepad-wielding player trying to write in the chat with the gamepad as well as not being able to create a new profile using gamepad but not running steam in BigPicture. You think us putting “crash” into action movie titles was to promote The Showdown Effect? Naaaaaah, we’re not that smart. *coughMarch5cough*
- Fixed an issue where the main menu would sometimes lock itself before the tome is opened. Reminds me of that scene in Army of Darkness where Crash—I mean, Ash—unlocks the Necronomicon, except none of you are being attacked by the game when the tome opens. Sadly.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Revive Magick to be unavailable in the Vietnam Rescue Mission. Wait, why did we change that? Back in ‘Nam, we didn’t have no fancy Revive Magick. If someone went unconscious, we carried them in the mud. Barefoot. Uphill. Both ways. No bathrobe.
- Fixed an issue where the boss of The Stars are Left chapter 2 couldn’t drown and ending up in the water would result in the player being unable to progress. “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger."
- Fixed an issue where the Cultist Robe would be unavailable even though the Fthagn Once More achievement had been acquired. Just don’t drink the punch!
- Fixed an issue where some people couldn’t put on their Bathrobe. Yay!
- The Change Level button now correctly updates when changing language. Change is good, my mommy said so before sending me to boarding school.
- Some minor improvements done to main menu and leaderboards. We didn’t want to overstimulate you with major, stupendous improvements.
- Fixed a visual issue with the versus map description for Pool of Undeniable Moisture as well as improving the presentation of map descriptions in general. Because maps are people too. No, wait, that’s actually not true. They’re just maps. We treat maps like people, though, and that’s what counts.
- Fixed a bug where gamepad-wielding players could not change robe if the chat window was hovered with the mouse. Now this one was pretty specific. I mean, you had to 1) have a gamepad 2) have chat open and 3) have a mouse hover over the chat window. Bravo to you who found this, we can barely do two things at once and three things is just asking for someone to get blown up.
- Fixed a bug causing all remaining players in a lobby to get their robes changed when someone leaves the lobby. That was our version of a quick-change Magick act. For our next trick, we’ll be making a goblin’s head disappear.
- Improved the process of logging out profiles in game lobbies as well as the method for exiting them. DON’T LEAVE US!!! WE DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE!!!!
- Improved focus when scrolling through community buttons in main menu using gamepad. Because a community that slays together, stays together. AWWWWWWWW. Trust fall time!

Jan 17, 2013
Announcement - Valve
Play Magicka for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Magicka at 75% off the regular price!

There's even more free action with the new DLC Free Jólnir's Workshop, A “chilling” new challenge with 20 waves of blizzards and beasts. Help Jólnir reclaim his workshop from all new creatures while battling the harsh weather at the same time.

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Magicka. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

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The Showdown Effect METAL

The Showdown Effect, the upcoming run-and-gun side-scroller from Magicka creators Arrowhead, isn't just about ludicrously exaggerated shooting sprees. It's also about ludicrously exaggerated shooting sprees punctuated by the best sort of cheesy action-movie one-liners this side of a Schwarzenegger quip.

Each character shown in Arrowhead's latest trailer combines all the properties of manly action heroes of '80s and '90s—including classics such as a cop on his last beat before retirement and a martial arts master who owns an antique store—and sets them against each other in multiplayer matches of silly, speedy shootouts. My personal choice? Teacher-come-time-traveler Dutch McClone, who Arrowhead describes as "Bruce Willis merged with that other guy." Sold.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a crash that would occur in Other Side of the Coin and Dungeons & Daemons when NPC’s attempted to cast magicks.

Product Update - Valve
We'll leave you with one small update before the holidays. Best wishes from the Magicka team!

- Modified levels are no longer listed when hosting a VAC-secure server.

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