Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood

Once again darkness falls upon Swamp and turns fish into raging zombies. It's your time to steal their candy, to hide inside pumpkins and to gain achievements.
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood

Survival game mode
From now on you'll have to play through three different fish life-cycles, completing all tasks you have been given will unlock a Star based on the difficulty you have chosen. ( Easy = Bronze, Normal = Silver, Hard = Gold ) Each star will permanently unlock species for each tier.

Mating & Eggs laying
After mating you can't gain experience, any gathered experience is used to develop eggs. Once the eggs are fully developed you can continue
leveling up. Hatch delay after laying has been increased to 60seconds.

    Hunger & Condition
  • Hunger no longer affects your stamina regeneration
  • Hunger bar is now always visible next to stamina
  • Eating now gives only 1/3 of experience
  • You can't eat if you're full ( > 95% stomach )
  • If you're above 75% of your stomach ( bar will turn white ), you can rest (don't move for few seconds) to digest. This will reduce your stomach content to 50% and either give you the remaining 2/3 of experience or refill your condition. (prioritizes Condition)
  • New: Condition (next to HP), acts as healing reserve and slowly degrades over time
  • You can't heal just from eating. Resting will start to consume your Condition, healing you in the process.

  • New obstacle avoidance for fish, fish should no longer get stuck trying to get out of water when scared
  • Now sees vegetation as obstacle, therefore you can now hide in grass
  • Now randomly looks for food in longer distance instead of just static radius
  • Raptor hunting behavior has changed to utilize Ambush
  • In survival mode if fish falls below 20% hunger it will abandon it's fish group and search for food alone
  • In survival mode if fish falls below 20% hunger it may try to attack and eat anything as desperate move

  • Added new water level anti-clipping, so camera will not get inside your model when looking down
  • Added new terrain anti-clipping, so camera will try to position itself correctly in narrow space
  • New auto-spectating controller, (LMB) to switch to a random creature, (RMB) to gain full control
  • After death the controller will spectate last creature that damaged you

    Other major changes
  • New on bite scales ripping FX
  • Some species now have slightly shifted HSV on their materials per individual fish
  • Increased accuracy on player/terrain collision detection so your fish can no longer bypass terrain in high speed
  • Taking more than third of your max. HP will critically wound you for 5 seconds
  • New "move" "tail slap" has been added to most fish, it can be activated by double pressing shift. Has a chance to break bite and stun anything holding on you from behind. Chance is higher the smaller they are than you.
  • The force needed to break a bite joint now scales with fish size and it's mouth type ( small fish won't be able to just bite on bigger fish and ride it ) ( strongest: teeth, claws, weakest: beak )
  • Reduced duration of Electric eel shock stun, also fixed a bug where it would shock you even if dead.
  • Swamp lurker has unfortunately went extinct in Swamp.

Aligator gar


Carp & Sturgeon

Snakehead - new model

Catfish - new model

Pike - new model

Perch - new model

Sorry for the late update, we've been refactoring the game code and that took us way more time than we expected to get the game running again without many game-breaking bugs. The refactoring was mainly aimed to get the game running at better frame-rate and with fewer crashes.

Now that's done and we get back to work on content, we'd like to ask you for suggestions on Passive / Active abilities for species that don't have any. For example the Carp and Sturgeon have only temporary ones.
Post them here please: Suggestions Forum

Once again, thank you for your patience.
As always, looking forward to next update.

Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood

Now bigger with more species and action!

New fish - Bass

New fish - Payara

New fish - Bleak

New fish - Minnow

New fish - Electric knifefish eel

New fish - Tigerfish

New fish - Perch

Trout - new model

Crayfish - new model

New boss - Arapaima

Other changes
  • In River small critters spawn around as new free food.
  • River flow currents have no longer such strenght.
  • Pack of Salmon now migrate through River map every few minutes.
  • Catfish, Bonrex have been removed from River map.
  • Survival mode is temporary disabled on all maps, as we are looking for any game breaking bugs and glitches.
  • Swamp lurker has been removed from Swamp map.
  • UI has been slightly updated.
  • Water splashes and bubbles have been made opaque for performance reasons.
  • Fish that are stuck out of water, can now jump around.
  • Pikes can now attack each other and their hunting AI technique has has been modified so they utilize Ambush passive.
  • When jumping out of water fish now automatically turn to land back in water perfectly.
  • Fixed behavior of some fish species, that seemed to do nothing until they got scared.
  • Fixed tail animations on fish, when accelerating, turning and sprinting.
  • Christmas event, has been disabled.

We're reworking whole survival/progress mode at this moment, in which you will be able to permanently unlock all fish.

Thank you for patience, looking forward to the next update.
Dec 23, 2018
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood

Merry Christmas everyone
We're bringing back Christmas event so anyone who haven't opened their gifts year ago have now their chance to do so, for those who did Santa crabs have left one more gift.

Other changes
Despite this is not a real update, some of the changes we're working on behind the scene, have managed to slip in.
  • We've cut the prices of fish to remove the grind it took to spawn as one - mainly in Great map.
  • We've reduced experience required to level up as very big fish ex.( Bibos Lv 50) to reduce late grind.
  • Water rendering has been heavily optimized for each graphical quality level.
  • Tiger shark now has more accurate model. Also reduced the passive swimming speed on sharks.
  • Fixed behavior of Aigialosaurus who seemed to ignore everything.
  • Ocean map has gotten some of it's parts finally finished.

Is now playable after taking him down and gaining his achievement.

Sorry for the lack of content in this event, we are really working hard on next update, it is just not ready yet.
Oct 31, 2018
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood

Fill your belly with candy
Halloween event has returned, now with skin rewards. The goal is simple eat candy and avoid zombies, unlock skins and achievements at 50/100/150/200/250 score.

Some tips
-Keep it slow and calm, zombie fish react to your movement.
-Take use of pumpkins that act as a safe houses.
-When being chased take quick sharp turns, regain stamina, then swim straight away.

New fish - Arowana

Raptor - remake

Zombie Pike

Other changes
  • Megalodon size and damage have been reduced
  • Prognathodon now has two spawns
  • Experience required to level up have been reduced around levels 20-40

Our personal highest score

Good luck and thanks,
As always looking forward to next update!
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood
In late cretaceous ages a super-family of marine reptiles dominated seas and oceans.Scaling from early tiny mosasaurs like Aigialosaurus whose probably took advantage of cold-bloodness, breathing air and kept distance close to the shores where their stronger arms and legs could be of use.

Up to late massive Prognathodon that developed a special fluke on their tails that gave them the thrust while swimming. These late 'mosas' gave up on their walking agility in trade for swimming efficiency. They also possessed a very interesting feature that is yet only known to moray eels - Second pair of internal jaws which were useful (with combination of tongue) in devouring flesh since their teeth were for gripping not for cutting into smaller pieces.

Thanks to all of these features mosasaurs eventually out dominated their older siblings the Pliosaurs such as Kronosaurus. They used very unique way of swimming that can only be compared to turtles or birds. Depsite being the biggest in early cretaceous they simply could not compete with modern mosasaurs, even if they had stronger jaws and were very efficient in swimming for long distances, simply too slow in acceleration.

Therefore they went extinct.

Main changes and bug fixes
  • Achievements can no longer be gained after using cheats, also "Cheater" appears under coins if you used them.
  • Survival currency does not save after using cheats.
  • "pink food" that grows on the bottom now gives double experience.
  • Your babies no longer get scared of you if you open your mouth.
  • Megalodon has been resized to keep scale with Prognathodon
  • Re-balanced costs, speeds, damages and sizes of many species.
  • Bosses now seek much further for prey - so they will see you just when you see them.
  • Aggressivity has been recoded, so even smaller predators will attempt to attack a weak or otherwise afk creature.
  • Babies have gained double speed.
  • Bigger fish now require more EXP to level up but at the same time bigger prey leaves more meat.

  • Fixed multiple "missing" eyes on creatures.
  • Fixed instant rotation on some parts of creatures when changing direction ( mosa, ichty, etc )
  • When changing graphics quality optimal image effects now turn on or off.
  • Fixed model / animation bug that happened after spawning
  • Fixed water splash effects

  • *Teeth - biting indicator no longer disappears when facing depth.
  • While controlling a creature it's no longer possible to do a more than 180 degree turn which caused camera to "jump" from one direction to other and the creature turned opposite direction.
  • Game now slows down when opening the in game menu - Pause returns

  • Launched new more stable facilitator server.

Heavy thanks to all of you who gave us feedback.

As always looking forward to next update!

btw new prehistoric food - Knightia
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood
Placodermi - Armored fish
This extinct, prehistoric class of jawed fish once dominated the oceans have been resurrected in this update.

Placoderms were in many ways very similar to sharks whose have been developing alongside placoderms. As air bladder was not yet evolved in their times, both of them required thick, not very movable pectoral fins that helped them to convert motion into sinking, rising or being upright.

Titanichthys - Great map
- largest placoderm that decided to go whale-filtering style

Armor on their head and thorax did not allow for very efficient gill movement, so they had to keep swimming to not drown. But unlike the naked sharks the armor also reduced their elasticity and streamlining making them very vulnerable to attacks from back. They had to face any attacker with their head, so they developed a large tail fin to counter the turning problem.

Coccosteus - Ocean map
- a very tiny placoderm - literary mini dunk would be ideal for aquariums

Most of placoderms turned their facial armor plates into thick ( not real ) teeth that were very effective at crushing / breaking through most of Devonian prey armor (mostly arthropods and other placoderms).

Dunkleosteus - before named 'Browurag'
The pop-star of placoderms

Game changes
  • Placoderms take heavily reduced damage from front and increased damage from back
  • Placoderm AI has been adjusted to face threat, instead of running away with slow speed
  • Snap passive now charges even without mouth open and increases bite speed.

Green Moray

-was hard to take a screen as they are not usually seen
Replaces old eel visually and gets a AI rework to hide in between rocks.
Still will need a better rework as in real life they have second pair of jaws to help them swallow prey, but that's on a list for Mosa's dentist as well.

Herbivores / Coral fish

Wachuma visual rework

Blu visual rework
  • All fish now instead of running straightforward from predator attempt to run away from it's way and mouth, so when the predator is too close they'll go behind him and then away.
  • Herb/Coral fish have now have way reduced speed but increased agility.


Replaces old eel visually and gets a heavy stats rework to appear more fast accelerating and streamline predator. Also they and Goliaths have been temporary removed from Great map.


Why not just throw in one of those kick-ass predators.


Game changes
  • Now can not stay still but have to keep swimming - like placoderms
  • Shark AI now attacks bigger prey from back or side. 2x especially when attacking pacoderms.
  • Shark AI now attacks crabs / crustaceans prey from bottom.
  • Shark AI now does not let go, to utilize their passive.
  • Cartilaginous skeleton makes them way quicker to turn around than bony fish similar to their size.
  • Megalodon is now way bigger.
  • Other species and their cost have been adjusted.
  • Tiger sharks and Hammer heads now eat each other.
  • Great White (boss in ocean map) - now eats big chunks of meat instead of just big fish


- all eyes in game are now shiny
  • Now take reduced damage from top and increased from bottom.
  • Trilobites received burrowing animation,
  • Crab AI now defend them selves way more effectively. ( scales with game difficulty )

Other changes

-new catfish model
  • New fluid like tail animations on most bigger fish.
  • TESTING FEEDBACK - under 30% HP after few seconds fish go into "wounded" state, they can't swim properly and turn bellies upwards. During this time they bait nearby predators.
  • Big fish now cost more but drop more meat.
  • Big meat now takes longer to break but gives more exp.
  • Some of the reworked fish don't have babies reworked.
  • Starfish like food now gives more exp.
  • Optimization - you can now bite at max only 10 objects.
  • Ocean map is now available for testing on multiplayer.

Ocean Map
  • Heavily optimizations have been done, should yield at least +40% FPS
  • New rocks have been added for Morays to hide within. ( we will continue on updating the map visually in next updates )
  • Spawns have been replaced for balance.

  • Easy- AI has bigger reaction time, swims slower + more herbivore count
  • Normal- No significant changes
  • Hard- AI has less reaction time, defends better + more predator count
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood
New Multiplayer in Swamp map

Our 2 years old implementation of multiplayer was way too hard to maintain and too complicated to even just setup. So we've decided to create a new easier, simpler and more stable one.

The old one was so deeply connected with everything in game that we had no other choice than to just rewrite 80% of whole game logic code. (spaghetti code ) After constant three months of removing - fixing - implementing. Somewhat stable "release-ble" version is in our hands, ready for further debugging.

We have also improved our error reporting tool to send us the location the error occurred and the stacktrace so we can start fixing these pesky bugs.

The temporary solution we came with, seems to work well enough despite the latency and packet loss connectivity over the internet comes with.
btw piranhas are broken

Looking for feedback
We know that the current deathmatch mode is broken in it's essence, yet it's the most flexible mode for a "very" nice multiplayer experience. That's why we've added some sandbox-like server settings that let you guys set what fish should spawn, how many and at what price.

So please somehow ignore any game beaking bugs (restarting the game should fix most of them and we will start working on them as soon as we get the bug reports)

Finally go and try some of the entertaining modes which we will make into presets. For example try playing as swamp crabs, trying to jump over waterlilies while dodging predators underneath.

Other changes
Pike - Remake

Piranha - remake

Puffer fish - Remake


and some seals

Version 0.9.0a
-Fixed a unavailability to spawn in survival mode.

Version 0.9.0a1
-Adjusted size, strength, and behavior of Megalodon
-Added highlighting effect into Server Settings list of creatures for better orientation
-Added new Players online table into multiplayer games so you can see who's playing with you, what creature they are and at what level
-Added 15s Timeout message when attempting to connect to a server
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood
Great Map - new area Deep waters

NEW Creature - Ghost shark

NEW Creature - Narwhal

NEW Creature - Lantern fish

NEW Creature - Tomco fish

NEW Creature - Colossal crab

NEW Creature - Whale shark

Survival mode
  • Unlocked Browurag
  • Unlocked Barracuda

Other changes
  • Deathmatch mode can now be played on Great map.
  • Crab madness mode can now be played on Great map, currently with only 2 creatures - Colossal Crab and Megalograptus.
  • Added an option to hide attack indicator into controls settings. This should be usefull for taking screenshots where you don't want the indicator to be visible.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where water "fog" color wouldn't change when translating between cold/warm water.
  • Fixed a bug where two bosses wouldn't fight each other as they were inheriting code from base fish that forced to never fight a boss.
  • Fixed a graphical bug where above water surface the would would be enlighten wrongly when global illumination is turned on. Image effect ambient occlusion has been also removed from very distant objects.
  • Fixed a bug where your mouse cursor would disappear when opening a new map.

Looking forward to do next update!

*edit 0.8.7a - Fixed unavailability to select a fish in Crab madness mode ocean map
Feed and Grow: Fish - OldB1ood
Survival mode / Great Map

NEW Creature - Orca

NEW Creature - Beluga

NEW Creature - Penguin

NEW Boss - Sperm whale

Other changes
  • Adjusted stats on Black tip sharks to help them with competition to other fish.
  • Christmas event has been removed.
  • Adjusted several sound volumes.
  • Adjusted babies starting sizes.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where it would take coins from you and didn't give a fish.
  • Fixed a bug where it sound slider didn't have effect on random creature sounds.

Known Bugs
  • If camera leaves water once, then water/fog color does not change when moving from warm zone to cold zone, but you can still update it by leaving/entering water once again in that zone.
  • In cold zone outside of water is currently not being rendered properly if you have Global illumination turned on.

Looking forward to do next update!

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