Oct 4, 2019
Linea, the Game - KHB-Soft

Hi friends!

KHB-Soft's main dev Oxy949 here with great news!

Remastered VR-version of "Linea, the Game" is finally available for playing. As I said before it was really fun to remake my old game for VR! And thanks you all for your feedback during beta-test.

Have fun and see you soon!

Linea, the Game - Oxy949
Hi friends! It's Linea's lead dev Oxy949.

My remastered version of "Linea, the Game" in VR called (obviously) "Linea VR" is almost ready for release. It was really exciting to me to get new experience of playing my old game! I even took a cinematic trailer for a first time, check it out:

For now I need some feedback and suggestions about the game (and bug reports, if they exists). You can help me if you have a VR-helmet.

To opt in BETA-test of the game use this form: form link
Enter "Linea VR Beta Testing" as a message subject

Have fun!

Linea, the Game - Sharp.Nsk

Good day, everyone! My name is Sharp and I am the Development Director of KHB-Soft Studio.

Linea, the Game was our first published project on Steam and it inspired our team to create something new.

The new project got the name Intralism and it became one of the newest rhythm games on Steam.

Many Linea players haven't heard about the game and I suggest you to give it a try. Let's unite our communities!


About Intralism:

Gameplay video:

More then 2000 levels with different music

Global ranks for passing levels

● In-game editor for user created content. Both gameplay and visual effects.

● Multiplayer Mode: up to 16 players per game.

Feel free to join Intralism Official Discord server:

There you can ask questions about the game, be aware of latest news and changes, find players from your country and more! :)

The special Steam Group to support Intralism:

LET'S UNITE ːlineasquareːːbluesunː


Development Director of KHB-Soft
Aug 30, 2016
Linea, the Game - Oxy949
In update 1.11:
• Security fixes
• Fixed small bugs
Linea, the Game - Oxy949
Linea, the Game and Broken Chiptunes DLC is now on sale with a 50% discount!
Have fun summer!
Linea, the Game - KHB-Soft
Hi everyone! We need your help!

Intralism - fast and very hard arcade. Listen to music and match all the notes. Wrong button - failed try.

The main focus of development was on the level editor and multiplayer. Players are able to easily add their favorite music into the game and play it with friends.

Intralism is now on Steam Greenlight and really needs in users votes. If you interest in hardcore-multiplayer arcades, please head over to the Greenlight page and vote. Thanks!
Linea, the Game - Oxy949
Hi everyone!
Linea, the Game and Broken Chiptunes DLC is now on Steam Summer sale with a 75% and 50% discount!
Have fun!
May 10, 2016
Linea, the Game - KHB-Soft
In update 1.9.3:
• Some security fixes
• Fixed other small bugs
Apr 29, 2016
Linea, the Game - Orange Cat
Hallo everyone. If you are still not sure if the game worth it, I'd like to invite you to my stream on Twitch.

Here is the link: https://www.twitch.tv/1orangecat
Linea, the Game - KHB-Soft
Hi everyone!
Linea, the Game and Broken Chiptunes DLC is now on sale with a 50% discount!
Have fun!

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