Windlands - IAreLucas
It's that time of year again,

Grab some awesome discounts on both adventures or get your hooks into the Deluxe Bundle and enjoy both OSTs from the games!

Thank you all for your support and have a great summer!

Psytec Games
Windlands - IAreLucas

It's launch day Apprentice Hunters!

Windlands 2 On Steam

Return to the world of Windlands, alone or with friends. Armed with grappling hooks and a bow, soar through the ruins of a fallen world. Embark on a journey to destroy the gigantic titans and save the world from an ancient danger.


- CrossPlay Between Steam & Oculus (Currently 2 Players Only) -BETA
- Support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
- Support for Knuckles Controllers
- LIV Support (On Open VR)
- Grappling hooks focused locomotion with parkour platforming.
- Variety of expansive areas that reward exploration.
- Single player or up to four player Co-Op.
- New Bow Weapon to use alongside the hooks in epic titan battles.
- Fully voiced storyline with NPCs and world events.
- Full Original Soundtrack
- Optional skill based Speed Run Races and collection challenges with Leaderboards.
- Multiple advanced modes, including "no hooks", "one life" and "hook anything".
- Collectables, Easter Eggs and Achievements that reward exploration with new hooks as rewards for completers.

Thank you all for your continued support on our journey!

- Psytec Games
Windlands - IAreLucas
The wait is over Apprentice Hunters.

Windlands 2 Launches on the 16-NOV-2018 right here on Steam! Make sure to wishlist us now so you can swing into the action fast on launch day!

Key Steam Version Features:

-Support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

-Support for HTC “Knuckles” (When Available)

-Leaderboards & Achievements

-Steam Input V2 - Map your buttons and play exactly how YOU want to play, or select one of our official layouts.

We can’t wait to see what you get up to either solo or in teams. We warmly invite you to our Community Discord where you can LFG, chat about the game or hang out with your fellow Hunters in the run up to launch.

See you in game!

- Psytec Games
Windlands - IAreLucas


An update for Windlands has been released to Steam and will be
automatically downloaded.

Big Changes
  • Director's Cut Voice Over: We have a new actor for all of the narration in the game.

  • Now supports Oculus Rift + Touch controllers and Windows Mixed Reality headsets + Motion Controllers through Steam VR. The game will detect the correct headset and controllers if they show up green in the SteamVR Compositor.

  • Oculus Touch controls in SteamVR mode do not require you to push in the thumbstick in order to move anymore as they have their own dedicated layouts instead of sharing the Vive’s.
Changes and Fixes
  • The Pause button for Oculus Touch users has been mapped to the B button on the right-hand controller since the left Oculus button is reserved for the SteamVR menu.

  • On Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers you can bring up the SteamVR menu by pressing in one of the thumbsticks.

  • Adjustments to options and persistent controller type for saves. While we try to avoid resetting options the ability to separate out each HMD on Steam required an update to the options file. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. Please use the comfort wizard or configure options manually in the menu to your preference.

    As always, your feedback is extremely important. We are keen to hear from the WMR headset users and your thoughts.


    - Psytec Games Team
Windlands - IAreLucas
Windlands Patch Released!


An update for Windlands has been released to Steam and will be
automatically downloaded.

Big Changes
  • The Oculus native version of Windlands now supports Oculus Touch!
Changes and Fixes
  • The “no hooks yet” message only shows on the Tutorial map. This should help with speed running.

  • Returning to the main menu from the game sometimes allowed movement, this has been fixed.
  • Oculus Touch is now enabled.

  • You can re-run the comfort wizard from the pause menu.

  • Anti aliasing settings on Oculus and Vive now save correctly.

  • Seated / Standing modes now correctly adjust the head colliders.

Many thanks for your continued support on our journey!


- Psytec Games Team
Windlands - IAreLucas

An update for Windlands has been released to Steam and will be automatically downloaded.

This is a routine patch containing 2 new VR movement styles and 2 new leaderboard options.

Big Changes
  • We have added 2 new Leaderboard Options, you can now select Global, Local or Friends by hitting the buttons above the leaderboard with your hooks.

  • We have added 2 new VR Movement Styles to Windlands. You can change the movement style from the Virtual Reality Options Menu.

  • De-Coupled Head: Our default method uses the look direction as forwards. When this movement style is selected, your body direction is now forwards, this will enable you to move in one direction, and look in another.

  • Controller Direction: With this movement style, your direction is relatable to where your controller is pointed. Either left or right is you swap hands.
Changes and Fixes
  • Many minor map fixes

  • Adjustments to the subtitle and message rock style.

  • Achievements now work correctly on the Speed Run challenges.

  • The voice over volume after collecting Crystals has been increased by +4dB.

  • The width of timer rocks have been increased to accommodate larger times.
  • We have fixed a crash that was affecting some players on Vive (thank you for all of your help!).

  • 2 new Movement Styles have been added (see Big Changes).

  • The Orb collection count for playgrounds has been moved further up to provide a clearer view.

  • With 3D input capability, you will now get an option in the start wizard to choose 3D Input or Controller.

  • Seated Mode is now working correctly on Oculus.

Many thanks for your continued support on our journey!

- Psytec Games Team
Windlands - Psytec
Version 1.2.2

An update to Windlands has been released to Steam and will be automatically downloaded.

The big bake off, yes, we have baked the maps! This was a huge amount of work (Windlands maps are HUGE) and has taken many months however, the results are worth it.

Baking the maps increases performance significantly, makes the shadows much more realistic with reflections and ambient occlusion and other cool things like baked lights and light sourced textures, that’s right Windlands is now even more gorgeous than it was before!

Big Changes
  • Baked maps.
  • Achievements. We have implemented 30 achievements, enjoy! ;-)
  • You can now skip the intro by holding the respawn button down, good luck speed runners ;-)

Changes and Fixes
  • Lots of minor map fixes thanks to your feedback. Please continue to use the ingame feedback tool as this sends us the level and location of the issue.
  • Timers no longer appear on the intro scene.
  • Multiple optimisations for animations, cloth and particles to improve performance.
  • Cages no longer appear on the intro scene.
  • We have slowed the user down in the opening room, this helps new people become accustomed to the controls.
  • The opening room has been modified to make it easier and less likely to get stuck, this should also help new users get accustomed to the controls.
  • Some of the in-game messages have been improved to read correctly depending on the last used input method.
  • We have tweaked the strength of controller vibration, it was too subtle, you can adjust this from the menus.
  • We have added another easter egg somewhere in the game.
  • Menu options now return from pages to the correct option.

  • Oculus Touch Controls continue to be refined, they are epic!
  • Comfort Wizard, on New and Loading games you are now presented with a few questions, this helps make people aware that these options exist and helps with preferences for the session so demoing to friends is easier.
  • We have removed all ‘depth conflict’ and ‘overdraw’ issues in the game, so subtiles, timers and messages now all appear in world space on rocks, this is much more comfortable for the eyes.
  • If you are running a platform that has 3D input capability then you can now switch 3D input on or off from the Virtual Reality Menu.

  • We have new screenshots and trailers to showcase the new look of Windlands!

Many thanks for your continued support on our journey!


- Psytec Games Team
Windlands - IAreLucas

An update to Windlands has been released to Steam and will be automatically downloaded.

After listening very carefully, we know most players find some sections of the game difficult or find the learning curve hard.

To remedy this, we are really pleased to introduce the new game modes!

Please note: there will be adjustments to your save games, please see “Big Changes” for more information.

We also understand that some players are unsure what to do in the game, and would like the story to be told clearer.

Today, we are really excited to introduce the new story features! Key events in the game now feature full narration and subtitles.

All of the narration has been completed, and we would really appreciate your feedback on how you felt when experiencing the story and instructions this way.

Oh... and More Free Content!! If you have enough Crystals, you can open up the new City Playground and Sky Playground. We look forward to seeing more speedruns, enjoy!

Big Changes
  • Hard mode remains as the original difficulty, your current save games will be set to hard.

  • We have added Normal Mode (with extra bushes to avoid parkour, a good example is the top of the Jungle, which can now be completed without using parkour)

  • We have added Easy Mode (hooks attach to any material and extra bushes to avoid parkour).

  • The end game credits have been improved to change slightly dependent on the difficulty level.

  • Challenge levels and playgrounds always follow the Hard ruleset regardless of your selected game difficulty, so world leaderboards are not affected.

  • The game now starts with an introduction story scene.

  • Image projectors and various key parts of the game now have subtitles and narration to help clarify story, objective and expand knowledge on what to do.

  • We have added a new playground map to City, the “City Playground”.

  • We have added a new playground map to Sky, the “Sky Playground”.

  • We now have 3 Challenge maps and 3 Playgrounds in total, 2 per island in the hub. They can be opened by returning Crystals to the centre of the hub.

  • Each Challenge map and Playground map now has a Global Leaderboard
    displayed for Oculus and Steam.
Changes and Fixes
  • The respawn button now requires a slightly longer press, so accidentally touching it doesn't cause a respawn and the associated frustration (especially on the Vive)

  • The world content has now been fully optimised so performance should be improved, especially on Sky.

  • Tablets no longer appear in the distance when you have already collected them.

  • Many many fixes to the world. Thank you for all the map feedback, we continue to remove errors, polish areas and implement changes. If you find any map issues please submit them directly to us using the in-game feedback tool.

  • Peon is now in the game (classic speedrunner)

  • We have decided NOT to include backer hooks as stated in our Indiegogo. In retrospect this is something that should not have been included as they don’t change the game, will only affect a small group of people and are very difficult to implement. Instead we spent the resources to add story elements.

  • The standing shadow is now slightly darker.

  • Corrupt save games no longer cause the game not to work.

  • The default choice on the Load Game screen is now Slot 1

  • The respawn messages and delete slot text now contain icons for the buttons.
  • We have added another Vive Layout for you to play with, please try it out and share your feedback!

  • Oculus Touch Support is now in testing, sorry you can’t have access right now, but be excited, it’s coming!

  • Cursors (Receptacles) have been improved to make sure only the correct ones are visible while switching between 3D input and controllers.

  • Oculus now has Leaderboard support as well as Steam.

  • You can now adjust the angle of the hooks from the VR Options Menu for 3D input.

  • We have turned on Single Pass Rendering for VR, this improves VR performance significantly.

Many thanks for your continued support on our journey!


- Psytec Games Team
Windlands - IAreLucas

An update to Windlands has been released to Steam and will be automatically downloaded.

New Free Content!
  • If you have enough Crystals you can open up the new Jungle Playground (see details below) and the Sky Challenge. We look forward to seeing your speedruns, enjoy!
Big Changes
  • We have added a new Challenge map to Sky, the Sky Swing Challenge.

  • We have moved the Parkour Challenge map from Jungle to City, where it is more at home.

  • We now have 3 Challenge maps in total, 1 per island in the hub. They can be opened by returning Crystals to the center of the hub.

  • We have added a new Jungle Playground Map, accessible in the Hub where the Parkour Challenge used to be. This map is designed for swinging and most of all, fun!

  • The Playground is a new type of Challenge. 10 orbs are scattered in the map. Leaving the start area will start the timer, you can collect the 10 orbs in any order and make your way to the exit to stop the timer. We plan to add a City and Sky Playground in future updates.

    Windlands Original Soundtrack is now available as a DLC! Grab it here!
  • We have introduced LOD’s on Tablets to reduce CPU overhead.

  • We have added Controller layout diagrams to make the layout pages clearer.
  • We now display an intensity warning in VR when the game starts. Too many people leave negative reviews due to feeling nausea (if you haven't yet reviewed Windlands on Steam, please do, it really helps others out).

  • We have introduced controller diagrams into the menus.

  • We have some awesome official limited edition Windlands T-Shirts in our Shop. Enter the coupon code “steamapr” for 20% off!, because we love our Steam Community!
Many thanks for your continued support on our journey!


- Psytec Games Team
Windlands - IAreLucas
Hi Everybody,

We are really pleased to offer the new bundle at a 10% discount too!

You can grab the bundle right away Here.

Or if you would like to purchase the OST separately, you can do so Here.

We also have official Windlands T-Shirt in stock, and available from our Store!

The full OST includes over one and a half hours of music from the game, crafted by our very talented sound engineer Simo Sainio.

Full Tracklist:

1. Opening Theme (3:57)
2. Tutorial (3:22)
3. Positive Surroundings (4:08)
4. First Steps (3:35)
5. Deactivated Warmachine (3:38)
6. Shoulders of Giants (3:41)
7. Surrounded by Mystery (4:06)
8. Level of Suspense (3:25)
9. Jungle Challenge (3:28)
10. Wasteland Wanderer (5:15)
11. The Joy That Sank (3:39)
12. Hollow Quarter Scavenge Hunt (4:01)
13. Melancholy Walker (3:55)
14. City Challenge (3:21)
15. Sky Map (4:43)
16. Open Adventure (3:37)
17. Sky is the Limit (4:22)
18. Ghost in the Sky (4:38)
19. Mystery Buildup (4:11)
20. Sky Challenge (3:15)
21. The End (2:58)
22. The End is a New Beginning (3:11, Includes vocals by Amanda Finnholm)
23. Windlands Trailer (0:54)

Many thanks for all of your support as our journey continues!

Keep Soaring!


- Psytec Games Team

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