Little Nightmares - shoupinou

In the run up to Halloween, the Maw is opening its doors for a creepy interactive visit and you're all welcome to stay...forever.

The visit start at
You'll discover its weird architecture in the company of Nomes and taste our famous Chefs’ 'delisguting' cuisine along the visit.

We can’t wait to see you…

Need an extra motivation? Watch this:
Little Nightmares - (Adam Smith)

It’s always an odd experience, playing a horror game in a crowded convention centre. At EGX, I sat down with Little Nightmares [official site] and that it managed to work its way under my skin despite the surroundings is as glowing as any praise I can direct toward this gorgeous, uncanny creation.

The graphics and setting, somewhere between the Grimmest of fairy tales, Dark Water and City of Lost Children, have received a lot of attention, but looks aren’t everything. It’s the sound design that made me shudder.

… [visit site to read more]


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