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The grim tale of Godus‘s development seems to have gotten a lot grimmer. Lead developer Konrad Naszynski’s contract expired shortly after the release of Godus Wars and wasn’t renewed, 22cans confirm, and a source tells us there’s no one left working on the game.

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Godus Wars - 22cansofficial

It’s 22cans’ 4th birthday!

To celebrate, we’re offering a 75% discount for Godus Wars (including Godus!) on Steam all weekend!

It runs from Friday 18th March, 10:00am PST through to Monday 21st March, 10:00am PST.


We hope you enjoy,
Godus Wars - Midnight Bacon

Build - 13795

We've just pushed a new update to Godus Wars. This update brings a whole host of new features and fixes - New units, new lands and new graphics settings!

Players are now able to battle across over 20 new playable maps on our brand new third continent - Alcrat, Champions make their proper introduction, new community requested screen resolutions and bug fixes. All of this content is available today at no extra cost, no hidden purchases, no surprise transactions.


We're introducing a new combat unit - Champions

These new powerful single-use melee units autonomously patrol the area around the player's belief silo, attacking and obliterating any enemies who get too close.

Players can pick up the Champion cards on Indovel & Alcrat (Continent Two & Three)

When fighting an enemy god, they will now always have a champion, upping the challenge and difficulty of opposing gods. Champions are themed around the art style of their chosen deity. Careful though, once a champion dies, you won't be able to muster any more on that map!

Update List

Here's the full list of free features available in Update 2:
  • New Feature: Champion Unit
  • New Continent : Alcrat
  • New Maps: 21 new maps in total
  • New Enemy God: Malak
  • New Menu Transitions
  • New 3D Map Screen
  • Bug Fixes: Severely reduced the number of crashes
  • Bug Fixes: Increased the available screen resolutions based on player feedback
  • Bug Fixes: Both game windows now behave themselves more appropriately

Feb 10, 2016
Godus Wars - Midnight Bacon

Here's a new update for Godus Wars to Steam (Build 13679 - This should automatically update for all users). For the first update we've taken to the Steam Discussion Boards and dived right into the Tech Support section where users have been posting issues with that have appeared alongside the release.

Based on feedback, here's a list of bug fixes:
  • Better Window Management
  • Better Transitions in Menu
  • Multiple Crash Fixes
  • Original Godus Tutorial Fixes
  • Improvements to Trebuchet AI
  • Easier to Read Tombola
  • Text Fixes for Computers using a Non-Latin Alphabet

A big thanks to users leaving feedback in our dedicated feedback boards - we've had some great and constructive posts on a whole host of topics. Some members have said that death animations have excessive amounts of blood and we've noted a few concerns regarding resolutions that aren't correctly supported - Expect this in a future update!
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Godus Wars [official site], the second unfinished Godus game from development team 22Cans, costs 11 on Steam. And until a few moments ago, once you’d battled through the first continent of its combat-focused spin-off, to play any more of the game cost another $5. Yup, this new “free to owners of Godus” early access, severely unfinished game included surprise premium in-game purchases! Unsurprisingly, on discovering this, already angry players became even angrier, and let their feelings be known. A taken-aback 22Cans have just announced they’re removing this charge, while expressing astonishment that anyone should have minded it.

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Godus Wars - Midnight Bacon
Hi Godus Wars Community!

Firstly welcome to our new Godus players and hello to our existing users. As you noticed, yesterday we (finally) released Godus Wars. By now, all of you that purchased the original Godus and our Kickstarter backers should have Godus Wars in your Steam Library. We’re aware that it took a few hours to propagate to some of you and if you think you should have it and still don’t then do get in touch.

We’ll be making some changes to the game and also the steam page to reflect the feedback that’s coming in and we’ll do a round up of that very soon.

In the mean time, its been brought to our attention that the extra content being a premium add on really isn’t a popular choice. Whilst we think that it does represent good value, especially considering that Godus Wars has been delivered as a free update to hundreds of thousands of users and the lower purchase price of the main game we understand previous Godus owners frustrations with this.

Therefore, based on your feedback, the extra content will be available to all free-of-charge

Apologies for the frustrations and we hope you enjoy playing.

Simon Phillips, 22cans CEO.

PS: Thanks for everyone posting their Godus Wars feedback in our discussion boards. The Godus Wars team really appreciate the detailed feedback we have received.
Godus - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

As if one unfinished Godus game weren’t enough, Peter Molyneux’s studio 22cans have launched another. Godus Wars arrived [official site] is out on Steam Early Access today. It appears to be a combat-oriented spin-off with the fighty improvements that 22cans had billed as coming to the original Godus. Folks who bought or backed Godus get Godus Wars free, and it even comes with Godus thrown in, but I’m still not really sure why it’s a separate game.

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Godus Wars - Midnight Bacon

"To answer the question, “What is Godus Wars?” You have to take a step back and look back at the very start of our Kickstarter campaign - where we stated that we wanted to reinvent the god game. What were were taking on was this massive task of developing a game for PC and Mobile platforms. Those are completely different audiences with different likes, dislikes and different mechanisms."

"In 2015, We had taken the mobile build as far as we wanted to take it at that particular point. The mobile build has been successful, editor picked and downloaded millions of times and had over 250,000 4 star or higher reviews."

"When we wind back to the PC version, it wasn't by any stretch of the imagination a PC game and thats where we started - What is Godus and what should it be come?"

"We’ve always loved the landscape forming, changing and sculpting but quickly realised that it’s slightly more uncomfortable to do a lot of sculpting with a mouse. Really what it lacked was brutality, was war, was the ability to take on challenge and use your god powers and sculpting powers to fight, war and battle. And that’s where our initial concept of Wars started."

"We said this simple thing - “Why don't we change Godus into a RTS style game with God-game capabilities and landscape modification, a RTS game with a huge amount of variation and power, the ability to approach each battle in a different way?”

"We sat down and said if we’re going to make an RTS game in Godus and do it right - What are we going to have to do? Yes, we could create battles on Godus landscape and yes the landscape modification could be wonderful, you could create your own landscapes, turrets and use followers strategically - but there were a few things that really got in way. "

"One of those examples, which our Godus PC community had been crying out about for a long time, was the nature that you collected your belief - that didn't really fit within a RTS game. Our aim was to make each battle an intensive 20 minutes - not 2 hours or 10 hours but 20 minutes. So we did the logical thing, we make the collection of belief completely automatic - so the player could concentrate on the troops."

"We also had this idea of making it far more fluid and far more focused on battles rather than focused on belief and spreading people. We created a completely new GUI which was more orientated towards troops and battling. It has the ability to group troops together and mix troop type together was at the centre of our thoughts."

"That was the core of what became Godus Wars - but that wasn't enough. What we need was motivation. What would would motivate me, as a player to move from land to land to land? "

"In fact, we wanted to create hundreds lands, we wanted to give the player an entire world to conquer. Split up into continents, each continent having different maps. To do that, to get players to play hundreds levels you have to worry about their motivation."

"We’ve centred on is the ability to become more and more powerful and with it - giving the player more flexibility. We’ve brought over cards from Godus but in a completely different way. These cards can be extremely strategic; there are cards that’ll buff your troops, there are cards increase the speed, attack, range and even introduce stealth."

"Finding a level it too difficult? There’s a probably card for that. All of these cards you can collect together and by the end of hundreds of levels I imagine players will have hundreds of these cards to use. We’re incredibly proud of the card system."

"You’re also going to need an opponent. You really need the concept of fighting against someone. We introduced opposing deities. and these deities control continents and they’ll take lands as you take lands. It really feels like you’re fighting against them; when you pick cards, they pick cards - they modify your strategy according to you. Now this starts to feel like what it truly should be, this real threat this real challenge a real purpose. "

"What we’ve ended up with is a true mix of a god game and a RTS with the ability to build your own deck of powers and buffs."

"We’ve got all sorts of surprises in the game. Try playing around with the globe. See what happens.We really wanted to make this brutal, we wanted to make it funny and we wanted to make it exciting. I feel we’ve really done that and I can’t wait to see what the community thinks."

Godus Wars - Midnight Bacon

When is combat coming out?

Right now! With the release of Godus Wars, combat finally makes it’s full introduction into the Godus universe. Peter has always considered Godus being two games: one tranquil, peaceful and the other war-like with bloody battles taking place across the unique lands.

Have you abandoned Godus?!

Not at all! The release of Wars proves that we are still dedicated to Godus and everyone who owns or has previously purchased Godus, already has Godus Wars! Yes! Godus Wars is free for all previous Godus Kickstarter backers & owners.

How many people have been working on Godus and what are their roles?

11 people have worked on Godus Wars.

  • Peter and Konrad - Design
  • Dimitri, Gary, Ryan & Richard - Programming
  • Annah - Art
  • Ian - Audio
  • Anthony & Turner - Production
  • Martin - QA
  • Tony - GUI

What about the winner of Curiosity - Bryan Henderson?!

Bryan is featured in Godus Wars! He can be seen as an opposing deity on one of the continents.

Why Early Access?

We’re using Early Access to gather balancing feedback and gauge player reaction as we work towards a feature complete release.

Early Access will allow our users and loyal Kickstarter backers to try out and provide detailed feedback in order for us to deliver a more polished, optimised and balanced game upon release!

The release of Wars demonstrates that we are still dedicated to Godus.

Everyone who owns or has previously purchased Godus, already has Godus Wars! Yes! Godus Wars is free for all previous Godus Kickstarter backers & owners - It should auto-magically appear in your steam library, if it doesnt please let us know!

What's the plan with the Godus backer rewards at this point? When will people be receiving those?

We're continuing to work through the release of the Kickstarter backer rewards. The Art of Godus backer book was sent out to the appropriate tiers last year and the Early Access launch of Godus Wars brings with it a large collection of Godus design documents and Documentary has been completed.

What will you do with Godus Wars feedback?
We will be collecting all detailed and relevant feedback posted and while we won't be replying to all posts individually, we will be reading everything. Be sure to keep an eye on the Announcements board for Feedback updates!

What is happening to this page now that Godus Wars is out?

Now that Godus Wars & Godus are both available as one package, we will be closing the Godus Store page and removing the higher price from sale. The discussion boards will be left untouched.

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