Sakura Santa - kouryuu9
Regretfully, we must announce that MangaGamer will no longer be publishing Winged Cloud games, including the previously announced title, Sakura Dungeon. Due to intractable creative differences, we have been forced to let Winged Cloud go, and will no longer offer any support for current or future games developed by them.

Fans may still purchase Sakura Santa from us from now until February 29th, and those who do will be able to have access to the MangaGamer Editions, which were updated from their original source by our quality assurance team. These editions will no longer be available for public purchase after February 29th.

Sakura Santa on Steam will be transferred to Winged Cloud’s new publisher and updated to their version of the title. If you would like to retain the MangaGamer version of the game, make sure you uncheck “automatic updates” for the game by February 29th.
Jan 9, 2016
Sakura Santa - Good Haro
Apologies for the wait! Approval for the cards took a little longer than expected, but they should be dropping now. Enjoy!
Sakura Santa - kouryuu9
Sakura Santa is now live and available for download!

Help spread the word on twitter with #Sakura_Santa and share the Christmas cheer!

You can also check out Winged Cloud on Patreon and show them your support!
Sakura Santa - kouryuu9
Hello Everyone! We saw your requests in the community chat and we're planning on adding trading cards to the game sometime this week. Sakura Santa will launch live on Steam soon - but you can get access to the content and a Steam Key early complimentary over at MangaGamer~!

You can also see some of the character bios and discuss what you think in the forums!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
Sakura Santa - Komi
Sakura Santa will be released on December 21st, 2015!

Sakura Santa is now available for pre-order from MangaGamer!

Don't spend Christmas alone this year! Join Koji as his wish leads him to encounter three beautiful women in his brand-new town! Throughout the week leading up to Christmas, you'll be able to choose which woman to spend time with each day, leading to a wide variety of scenes based on all your choices throughout the week!

Will you spend all your time with one girl and celebrate an intimate Christmas evening? Or will you pursue them all in hopes of a lively Christmas with everyone? The choice is all yours in this cute new holiday title from Winged Cloud!

Everyone purchasing through our website will also get a free Steam Key. Help spread the word on twitter with #Sakura_Santa and share the Christmas cheer!

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