Product Release - Valve
Krater is now available on Mac.

The game brings you far into the future of a post-apocalyptic Sweden. Once home to IKEA, Vikings, and Minecraft, today its primitive inhabitants scavenge the broken overgrown world for technological artifacts.

At the rim of an impact site known as the Krater, three factions vie for control over the wound opening up into the world below. Consisting of an endless series of caves and tunnels filled with old world treasures and perils, the Underside stretches into the depths of the fallen Swedish civilization. You arrive at the Krater with your team of freelancers to take part in the gold rush where people come back rich or don’t come back at all.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (John Walker)

Bundle bundle bundlenews! Indie Royale have launched their latest, hoping to soak up the cash for another collection of out-turned pocketed developers. This time it’s the Evolved Bundle, because, um, they’ve called it that. And it’s a good-un. In there you’ve got the utterly splendid puzzler Unmechanical from Talawa Games (check out our review), Tale Of Tales’ super-creepy The Path, Fatshark’s latest, Krater, Turtle Cream’s Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, and physics puzzler OIO from Uncanny Games. Which I’d say is the best pack they’ve had in a while.


Dec 11, 2012
Product Update - Valve
1.1.04 Fixes
- Updated Polish Strings
- Fixed an issue with Russian keybindings
- Fixed a bug where items were disappearing in co-op
- Quicklooted cash now displays properly
- Fixed an issue where certain achievements weren't working as intended
Product Update - Valve
1.1.02 Fixes
- Added missing polish coop strings
- Fixed an issue with weapons being mixed up for clients in coop
- Added new music tracks for the bar. Tweaked boss music for Electrobert
- Targets and their Health Bars are now displayed on mouseover
- Better feedback when selcting new targets and when interacting
- Park Zoo bossfight damage tweaks and added sounds
- Potential fix for rare revive crash
Oct 25, 2012
Product Update - Valve
1.1.01 Release Notes

- Fixed the save wipe bug
- Fixed Key binding crash
- Added Steam offline mode functionality
- Client crash when server clicks click to continue, when client is in join pop up window
- Fixed a state where the client could potentially get the coop start hub as startarea for singleplayer
- Fixed dialog manager popup glitch
- Fix for waiting for server message
- Respawn area added to Park Zoo level
- Fixed a number of ability crashes in coop
- Temporary replace missing Polish strings with English
Oct 23, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Krater 1.1 Release notes

Krater version 1.1 is the first of three major free content updates that Krater will get within the next few weeks.

Main features:
- First step towards a fully-fledged coop feature. It is kept relatively small to make sure that we have resources to handle any issues or bugs that might arise when large numbers of players are playing it. Krater v1.2 and v1.3 are going to expand on this.
- Support for handling several profiles with different saves connected to your Steam accounts cloud saves. Your old save is labeled Default in the profile list.
- Engine upgrade for improved performance and better stability.
- We have looked over player stats and their effect on damage, armor and abilities.
- New achievements added.
- The game is now translated into Russian, Portuguese and Polish. The single player content is translated into German, German coop strings are still to be added (shortly).
- Enemy AI is also being looked over and tweaked

- Loot drop rate and epic item generation is also being reworked; the first changes are implemented already in the 1.1 build.
Product Release - Valve
The Character DLC Mayhem MK13 DLC is Now Available for Krater.

Mayhem Mk13, the pinnacle of aggressive assault technologies formed from the knowledge extracts of a Mutant Slayer’s brain and the latest cybernetic limbs collected from the Underside. The Mayhem Mk13 will be your tank’s best friend close up and your medikus’ saviour from afar. Dare to delve deeper on high-risk excavation ventures where the Mayhem Mk13′s tactical flexibility will be the difference between life and death.

Also, Krater has been recently updated to include the new 2 person Co-Op!

Krater: Co-Op is the newest free expansion pack to the real-time squad based dungeon crawling adventure known as Krater. The game combines fast paced combat, tactical squad management, crafting, and questing all seen from a classic RTS perspective.

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Oct 18, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Krater version 1.0.18 Hot Fix 1 - content revision 23785



This patch is preparing the game for the coop update October 23. The Coop Menu (accessed with short key K ingame) is disabled until that date. Your old save will be named Default in the new profile list.
If you are experiencing any issues with the new save and would like to restore your old saves you can do that by:

1. Right Clicking the game in your Steam Library
2. Choose Properties
3. In the General tab write, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS
4. Write reset_save in the field
5. Start the game and press Restore Save button in the bottom left corner. This will delete all your progress from this update (non-reversible)

Main features added
- Support for creating several profiles with different saves
- Polish language support
- Engine upgrade for improved performance

Overhaul in the following areas:
- Loot drops and item generation
- Menu and HUD
- Enemy AI (aggro ranges and threat generations)
- Added timer to revive (to make it coherent with coop gameplay)

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