Outta the way! Chest-hauling snakephant coming through!

Our lovely CHKNeers have been asking for creatures to carry chests and it’s a great idea we couldn’t refuse. Now you’re no longer restricted by your own inventory slots… as long as you have creatures with ample storage tagging along, that is.

This update also has new wild creature nests to find while exploring, main menu and UI improvements, and more. Check out the notes below, play the new updates, and let us know what you’d like to see next by posting over in our Discord.

And join us on Monday @ 3:30 PM EST for our next dev stream! More details below.

Creatures can now carry chests!
  • Lighten your load, collect more resources while exploring, or carry enough food for all your friends.
    • First, craft a chest mount and add it to your creature.
    • Then place a chest in the mount or tell your creature to pick up a chest using the chest UI or commanding with a whistle.
  • Multiple chests can be mounted on a single creature but be warned! The creature’s leg strength determines how quickly it moves under the added weight.

Wild Creature Egg Nests
  • Eggs you encounter in the wild will now be found sitting in nests, making them easier to spot while exploring.
  • Nests have a chance to spawn multiple eggs, meaning more chances to find the Life Blocks you’re hunting for.
  • The number of nests that spawn throughout the world has also been increased.

Just remember: where there are nests, there are probably very protective parents.

Main Menu/UI Improvements
  • Added “Create a Creature” to the main menu for quicker access when you’re feeling inspired
  • Added announcements so the latest news is available in-game

  • Polished and streamlined profile creation so it’s easier to manage your profiles
  • Removed stress bars from the UI
  • Streamlined in-game Party screen for easier creature management
    • You can now have 6 creatures in your party (up from 4)
    • Creature level is now revealed in the UI
    • Added the ability to SHIFT-CLICK on the revive screen to spend an entire item stack

See important creature info easily at a glance or use the menu to do more.

Gameplay Balancing
  • Disabled time-based creature spawning near player built structures.
  • Changed starvation to no longer cause death. Instead will bring health down to 1 hp.
  • Tamed amount no longer decays over time.
  • Adjusted Glass Pane, Alchemy Table, and Vial crafting recipes.
  • Taming a creature now resets its level to 1.
  • Added ability to increase creature level by sacrificing Life Blocks.

Select “Level Up” from the menu and click the Life Blocks you want to sacrifice to level up your creature.

  • Polished block-by-block assembly animation when spawning a creature.
  • Editing creature modes now default with creature interaction items equipped.
  • Changed save updater to only run before a save is loaded (this prevents long loading times if you have a lot of saved games)
  • Save updater no longer blocks UI from refreshing.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed egg hatching spawn time that was preventing eggs from spawning in some situations. Eggs should spawn faster now.
  • Fixed infinite loading when continuing from a save.
  • Fixed a bug causing discovered creatures to be rediscovered.
  • Will no longer grant taming achievement for untamed creatures.
  • Fixed save backups from not being created.
  • Creature collection now displays the correct amount of cards based off of screen aspect ratio.
  • Fixed certain textures not using texture steaming.
  • Corrected missing normal and metallic textures on treadmills and workstations.
  • Fixed a bug with saddles and undo/redo that could break gamestate.
  • Fixed stuck status effects (stuck electricity)
  • Creature Animation/Builder fixes
    • Dynamic bone safety added
    • Cursor releases to edit orb when new window opened
    • Fix to end link ordering
    • Set end link priority when it has the same control block to block facing forward
    • Fixed siding issues with blocks with offsets (crab legs was most obvious)
    • Added code to override leg children attachment setting
    • Fixed siding on cursors
Dev Stream Monday @ 3:30 PM EST
Join Greg and John on their adventures for our next developer livestream. They’ll be showing off new updates and probably dying miserably while trying to take down a boss or two. It happens. Bring your CHKN questions for the guys or just come hang out!

Watch on: ❤️ YouTube | 💜 Twitch | 💙 Steam

See you there!

- Team CHKN

You guys have been requesting quality of life improvements to inventory management so here they are! (Thanks, btw.) This update also has multiplayer fixes, ability balancing and other creature improvements, and more.

Check out the patch notes below and download the update to try for yourself. Let us know what you’d like to see next and vote in our polls over on the CHKN Discord.

  • SHIFT-CLICK an item to automatically move it between hotbar/inventory and chests
  • DOUBLE-CLICK an item to gather all loose items of the same type. For example, double-clicking one Small Chicken Body in inventory will grab any other stacks of Small Chicken Body and join them all together in one stack. Super handy when you’re low on inventory space.
  • The store all/pick up functionality now works as intended
  • Fixed frame drops that were due to inventory refresh
  • Fixed spawning in the sky or underground when a client returns to a local game from multiplayer
  • Fixed possible ID collision errors with client party creatures when returning to their local game from a multiplayer game
  • Fixed creature teleporting on dismount for clients
  • Fixed client vs host Lifeshaper mismatches
  • Fixed client party creature UI textures
  • Fixed client riding when set to automatic mode
  • Fixed client creature database record assignment
  • Fixed initial quest state when returning to local game if not complete
  • Fixed treadmill animation for clients
  • Fixed client null exception on creatures when loading data
  • AI
    • Party creatures will now walk outside of the build sphere and no longer scream endlessly, thank goodness
    • Creatures will bunch up less often when investigating sounds
    • Fixed certain creatures knocking into the player and not backing up depending on how they were built
    • Fixed creatures becoming untamed when removed from the party
  • Abilities
    • Charge and Dash no longer cause slow movement when hit if active
    • Laser Eye aiming is now slower and damage has been slightly reduced to balance its power
    • Dash now requires movement speed rather than agility
    • Fixed Egg Missile and Web abilities not firing in some cases
  • Physics
    • Fixed creature popping up while moving or rotating
    • Fixed abrupt movement stoppage on creature Dash
    • Fixed a bug with creature-to-creature collision
  • Animation
    • Changed the order of angle calculation in look mode to do secondary axis first (twist before bend) to improve creature look animations
    • Improved look targeting for end block when it's also the root block (This fixes creatures looking at odd angles.)
    • Set block animations to default to neutral emotion on creation (prevents odd eye states when adding blocks)
    • Turned off chain animations in tutorial edit mode to prevent issues
    • Fix to tutorial from voxel fix
    • Added autovoxel and voxel-to-parent to the Life Block add logic
    • Added autovoxel and voxel to cursor creation
Other Improvements/Fixes
  • Added support for ultrawide aspect ratios (21+:9)
  • Fixed a bug with treadmills that caused the screen to blur
  • Disabled occlusion culling when Ansel is active for those sweet screenshots
  • Texture quality is now only set on application start to prevent unresponsiveness (This means any changes made from the options menu will require a restart.)
  • Seeing 2x Lifeshapers when doing an action with it equipped is fixed
  • Added the ability for us to send in-game dev responses to players who submitted the feedback form so we can assist with any issues, ask for more info if needed, or just say thanks!
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to spawn more than the max amount of party creatures, whoops
  • Fixed torch shader z sorting
  • Fixed a bug with the creature database that would cause it to display duplicates of the same creature
  • Fixed a bug in the world streaming system that could cause sacks and other movable entities to fall through geometry
  • Fixed chicken armor art when dropped in the world
  • Fixed stat bars for items when inspecting them
  • Added safeties to entity loading/unloading to prevent saves from erroring on load
  • Fixed out of bounds exception for creatures
Don’t forget to subscribe to your YouTube channel for our dev streams, sneak peeks at upcoming updates, and playlists featuring community Let’s Plays.

Happy adventuring!

- Team CHKN

This latest update has brand new features in the creature builder, improvements to creatures throughout the game, plus a ton of bug fixes thanks to our Discord helpers. If you have any feedback or issues to share, let us know on Discord!

New Builder Features
  • Creatures now emote and look around while in build mode! This gives you a glimpse into their personality and lets you see how they’ll move before you exit the builder. (Plus, it’s just fun!)

“You want to put feathers where!?”
  • Creature’s stamina will not deplete while in build mode, so it won’t get hungry while you’re editing
  • Rigidity settings are now saved in undo/redo states
  • When clicking off a creature while Lock Selection Mode is active, your current selection will be deselected (instead of generating new blocks in mid-air)
  • Background blurring re-enabled so you can focus on what you’re building
  • And if you haven’t tried it out yet, we’ve also recently added better rotation and more block sizes for all animal types. Building has never been better!
Creature Behavior Improvements
  • Creatures will now get happy and excited when pet (in addition to the facial emotes)
  • Creatures will now back up and give space when you walk very close to them
  • Creatures will no longer look back through themselves when observing the environment
  • Friendly creatures will no longer do a death spin when the player walks on their backs or dismounts from a saddle
  • Spawning a creature from the collection now assembles it block by block
  • The creature AI sleeping priority has been reduced for wild creatures
  • General whistle commands are no longer applied to creatures powering mills (so they won’t stop working while you’re commanding your other creatures)
  • However, mill creatures will stop working if the player is attacked or the creature is attacked directly
  • Reduced creature animation stutter when colliding with another creature
  • You can now assign a creature to an empty mill without having to unassign it first
  • Reviving a creature now starts at 100% energy
Quality of Life Improvements
  • You can now load prior saved game backups from in the game mode. (Hit [ESC] in game to see the option.) This helps in situations where save data is broken and you want to revert to an old version of your game.
  • Life Blocks no longer litter your inventory in Creative mode when removing them from a creature in the builder
  • The loot sack spawn distance has been increased so you can see it from further away
  • Added a field for contact info to the in-game feedback tool so we can contact you if you’re requesting help or more info is needed
  • Added party menu key bindings to messages
  • Added a new set of images/backgrounds to the loading screen rotation
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed game state breaking bug involving items and sacks
  • Fixed possible ways to break a new game before building a creature in Adventure
  • Fixed an issue with creature AI and saddles that would cause it to freeze
  • Fixed creature spinning for clients in multiplayer
  • Clients will no longer get an infinite loading screen on death in multiplayer
  • Treadmill animation fixes for clients in multiplayer
  • Treadmill assignment fixes for clients in multiplayer
  • Physics layer fixes for when a client builds a creature in multiplayer
  • Fixed network syncing on chest and crafting structures for clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed interact and distance check mismatch for chests and crafting structures
  • Fixed applying force to the wrong entities which caused players to fly off creatures when dismounting
  • Fixed AI bug where creatures would stop working on a mill to break trees and bushes
  • Defaulted fur off for non Nvidia cards due to reported rendering errors (can be toggled in the options)
  • Fixed undo/redo in non-Adventure modes
  • Fixed creature neck eating animation
  • Added limiting to chain targeting to prevent underground targets and targets behind and above creature
  • Set forward chain look turn angle limits to be in line with upward twists
  • Removed all creature sprite creation hitches
  • Fixed health bar going to 50% after knockout in Arena modes
  • Fixed Game breaking bug after leaving and loading a save game
  • Fixed missing XXL mech dino block materials
  • Fruit respawning fixed, will now respawn after the correct amount of time if an area is left and returned to
  • Fixed double fruit spawning
  • Fixed red damage effect being stuck on screen
  • Fix respawning when not near set respawn location after death
  • Fixed a bug in AI that made creatures not follow their target
  • Steam Workshop sync now triggers high priority download instead of polling to fix endless-trying-to-download subscribed creatures
  • Inactive party creatures now spawn at the right location if abandoned
  • Ram horn now highlights correctly when selected in the builder
  • Safety added to animation code to prevent bad states when building
Workshop Creature Spotlight

We had to share this creative creature called Giantconesnail by squidking. With a Movement Speed of 7.3, it’s actually faster than you’d think. Spawn a few, party up with your new snail army, and leave a slimy trail of destruction in your wake. *cackle*

- Team CHKN

This update gives a performance boost to min spec computers. If you’ve had “lag” or framerate issues in the past, please try out this build and join us over on Discord to let us know how it works for you!

We also added a variety of new Life Block sizes so you can build even more interesting creatures. Save them to the Workshop and share them with us - we want to see!

Performance Improvements
  • Optimized FPS and UI rendering to improve FPS by 10-20 depending on hardware
  • Reduced world streaming hitching by spreading updates over several frames
  • Brought in low poly versions of trees for improved low end device performance
  • World generation time greatly reduced
  • Reduced initial load time
New Creature Life Block Sizes
  • Additional Life Block body sizes added: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, and all their half sizes are now available for all animal types to give you more variety and build options.

Perfect sizes for additional extremities or a lovely armored hat.

Balancing & Bug Fixing
  • Creature/Temple world generation has been tuned. If you haven’t checked out the new larger world, now’s a good time! It’s procedurally generated and player-created creatures can spawn in the wild. You never know what you’ll run into.

The enemy of my enemy is… still my enemy.
  • Tuned crafted player items for progression balance
  • Additional pre-built, player-created creatures added to the game

Like these Octopalms created by Cohollow. Majestic! And quite fashionable actually.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen after player death
  • Fixed the creature collection filling up with white squares when the creature’s data cannot be read from disk
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to become invisible and make the game unstable
  • Fixed dragging to move or remove blocks in the creature builder
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused the player avatar to render without a head or arms after death
  • Fixed odd rotations while swimming
  • Fixed Lifeshaper upgrade failing to unlock after defeating a Temple Boss

Just defeat the boss and the upgrade is yours! Easy, right?
  • Fixed creature block neck shifting while building
  • Fixed bad data on the Unicorn Horn that was preventing it from being used in building
  • Fixed game hanging when quitting to desktop
  • Fixed bad culling settings on world geometry that caused it to disappear
  • Fixed throwing direction when chase cam is active
  • Fixed creatures in party not defending the player if the creatures were issued a follow command
  • Fixed tranquilizer darts not putting creatures to sleep
  • Fixed distance check to mount when attempting to ride creature
Many thanks to the CHKNeers on Discord. They’ve been helping us find and fix bugs in our Pre-Release test updates and it’s a big help!

It’s also a great place to show off your creations! Here’s the newest version of an old favorite, Destroyer 3.0 by squidking.

So join the CHKN Discord if you want to help us test new builds before they’re released, find new friends for multiplayer, get creature ideas, or share your CHKN suggestions. Also, someone Photoshopped chicken wings onto their real dog. That happened.

See you there!

- Team CHKN

Lots of cool stuff in this update (if we do say so ourselves) thanks to the feedback and testing from our friends over in the CHKN Discord. We’ve got a lot of CHKNeers hanging out, sharing creatures, playing together, and calling out our bugs. ;) And we’re still growing. Come join us!

Check out the notes below for all the updates in this latest patch... or just download it and jump in a game to see what’s new!

Expanded World!
  • The world has gotten a major expansion, with more temples, Lifeshaper upgrades, and wild creatures to discover!
  • Everything is now randomly generated beyond the starting area. This means that new Adventure or Creative games will generate a different world and no playthrough will be the same.
  • NOTE: If you’re continuing from a saved game, world objects might float or be underground where the old world and new world meet since the world data has changed.
  • Let us know what you find out there!

An example of a generated map (from one of John’s Adventure games).

Creature Builder Improvements
  • The new building workspace let’s you remove and reattach groups of blocks without them returning to your inventory! Just move a block away from your creature and “drop” it there in the build sphere. You can pick it up and attach it again, or finish building and any disconnected blocks will return to your inventory.

Important decision: snake head or dog head?
  • Improved undo/redo states
  • Improved visual clarity on creature while building
  • New and improved effects on building
More Updates
  • Balance changes
    • Reduced the power of the initial starting area creatures and bosses
    • Cooked food now restores more energy; Log and branch durability has been increased; Breakable rock health has been reduced
    • Laser Eyes now can break stone
  • Additional creatures added to the game for both the Arena and world generation.
    • Many of these were created by our community members! Big thanks to cohollow, jelly butter, hedgehog pug, Dinoman9877, lordofd, tycothepug, deathasholds, fallensolger666, and paradox for their awesome creations this round.
    • Share yours over on our Discord and they might end up in game!

You may run into Moodusa by Cohollow on your adventures. It’ll probably be fine… just don’t look directly into its eyes.
  • Added in-game Feedback and Bug Reporting, which makes it easier for you to report any issues you might be having. It will automatically send us a screenshot, your session’s log, and your saved game so that we can debug issues more quickly.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Mac being stuck at 30% when initially loading
  • Fixed several issues that caused ID collisions in multiplayer games and break the game state
  • Fixed trees and bushes burning forever and not taking damage
  • Fixed rare case where exiting a build sphere would cause player to be dragged to another location
  • Fix to an error in building that would break game state
  • Creature wing flapping is now synced over the network
  • Fixed client creatures in multiplayer games not taking falling damage when being ridden
  • Disabled undo/redo in multiplayer (This was causing inventory syncing confusion, especially when multiple players were attempting multiple undo/redos.)
  • Fixed several bugs with the creature party system that would cause a broken game state resulting in frozen, non-reactive creatures
  • Fixed several issues with editing a creature through the party screen
  • Fixed several issues with storing a creature if it had an item in its mouth
As always, please share your feedback, creations, and suggestions with us! We’re making CHKN together with you all so we really love seeing what you create and listening to your ideas.

- Team CHKN

We’ve added even more control to the creature builder with some new improvements. We’ll keep this post short so you can get in and try them out! ;)

New Builder Controls:
  • New rotation tool! Rotate in all axes, rotate blocks that are already attached, and have more control over your creature builds
  • New highlight colors on Life Blocks make it much easier to see what you have selected and where you can place them
  • The undo/redo system has been reworked to be more smooth and consistent, so it’s easier to experiment while building
And thanks to all our CHKNeers for your help reporting and testing so we could get these new bug fixes out!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where party creatures would not summon correctly outside of the world area where they were stored
  • Fixed item duplication bug caused by clicking “Pick up all” from containers
  • Fixed a big where clicking “Edit” on the party screen of a creature did nothing
  • Torch and Lifeshaper FXs will no longer stay on in your hand even after the item is unequipped
  • Poachers no longer change appearance when taking damage
  • Multiplayer:
    • Client creatures now set the correct LOD on connect (This fixes issues where creatures were missing or in wrong positions!)
    • Equipped items now display correctly when a client first connects to a game
    • Client creatures now correctly burn stamina when gliding
    • Clients no longer have to “rediscover” their own creatures in multiplayer games
    • Fixed a bug that caused certain quest conditions to not progress correctly for clients in multiplayer
If you’re not on our Discord yet, come say hi and let us know what you’d like to see in CHKN.

- Team CHKN

“Welcome to my mansion, Mr. Piggles. Please do not eat my entire farm, kthx.”

Creative CHKNeers have been sharing their Homesteads over on Discord so we think it’s time for a...

Homestead Screenshot Contest!

We’d love to see what you’re building in CHKN. Take a screenshot and then head over to the #buildings channel on Discord to share it. Show us your lavish mansions, spooky bunkers, cozy farms, impenetrable fortresses… or maybe you’ve built something completely different? Show off your handiwork and we’ll showcase them in our next post!

Updates & Bug Fixes (v0.7.3B)
We’ve pushed another update live. Thank you to our Discord friends for all the feedback and helping us track down some of these bugs.
  • Crafting progression quests will now always trigger as you explore, regardless of whether you’ve completed the initial on-boarding quest
  • You now need an open party slot to create a new creature in Adventure Mode (This is to prevent confusion people were reporting when creating a new creature and then being unable to add it to the party. You can still have multiple tamed creatures!)
  • Life Blocks no longer open the edit sphere when used, so no more unwanted launching of the creature builder at inopportune moments (like combat, whoops). You can use the Life Shaper or select Edit in the radial menu to build whenever you like.
  • Party/tamed creatures will now help remove stumps
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Identified and fixed an issue that caused frame rate to drop over time
    • A creature being ridden in Automatic Riding Mode no longer moves erratically
    • The “Build a powerful creature” quest condition now works correctly
    • Fix to in-game HUD not appearing after completing the “Build a creature” on-boarding quest
    • Fixed input glitches that were occurring in the Creature Builder
Live Streams Today & Sunday
Don’t forget, we’re streaming today (Friday, Feb 8th) at 3:30 pm EST. Watch on Twitch, YouTube, or here on Steam. Greg and John will build homesteads and then try to defend them against your creations. Send us your best raiding creatures in the #creatures channel on Discord. Winners get bragging rights over the devs!

Plus, survival streamer Joefudge will be back on stream playing CHKN! He’ll be adventuring with friends so there’s sure to be lots of role-playing, shenanigans, and epic voices. His stream is:

🗓️ Sunday, Feb 10th
⌚ 2pm EST

Follow Joefudge on Twitch and come back on Sunday to hang out with him. In the meantime, here’s some adventuring from his last stream to keep you cozy:
We’ll see you in the chat!

- Team CHKN

New Creature Builder improvements give you more control. Rigid neck or bendy neck? It’s up to you!

We want your creatures for our next dev stream! See more info below… but first, check out the latest updates.

Creature Builder Improvements
The builder has gotten some much-requested improvements to give you more control when creating and modifying creatures. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions!
  • Easily control which blocks are flexible (or not) when the creature moves in the world with a new block rigidity setting in the UI, plus improved voxelation detection
  • Reposition whole chains of blocks so they no longer rotate awkwardly
  • Control building better with two additional axes of rotation on Life Blocks
  • Preview how the creature will move with new animation feedback in the builder (so you don’t have to exit and relaunch to get things how you want them!)
More Updates in v0.7.3
  • On-boarding/Quest improvements
    • We’ve modified quest progression and added additional on-boarding quests
    • All tasks are now powered through quest system to keep feedback consistent
    • On-boarding state is now properly tracked
    • NOTE: This means your saved Adventure game may ask you to redo quests you’ve already completed. You can do them again or just untrack them in the quest log to ignore them.

A new on-boarding quest teaches creature riding for more mobility (and fun) early on in survival progression.
  • UI Improvements
    • In-game UI tab names have been replaced with fancy icons for readability (and cuz it just looks pretty)
    • Tweens added to some elements
    • Minor polish to some colors, positions, anchors
    • Improved loading feedback during last stage before main menu
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where quickly clicking the spawn creature button multiple times would cause duplicate creatures to spawn
    • Fixed a bug when editing a creature from the party screen
    • Fixed the phantom +1 notification bug shown on the Journal badge
Create Creatures for Our Next Stream!
Our next live stream is coming Friday, Feb 8th @ 3:30pm EST… and we need your creatures! Greg and John are going to build Homesteads using the new structure blocks and then try to defend them against your creations. It’ll be Homestead raiding pandemonium!


So create your best structure-demolishing creature and then head over to our Discord and share it with us in the #creatures channel. You may just see your creation on the stream, laying waste to Greg or John’s hard work. Winner gets bragging rights over the devs!

- Team CHKN

Did you know you can customize your Adventure world with creatures from the Workshop? Give it a try to add some variety and surprise to your next adventure. It’s easy:
  1. Open the Workshop tab in the Creature Collection and click “Subscribe to New Creature”. (See the example above!)
  2. Find a creature you like—it can be a friend’s abomination or browse hundreds of unique community creations—then click on it and hit the “+ Subscribe” button.

  3. Close the overlay and go back to the Workshop tab.
  4. Click on your newly subscribed creature to see its details, then select “Spawn in Adventure”.

    Floppy Horn by Jelly Butter!
You’re done! These creatures can now spawn in the wild for you to discover. Creative CHKN players are adding new creatures to the Workshop every day so the possibilities for expansion are endless.

You can also bring these Workshop creatures into the Arena to test them in battle, or into Creative Mode to experiment with them yourself.

New to Adventuring? Try These...
Might we suggest starting with a couple of our favorites? Hat Cat by Jelly Butter and Lazer Pea by cwilfinger both have low CP (Creature Power), meaning they can show up early on in your survival progress, and they have some fun abilities to discover Nine Lives, Hiss Stun, and Laser Eye.

For more challenging discoveries later on in survival, find creatures with higher CP to add. Or head over to our CHKN Discord to see what cool creatures the community is sharing right now.

Share Your Own Creations
If you want to share your own creations for other players to use on their Adventures, just select “Sync to Steam Workshop” on the details screen. Then your fellow CHKNeers can favorite, comment, and spawn it in their own games.

He was a chicken before it was cool.

Latest Hotfixes (v0.7.21)
The game has been updated with another round of hotfixes and improvements:

  • Option to open world to multiplayer added to the in-game ESC menu (in addition to the Online menu)
  • Clients joining a multiplayer game will now be automatically grouped with the host by default. This prevents aggressive creatures from attacking other players. A toggle in the Online tab is available to turn off co-op mode.
  • Respawn checkpoint now scares away aggressive creatures (to provide a bit of a safe zone when you first respawn after death)
  • Trees now grow over time!
  • Riding: Improved movement and targeting when riding a creature… try it out with the Glide ability!
  • Clicking on a creature in the in-game Workshop list now launches the Steam Overlay to see its Workshop web page. See details, favorite, comment and subscribe from this page. (Click the green “+ Subscribe” button!)
  • You can now also see the Workshop page from a creature’s detail screen in-game. Click “View in Workshop” at the bottom.
  • Old shared creatures with obsolete Life Blocks have been marked as incompatible with the new game (v0.7+) and will no longer clutter the in-game Workshop (Read more info here!)

    You’ll see an orange notice at the top of the page if a creature is incompatible.
  • Minor pooling system tuning to improve small initial hitching
  • Fixed a bug with dynamic objects world streaming to slightly improve performance
Chat With Us!
Join us on the CHKN Discord to tell us what you think of the game, share your creations and ideas, find multiplayer friends, or just hang out in the #share-your-pets channel that’s currently full of cats!!! Come say hi.

See you there!

- Team CHKN

Hey, CHKNeers! This week’s update makes fighting creatures in the arena more fun, with camera and AI/combat improvements as well as new pre-built creatures to test out. We want your feedback on creature battling in the Arena! Tell us what you think of the update and share your creature combatants with us on the Discord.

This update also includes:
  • New homestead art
  • Better creature riding
  • Fixes to loading and performance
Arena Update
Creature AI improvements for better combat, plus cameras have been updated so you can see the action (and faces!) more clearly.

This Snicken is quite shocked at how much health it doesn’t have. Better luck next time, Snicken.
  • Cameras:
    • Knockdown camera greatly improved (better transitions, closer focus on face to show creature’s reaction)
    • Camera bugs in Team Elimination mode have been fixed
    • Fixed awkward camera transitions in Exhibition mode.
  • Combat AI improvements: Creatures no longer end up in staring contests; they’re much more aggressive in combat
  • New Arena creatures: Added new prebuilt creatures to try out in battle
  • Fixed Arena attack attempt & hits tracking
Check out some of our favorite community creature creations in this collection and try them out in the Arena. Then share your best Arena creature creations on the Discord. We’ll be adding them to our next Arena collection!
More Features & Fixes
Improvements to loading, creatures, homesteads, and environments, plus some bug fixes.
  • Optimization & Loading:
    • Reduced initial load time and optimized initial load memory usage. Loading should take significantly less time on lower end machines.
    • Improved auto-quality detection to choose performance settings more appropriate for your hardware
    • Added shadow distance setting to Options
    • The memory footprint of the game has been majorly decreased
    • World hitches (periodic framerate drops) that were caused by the game reading from the hard drive are now gone
  • Creature movement: Speeds re-tuned so creatures are much more agile across the board (makes for better combat and riding)
  • Riding: Added an easy-to-craft riding item for early game to make riding more accessible, and improved targeting when riding a creature
  • Environment:
    • Melon & Squash art are higher fidelity and Raspberry & Blueberry items increased in poly count. Basically, these all now look more delicious
    • Bush textures got a visual tweak to bring them in line with other environment art
  • Homesteads: All new art for wood and stone structure items!

  • Creatures & Life Blocks:
    • A new set of creatures now have a chance of spawning in the world
    • Unicorn and Dinosaur Spike Life Blocks got a spiffy revamp
    • Added new Antler Life Block

  • FX: Impact effects are larger in scale so they’re easier to see
  • Item destruction: Disabled destruction of ability scrolls and item recipe tomes, and Electric Shock ability no longer destroys nearby items
  • Multiplayer Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where creatures were missing for clients
    • Fixed creature riding for clients
    • Fixed a bug where party members in a multiplayer game would take damage from friends
    • Fixed a bug where bush impact sounds were not playing for clients in multiplayer games
  • General Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a race condition with creature spawning that was causing multiple issues (abilities not appearing, duplicate creature records, and missing creature party avatars in the HUD)
    • Fixed a bug where players would teleport underground and bonded creatures would be lost forever if the player died while riding a creature
    • Fixed a bug where creature stamina while riding a creature would not deplete during sprinting
    • Fixed Creature AI triggering scared or angry routines at the wrong times
    • Fixed a bug where resolution settings were randomly changed/reset

Make sure to join the CHKN Discord to give us your feedback! It’s also a good place to find multiplayer friends, share your creations, vote in our polls, and just hang out.

- Team CHKN

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