OneShot - GIR

Niko plush is now available for preorder on Fangamer:

There are also new shirts and a pin for preorder! You can find them in the OneShot collection:
OneShot - Degica Dev
A big hello to all the Degica fans out there!

We here at Degica Games are proud to announce our publishing partnership with Moonana the team behind the unforgiving timed action turn-based JRPG Virgo Vs The Zodiac! (VVTZ for short!)

Get ready to "Embark on a cosmic quest to follow your fate, or defy your destiny" this Autumn 2019.

Along with the news of our publishing partnership, Degica and Moonana will be attending Japan's largest Indie Game event, BitSummit 7 Spirits, from June 1st & 2nd at Miyako Messe in Kyoto. If you are in Kyoto come on by and check out the special Virgo Vs The Zodiac demo we will have on display and meet the Moonana team!

About Virgo VS The Zodiac:
Virgo Vs The Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy JRPG inspired by the Mario & Luigi RPG series and the Mother RPG series in which you play as an obsessed villain. The game features traditional turn-based combat with real-time execution of moves: blocking, countering and timing your attacks carefully as well as predicting your foes' moves is essential to succeed in Virgo's twisted and unforgiving cosmic quest to bring back the Golden Age, a period of peace, symmetry and balance, or so she thinks. In this galaxy where every action means a reaction, you’ll play as Virgo, the Holy Queen, often called Dreadful Queen by heretics, bringing mayhem to the Zodiac Realms and leaving a trail of stardust on the way, all to fit her excessively righteous worldview.

Special Origins Interview:
You can also get a glimpse into the beginnings of the game and how it came to be in this special interview article with the creator Nana.

BitSummit 7 Spirits
Those who attend the event will be able to try out the exciting battle demo in either English or Japanese!
Attendees who have tried the demo will receive a random acrylic keychain of a character from Virgo Vs The Zodiac!

For those who come to see us at our booth, we will be also handing out Steam keys for the BitSummit demo version, along with an original designed clear file!
Supplies are limited so be sure to stop by!

Event Info
We will be attending as "Degica Games"
Event Name:BitSummit 7 Spirits
Date:June 1st - June 2nd, 2019
Time:10:00 ~ 17:00
Venue:Kyoto International Exhibition Hall: MIYAKO MESSE 3rd Exhibition Hall, 3rd Floor
Organizer:BitSummit Organization Committee
BitSummit Homepage
We will announce our booth information on theDegicaGames Official Twitter account so give us a follow and stay tuned!
OneShot - GIR

That's right, the long-awaited Linux port is finally complete! It should work on most distros, but if you run into any issues please open a thread in the bugs forum.

Many thanks to KockaAdmiralac for helping us complete the port!
OneShot - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on OneShot and its Soundtrack!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time
OneShot - GIR
We've pushed a new build of the game out today, it has a couple of fixes for the MacOS version. Put into spoiler tags because of their spoiler nature

-wallpapers for macOS are no longer missing, so wallpaper changing puzzles should work again
-compatibility for macOS clover app has been improved for pre 10.13 versions of macOS

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the new update.
Nov 6, 2018
OneShot - Degica Dev
Hi everyone :)

We have been working hard on improving the Mac version and we have some exciting news for you today:

- Achievements now register on macOS
- Added macOS Yosemite and El Capitan support (10.10 and 10.11)
- Optimized support for macOS Mojave
- Fixes macOS Mojave crash on dialogue box
- Pressing Ok+Cancel buttons simultaneously no longer crashes the game
- Minor script and map improvements

Shout out once again to Big thanks to Vinyl Darkscratch-Kazotetsu from Gooborg Studios[]for coding the macOS port!

Thanks for your playing!
GNOG - (John Walker)

Video games, you may have noticed, are often a little bit horrid. All sorts of naughtiness, and a distinct lack of people just being kind to one another. What are we like?! But fortunately there are games that make an exception to the potty-mouthed meanies that dominate, and today I celebrate them and their cuteness with a collection of lovely screenshots.


OneShot - GIR
We've patched the game to fix issues that users were having with the Windows 10 October Update (version 1809, you can check by running "winver" to see if you're affected). So if you were unable to play due to getting the new Windows 10 October Update, this patch should fix things for you. Please make sure you update the game before playing.
OneShot - (Brendan Caldwell)


Hear ye Mac users, heed my blowing horn of low-key game news. Meta-heroic RPG OneShot is now playable on your fruit-powered computers. It s the story of a cat-eyed girl who carries around a lightbulb, which she thinks is the sun, through a dark world of broken robots and abandoned shacks. But it s also about you, since the characters are aware there s a god in the sky who sees everything, and they have no qualms about talking to that god and sometimes even manage to know your name without ever being told. Isn’t that weird, Dan? (more…)

OneShot - mark_degica

Great news Mac users! OneShot is now available on macOS. We've gone to great lengths to make sure the game plays as close to the Windows version as possible. Thanks again for everyone's patience during the long development. For those who waited, we think it will be worth it!

Big thanks to Vinyl Darkscratch-Kazotetsu from Gooborg Studiosfor coding the port. Also thanks to testers Popkirby and Pokedart9001.

The Linux version is also in development and should be available in the near future!

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