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For those of you watching the development of our next game, the Cold Waters Steam Community Hub (and Store Page) is now live. This will be the space to watch for the latest news and to discuss the development of Cold Waters as it gets closer to release.

All new screenshots have been posted to illustrate changes in the game's progress since our Greenlight campaign 3 months ago.

Community Hub
Store Page
Panzer Corps - (Tim Stone)

A Flare Path flair point to the first person to identify the source

‘Tis the season to be jolly vigilant. With the six-week Matrix/Slitherine Christmas sale underway and Steam in the midst of a five-day autumnal tariff squeeze, several excruciatingly expensive wargames are currently just expensive, quite a few expensive wargames are now affordable, and a handful of cheap wargames are doing passable impersonations of gift horses. Prowling the various bargain basements like an extra-grumpy Philip Serrell, these are the deals that have caught my eye… … [visit site to read more]

Atlantic Fleet - (Tim Stone)

There’s a saying in my village:

When sloes and cobnuts early fall,> And goatsuckers in daylight are heard to call,>You’ll be playing a spiritual sequel to MicroProse’s Red Storm Rising and a new instalment of X-Plane in no time at all. >

The local sayings related to wargame pricing and acceptable frame-rates in heli sims scan better but are less relevant to today’s column so I’ll save those for another day. … [visit site to read more]

Sep 28, 2016
Atlantic Fleet - Killerfish Games
Many have asked what we've been working on lately and today we're pleased to announce our next game: Cold Waters

For more information, trailer, screenshots and to vote please visit the Cold Waters Steam Greenlight page:
Atlantic Fleet - Killerfish Games
Chris Ketcherside, a former Marine and working on a PhD in military history, reviews Atlantic Fleet for the latest issue of WWII Magazine, giving it a full 5 out of 5.

Atlantic Fleet is arguably one of the best computer simulations of this aspect of World War II currently available.

Read the full article here HISTORYNET.
Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun - (Tim Stone)

The Flare Path turns five this week. Here in the UK that means it can no longer travel for free on funiculars, steam tinkers, or Bounding Billies, and risks prosecution if found in possession of an imaginary dog or an impish grin. Growing up sucks. Thank goodness there are occasional distractions like this compendium of word and picture puzzles. In the dappled glade beyond the break five unusually approachable foxers lounge. Tackle these solo brainteasers (co-op defoxing will return next week) within the next 48 hours and you ve a chance of winning various top-notch wargames and sim add-ons.

… [visit site to read more]

Atlantic Fleet - Killerfish Games
To get it, right click on Atlantic Fleet in the Steam client and select properties. Then under the betas tab select beta.

Here's whats in it:
- fixed low quality ocean shader compatibility
- decreased sensitivity of horizontal slider keys: j k
- improved responsiveness of vertical slider keys: u i
- corrected Slider (coarse) typo
- added full 22:9 aspect ratio support
- corrected German torpedo speed/ranges
- added audio to tiny splashes
Atlantic Fleet - Killerfish Games
CombatAce Review

5 out of 5 stars

"I find it all very well-presented and impressively thorough, very well up to the standards of PC sims and better than many I've seen, including the very best".

"This is one of those rare, genre-defining games that re-sets the standard for games development everywhere".

CombatAce Excellence Award
CombatAce Contender Best of the Year 2016
CombatAce Editors Choice Award
Atlantic Fleet - Killerfish Games
Atlantic Fleet version 1.01 is now available.

- all sliders can now be used via key commands
- keys for 0.1 degree elevation change
- full keyboard support for tactical map
- ship telegraph now responds to each setting individually
- ship speed can also be set by keys 1-6
- mouse wheel zoom for tactical map and binoculars
- hide combat interface toggle for screenshots, F9 Key
- submarine depth now displayed
- keys for selecting carrier wings and load out

- fixed a bug that *might* involve AI movement hanging the turn
- holding mouse button on a slider when firing no longer hangs the turn
- improved graphics/shader compatibility
- distant smoke no longer blocks closer ships
- player hedgehogs no longer cause sonar disruption
- added missing AA guns to Courageous class
- improved pilot graphics on some aircraft
- decreased shell graphic size
- music in combat set to on by default
Feb 26, 2016
Atlantic Fleet - (Tim Stone)

If your favourite hood is sim developer Steve Hood or Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Hood, today’s Flare Path should engage (Over yonder html horizon is an interview with the man tasked with ensuring Dovetail Games Flight School and Dovetail Games Flight Simulator soar like demoiselles on release, and early analysis of the easy-to-recommend Atlantic Fleet, a wargame that feels like a segmented, overhead Silent Hunter III at times). If you prefer hoods of the Robin, Admiral or clitoral variety, brace yourself for disappointment.

… [visit site to read more]


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