Jun 17, 2018
HEIST - Atomizer Games

Hello Heisters,

Today, unfortunately, marks the end of the HEIST beta. We will no longer be providing new updates to HEIST after today.

As we mentioned before, we will allow all Beta participant access to HEIST until its launch. As such this update has been focused on providing fixes and improvements to enjoy the game until the release.

Here are the core changes;
  • We've added a confirmation popup when you select to restart
  • We've added the option to delete your progress through the Main Menu options
  • Added glass case smashing to the Mansion 'Loot', which triggers an alarm
  • Fixed various colliders across all levels
  • Added art of Tool selection button in the Main Menu
  • Added additional HUD art for the country club pickups

The forums will remain open for everyone to post any additional bugs you wish to bring to our attention or share run times with others.

Our sights are now set on adding the remaining art and polish to ensure the game maintains a consistent level of quality from start to finish.
We can't wait to share the game with all of you once it'd finished.

Thank you for the last 8 months of assistance and help, we couldn't have done it without you!
~Atomizer Games
HEIST - Atomizer Games

Hello Heisters,

Today we bring some big news!

The Mansion is now open for your attempts at pilfering a prestige pinot noir!
We have modified the Mansion in order to get it to a playable state, as we promised, and didn't wish to delay its Beta release any sooner.

In order to pull off the Mansion, you'll need to find your way into the Cellar, snatch the bottle and make your escape!

A major standout for the Mansion is the use of moving Shadows.

Well timed execution will make all the difference in this level!


This marks the last major content update we currently plan on releasing to the Beta.

We will release one final version of the Beta which is likely to include any bug fixes and minor changes.
After that update, however, there will be no additional content released to the Beta.

Access to the final Beta build will remain open to all participants as a sign of thanks for your time and effort participating!
Once HEIST is available for purchase, we will be closing Beta access to the game.
The Forums will also remain open to everyone who wishes to continue posting bug reports and communicating with us about the game.

We are nearing completion of this project, and we cannot thank you all enough for contributing to HEIST's development.
We hope you have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy HEIST.

'Til next time...
~Atomizer Games
HEIST - Atomizer Games

Hello Heisters!

Here is the debrief on the new Beta Build!

Progression Order
We have updated the order of levels so you now unlock the Casino after completing the Shipping Yard.
Completing the Casino will then unlock the Country Club, as opposed to the other way around.
We decided that the Casino was an easier level and due to being smaller, would make for better pacing in the games overall progression.

We will be making future changes to add Gun Guards to the Country Club and remove them from the Casino, but at the moment the levels remain as is.
The Tool unlocks are tied to the levels, and as such has not changed.
This means you'll be able to unlock the Smoke Pipe sooner than before!

New Waters in the Shipping Yard
We have rounded out the final prop pass on the Shipping Yard and begun implementation of our water shader in the level.

The new art assets shouldn't affect playability but we are eager to get any and all feedback on the changes in the Shipping Yard.

Mansion still under Rennovations
While we hoped to get playable version of the Mansion up on the Beta, we ran into a few snags that delayed progress somewhat.

For Example
We have a power Generator the player can disable, and well instead of "shutting down", it does this....

Once we have sorted out these bugs breaking playability, the Mansion will be open for inspection.

'Til next time...
~Atomizer Games
HEIST - Atomizer Games

Hello Heisters!

Today we have pushed out an update to HEIST with a focus on the Gun Guards.
In later levels, from the Casino onwards, You'll encounter guards that won't hesitate to apply deadly force to protect their employer's establishments.

We have made improvements to these guards which include the following
  • Gun Guards will now properly track a moving player while aiming.
  • Refined the time between Gun Guards aiming their gun and shooting at the player.
  • Gun Guard will no longer shoot the player while being held up by the player using the 'Fake Gun' tool.
Additionally, we have made the following improvements:
  • Guards movement slowing by Players Tools now apply and remove from the guard properly if stacked
  • Fixed lights in the Country Club warehouse turning off incorrectly
  • Fixed some navmesh issues in the Country Club

That's all for now, but as always we'd love to hear from you!
You can leave any and all suggestions and thoughts in the General Forum And leave any bug reports in the Bug Forum.

'Til next time...
~Atomizer Games
HEIST - Atomizer Games

Hello Heisters!

Out most recent update is hopping onto servers now after we delayed for Easter.
This iteration's update has had a focus on addressing issues with our progression saving and ensuring players can more effectively progress in levels!

We have sat down and added several more 'hiding spots' across all levels currently in the game!

For the uninitiated; hiding spots are objects, such as a desk, that the player can enter when prompted to hide.
Doing this has two intended effects
  • Keeps the player from being spotted by guards
  • Creates a checkpoint for the player to return to having made a mistake or been caught
These objects are highlighted green and now have a hiding symbol near the entry point.

click the image to enlarge

We have also made improvements to the progression system to ensure player progress loads and saves correctly.

A handful of minor level design changes have also been included to improve the game overall

'Til next time...
~Atomizer Games
HEIST - Atomizer Games


Today we bring you a minor update to the game and some news on development.

In the current build, we have done a lot of updating and minor fixing, but we won't bore you with the tedious list of changes, but here's the gist.
  • Fixed some odd guard paths
  • Fixed the Casino depth hiding not set up correctly
  • Fixed some art issues with the Art Gallery Get it interactables.
  • Updated some sound files of the Gun Guards
  • Added a UI display for when you save and load a checkpoint.

The reason behind the light update is due to our focus on bigger fish.
We have a new level in-development, The Mansion!

The bulk of our work in recent weeks have been creating this level. While we don't have a clear date on when it will be ready for testing, we hope to share some more details on the level with you soon!

Additionally, we will now be pushing builds and news updates out on Mondays AEST.

Til next time...

HEIST - Atomizer Games


The latest build of Heist has gone live and here's whats changed

  • Art Gallery:
    • Now live and unlockable by completing the Casino
    • A rare painting is your target and could be on display at 3 possible locations!
    • Risk searching for it, or break into the Art Gallery's offices to find it location

  • Casino:
    • Re-added walls that had gone missing

  • Options Config:
    • Audio volume Settings now persist
    • Audio Setting generate a modifiable ini file.
      Can be found in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\AtomizerGames\Heist'
    • Re-added Antialiasing setting
    • Re-added Antialiasing Quality setting
    • Re-added Texture Quality setting
    • Re-added Anisotropic setting
    • Re-added Luma Sharpening setting

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Country Club and Casino room hiding not saving settings correctly
    • Fixed Some Get it objects not animating when interacted with
    • Fixed some potential performance issues with Player tracking

We are very keen to hear from you on your thoughts and any issues you may have encountered with the Art Gallery! Feel free to reach out to us on the forums at General Discussions and the Bug Forums
Feb 22, 2018
HEIST - Atomizer Games


Last Wednesday we pushed out a big Update to steam that encapsulated a bunch of changes.
This included new content and fixes to outstanding issues we didn't didn't notice present in the initial update last weekend.
We chalk up the oversight to a lack of coffee...

So here's what has changed:
  • Casino
    We had begun rebuilding the street section of the Casino but wasn't finished when we pushed out the update. Since we have done more work to get the area into line with our final vision
  • Reduced the height of street buildings
  • Added wall fading to Street borders
  • Added Gun Guard to Street entrance
  • Fixed underground transition

  • Country Club
    The long-awaited changes to the Country Club are now live and ready for testing
    • Redesigned the outer rooms for better gameplay as well as made them outdoors
    • Converted the outer areas to be encapsulated
    • Removed large uninteresting open area around outer rooms

  • Video configurations
    • Re-added Monitor selection
    • Re-added V-sync setting
    • Re-added Texture Quality setting
    • Added ini file generation for easily adjust settings outside of the game
      Can be found in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\AtomizerGames\Heist'

The Art Gallery at present still requires some additional work but will be available in the next Update

We are eager to hear your feedback on the Country Club and Casino updates which you can post to the General Discussions and Bug Forums respectively.

Happy Heisting

Feb 18, 2018
HEIST - Atomizer Games
We recently pushed out an update to Heist that features some amount of WIP changes that slipped under our watch.

As such, expect a few updates throughout the week to resolve these issues.

Once they have been addressed, we will let you know with our latest Beta News update!

Til next time, stick to the shadows...

HEIST - Atomizer Games


This fortnight, we have devoted a lot of time into the planning as we previously mentioned, and are now poised to ramp up the development and updates in the coming fortnights.

Last time we mentioned the UI overhaul we have been undertaking and we are pleased to share with you something more than screenshots!
In today's update, we have included the Updated Audio menu and a partial update to the Video Menu.

You will be able to change the Resolution and Windowed setting presently, but other settings are yet to be set up completely.

Please let us know of any issues you come across in the Bugs Forum

Additionally, we have also fixed a couple of issues spotted in the Shipping Yard from the previous update.

We are planning on bringing you some massive updates to the Country Club and have the Art Gallery up and running for the next update, so keep an eye out for that!

Til next time, stick to the shadows...


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