AT SUNDOWN™ - luckyzapper
More info here:

Thanks everyone for waiting so patiently; we're close to the final lap!

-Ted (@realtedpark)
AT SUNDOWN™ - Myll_Erik
First off, thanks for everyone who checked out the demo this past week! The reception has been great 😊 Keep spreading the good word and tell your friends about it!

With the feedback that was posted, we were able to find and fix previously undetected bugs, and change aspects that were confusing to players.

And now, the patch notes:
  • Fixed players being stuck in sprint in online play.
  • Fixed “Back” text overlapping with the button prompt in credits on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed SMG being visible on top of walls.
  • Button prompts now only cycle if two or more local players have joined a party with different input options. Otherwise they display the prompts for the last pressed input.
  • Player 1 now has to manually press the join button (C on keyboard, Y on Xbox, Triangle on Dualshock) to join an online party in quick play or in custom match. This was done to reduce confusion on how to change input from keyboard/mouse to controller and vice versa. (Just a heads up, once you’re in game and there are no other local players you can switch between k/m and controller freely)

These changes will be carried on to the full release, so thanks for making At Sundown a better game for everyone! If you find any more bugs, you can reach us on the Steam community or on any one of these channels:
Mild Beast Games
AT SUNDOWN™ - Myll_Erik

We're proud to share that our demo is now available! Please go check it out to get an idea of what the game will look like and feel like. Keep in mind that this demo is limited content, but you can play locally or online.

We are also looking on feedback - specifically as it relates to the UI and Menus. Any constructive feedback (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated as you play through the demo.

You can grab the demo directly by clicking here!

Dec 7, 2017
AT SUNDOWN™ - Myll_Erik
Hello All

We're making great strides on the game and we're on track for our early 2018 release but wanted to share some news and info about where things are at this point.

We're to the point in development now where the game is essentially feature complete so we're in the fine tuning stage for most of the game. Over the past several months we've added in lots of new content we haven't shown to the public and those features are all coming together nicely.

We've also updated all of our in-game graphics to make things look a little better.

Thank you all for being awesome fans and we are looking forward to giving you At Sundown early next year!

Happy Holidays!
Nov 8, 2017
AT SUNDOWN™ - Myll_Erik
Hello All!

Happy to share that At Sundown is coming early 2018 and we're excited to start showing off more art, more weapons, and more levels.

We've got a brand new trailer showing off some of our new content to start things off!

We're also going to be on our Twitter and Facebook pages (links below) showing off a lot of the new assets weekly.

Early 2018 is going to be fun!

AT SUNDOWN™ - Myll_Erik

Happy to share that At Sundown is coming soon. What does that mean? We're working on wrapping up development and eagerly looking forward to getting the game in your hands.

You can follow along with our development, events, and more by following us via our Twitter/Facebook pages below:

Mild Beast Games:

At Sundown:

Versus Evil:


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