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Vienna, Austria/ Munich, Germany, July 3rd, 2019: A nasty bug. And you. High noon, in front of the Saloon ... the clock strikes 12 ... *bang* and he's sent to meet his maker! You are exactly the gunman, Mimimi Games is looking for - we need fans and interested players to participate in the closed beta test for Desperados III.

Steam Coming Soon page:

Watch the closed beta trailer:

Desperados III, the upcoming real-time tactics game, was recently nominated as Best Strategy Game of E3 for the official Game Critics Awards. Although Desperados III is really breathtaking, it didn't had a fair chance to win, as one of the competitors was the one and only John Wick. And everyone knows you shouldn't mess with John Wick.

Details about the closed beta
The Closed Beta will start on Tuesday, July 9th and will end on Sunday, July 21st. Out of all applications Mimimi and THQNordic will select 500 participants which will get the chance to play the game, which is entering the final stages of production.

Players can sign up for the Desperados III Closed Beta here:

"This is not the a "pre order now to play the game before anyone - but we don't really need you feedback because release is in just two weeks"-closed beta, people might be used to nowadays. We really want to invite the community to play the game while it’s still under construction and share their thoughts and wishes with us. And we want to have the time to react to the players’ input and to optimize the game together." says Dennis Huszak, Narrative Director at Mimimi Games.

Desperados III will ride into the sunset in 2019.

For more information on the game, please visit

Stay tuned!
Your teams from THQ Nordic & Mimimi
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - (Matt Cox)

My main memory of Desperados is repeatedly getting shot and not understanding why. That’s because I tried to play it when I was eight, not because it was impenetrable or confusing. I’m simply making you aware that Desperados was before my time, and so based on my hands on with Desperados III I can’t tell you whether it’s living up that legacy.

It’s from the same team that made Shadow Tactics though, and I can tell from the little I’ve played this absolutely lives up to that.


Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Valve
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Mimimi Games Official

While we are still working on Desperados 3, we have been approached by Antler Games, who are also big Shadow Tactics Fans. Wanting to do a stealth board game for a long time this cooperation came naturally to us.
Long story short: Shadow Tactics has been adapted as a board game and is already funded on Kickstarter! If you liked the video game, you can immerse yourself in this fast-paced tactical stealth game on the tabletop.

You will find all your favorite characters from the video game, but with a completely new mental challenge as well as with many of their abilities and features. Shadow Tactics - the Board Game comes with detailed plastic miniatures, engaging story-driven missions and a non-linear campaign structure. Defend the fragile peace of newly unified Japan playing as one of the five ninja characters with vastly different skill sets or play the role of the Daimyo controlling the guards.

Find out more on the campaign page: Bring me to Kickstarter!

The game may already be funded, but Antler Games and us want to make the best version of the board game. Reaching more stretch goals as soon as possible will boost the project: Provide you not only with a solo- and coop-mode, but deliver high quality material to your home.
Whatever you do: Back the campaign yourself, tell your board game friends about it or simple hookshot yourself on the next rooftop and shout it out - we would be very honored, if you could help us.

Let us bring the world of Shadow Tactics to more people (and their table)!

Your Mimimis
Dear Esther - (Dominic Tarason)

Today’s Humble Caffeine Bundle is chock full of very good games for very little money, but a little hard to categorise. United under the banner of Caffeine – a “social broadcasting platform for gaming”, not the life-giving stimulant – there’s eight games here, each one representing a wildly different genre. We’ve got the Metroidy Headlander, platform roguelike Gonner, party game tank shooter Treadnauts, a historical novel adaptation and even a ninja stealth sim all up in here. There’s only (in my opinion) one game that’s not immediately worth your attention. See the full lineup and trailers below.


Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - (Dominic Tarason)

While it still bears some reputation as a scrappy little browser-game toolset (and that’s no bad thing – it enabled much of the GMTK 2018 jam recently), ubiquitous game development platform Unity has spread to all corners. While I> don’t have a single creative bone in my body, the Humble Unity Bundle contains a pile of Unity tools and assets to build your dream game. Even if you’re not the creative type, there’s some good Unity-based games in here too, including ninja sneak ’em up Shadow Tactics, teen horror adventure Oxenfree and moody tearjerker The Last Day Of June.


Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

The Humble Unity Bundle, featuring games built with the Unity game engine, is maybe not the most excitingly-named Humble Bundle of all time, but it's definitely one of the better packages to come along in a very long time. For $1, you'll get Oxenfree and Aer: Memories of Old, plus Inventory Pro, UFPS: Ultimate FPS, and FlowCanvas, which are not actually games but asset packs from the Unity Asset Store. 

Things start to get interesting when you beat the average price, which is already over $10. That'll get you Wasteland 2 Director's Cut, The Final Station, Last Day of June, and three more Unity asset packs: Realistic Effects Pack 4, Ultimate Game Music Collection, and GameFlow. 

At the top tier of $15 (and given how quickly the average price has climbed, you might as well just go right to the top) you'll also get Torment: Tides of Numenera, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, and four more Unity packs: Discover Unity Game Development – From Zero to 12 Games, uMMORPG, Heroic Fantasy Creatures Full Pack Vol. 1, Universal Sound FX, and Gaia. 

The bundle is clearly aimed first and foremost at people who are making games for fun and/or profit, but even if that's not your bag there's a lot here to like. Wasteland 2, Final Station, Torment, Shadow Tactics, and Oxenfree are all excellent, and Last Day of June and Aer are quite good too. Your mileage may vary, obviously (Unity is nothing if not flexible) but there's really not a weak entry anywhere to be seen. 

The default charity for this bundle is Girls Who Code, but you can switch it to something else if you'd like. It's available until 11 am Pacific on September 18. 

Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive - (Alice O'Connor)

After a decade face-down in a dusty digital gulch with the buzzards fighting the lizards for its gizzards, the Desperados series will return to life next year. Publishers THQ Nordic today announced Desperados III, resuming the real-time tactical action, and excitingly it’s being made by Mimimi. They’re the studio who made 2016’s Desperados/Commandos homage Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shotgun, which was great – a fine match. Here, have a look at Desperados III in this preview video from our Matthew.


Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive - (Dominic Tarason)

Commandos 2

Everything old is new again, and everything once overlooked by publishers is cool once more. Today, publisher Kalypso Media (Sudden Strike, Tropico, Dungeons et al) went and bagged themselves the rights to all of Pyro Studios’s old games, which means the entire Commandos series of stealthy tactical puzzlers. Better still, the publisher has already confirmed that new games in the series are on the way, as well as “an extensive adaptation” of the older games to current systems, which sounds like remasters to me.


Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - bumpy_flapjack
Honored Ninjas & Kunoichis,

Shadow Tactics Patch v2.2.2 (v2.2.6 für Linux) should actually have been our last patch for the game, so the whole Mimimi team can focus on the new title "Codename Kartoffel". Unfortunately, the patch had inconvenient issues for some players, mainly losing savegames when reverting to older versions.
So we tackled these issues and present to you Shadow Tactics Patch v2.2.10. We hope this fixed most of the problems.

We'd also like to invite you to our channels:



Mailing List:

Kindest regards,
Your Mimimis

PS: It shouldn't be much longer until we can tell you more about our new Real Time Tactics game <3

  • Savegames won't break anymore when switching back from v2.2.x to v1.4.4
  • Greenscreen fix for Ubuntu
  • Fixed mouse cursor issues with special input devices (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pen)
  • Fixed Turkish loca UI text bugs

Known Issues:
  • [Windows] Purple / Pink Screen on game start appears on some systems with DirectX 10/11 graphics cards (system erroneously initialises DirectX 9 instead of DX10/11). Check here for possible solution:
  • [Windows 10] If DPI scale is set to anything higher than 100%, the game window itself will also increase in height and length
  • [MacOS] Steam Cloud Saves don't sync properly for quicksaves if the game is uninstalled and re-installed again
  • [Ubuntu] Game always starts with Gamma set to 100%
  • [Ubuntu] 3x Achievements in mission "Osaka Castle" won't unlock

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