Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
Hi all, this is a corrective patch which brings in all of the bug fixes and improvements that were developed for the recently released console versions (PS4 & Xbox One).

Enjoy! :)

  • Using the Dpad when rebinding a button (in the Controls menu) messes up the UI.
  • Rebinding gamepad sticks messes up the controls.
  • Footnotes sometimes appear as a single vertical line.
  • The credits scroll stops before reaching the end.
  • Can’t return to the main menu when the credits have stopped.
  • The Green Flame intro is skipped if you do a Start New Game after you already watched the intro once during your gaming session.
  • Lines in the quest tasks feedback UI sometimes overlap.
  • Rare cases where markers for a completed quest remain on the map.
  • After Tilo sends up an incorrect banner to the magpie and gets the expected negative to the EXP, should Tilo jump off the brazier the Magpie reacts again as though you just sent up the wrong banner (resulting in a secondary negative to the EXP reward).
  • Rare cases where Tilo acts as though he’s under attack by spiders even though they’re all dead.
  • Geometry holes.
  • Dead spiders sometimes make a noise and play their dead animation even though they’re already dead.
  • The save-while-you’re-hiding UI remains visible on screen if you do a Start New Game while Tilo is hiding in your current playing session.
  • Arachnophobia achievement is not granted after killing all spiders.
  • Section visibility issue near the starting cell in the jail.

  • Torches' flickering has been greatly reduced as to not be so distracting.
  • Performance has been improved after Tilo's kidnapped to the Far Tower.
  • Debug options menu renamed to “Misc”.
Ghost of a Tale

There are many things I love about Ghost of a Tale, which makes its PS4 debut this week - the ivy bursting through its bulging masonry, the witty and affecting script (with beautifully concise, optional footnotes for those who fancy diving into the lore), or the fact that one of the quests actually has you distinguishing trees by their bark and leaf shape in order to identify the mushrooms growing beneath them. But the biggest compliment I can pay it, perhaps, is that nobody in it feels expendable. The setting may be a prison, an edifice designed to crush the soul and rob the individual of identity, but the story is broadly about reclaiming that identity and finding community in a world of brutal divides. Even the rat guards who chase you around the battlements of Dwindling Heights are people, warts and all, though it's easy to forget this when you're spotted for the umpteenth time exiting a bolthole and the somewhat lumbering pursuit music kicks in.

"They're not monsters or demons, intent on killing all the mice - sometimes they don't give a fuck," says Lionel Gallat, the French animator responsible for the majority of a project that has been in development since 2013. "They're just doing their jobs. They're living their lives. And their job is to catch the mouse who escaped from his cell, so that's what they're doing in the game. Until you find the guard armour, put it on and then you can talk to them, and you discover that, no, these are not just enemies you have to kill or avoid. You can talk to them, and you have to talk to them to learn about stuff."

Among the things you'll learn, as the aforesaid mouse runaway Tilo, is that the guards don't want to be here either. They're the dregs of the rat army, incompetents and misfits banished to a neglected fortress to babysit a sad little crowd of thieves, pirates and political agitators. In the course of this handsome 20 hour adventure your relationship with them slowly evolves, from fear through irritation to a sense of tentative camaraderie. It's one of the many splendours of a storybook realm whose personalities, society and history are as cleverly wrought as its cobwebbed undervaults and turrets. "When the game starts, all the characters you meet have led lives, they come from somewhere," Gallat continues. "It's the same with a movie - you need to have the feeling that this world has been going on for a while. The characters don't suddenly pop up because the story needs them, and you need to believe that they're going somewhere."

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Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
Just uploaded patch 8.11 which fixes the issue with the Steam controller's triggers.
Hello all, here's a quick patch release (v8.10) to address some bugs that were reported to us this week. It also contains a thorough optimization pass on all of the game's particle systems, which should bring along a nice little performance boost for all the configurations.

Enjoy! :)

  • Silas speaks English in the German version (how rude).
  • The progress bar when launching the game is invisible.
  • The text of the footnotes sometimes appears under the footnote’s scrollbar.
  • The footnotes’ scrollbar sometimes appears scrolled all the way down when it shouldn’t.
  • Rare case of guards not being able to cross the jail’s drawbridge.
  • Bugs when restarting a new game from an ongoing session (including armor’s pauldrons issue).
  • Pine Cone tutorial UI issue.
  • Tilo can get stuck in a specific spot near the Far Tower.
  • Some light-leaking at the Far Tower location.
  • Rampart guard can sometimes leave his post and disappear (he was tersely reprimanded).
  • The brightness slider does not have an immediately visible effect when manipulated.
  • Section visibility issue when loading a save from scratch where Tilo's hiding in the basin of the courtyard's entrance.
  • The Steam controller's triggers are non-responsive.
  • NPCs’ speech bubble icons now appear fainter when they're behind a wall.
  • Performance optimization pass on the game’s particles.
Ghost of a Tale - Valve
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Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
Welcome to this special new patch for Ghost of a Tale!

In this one we’ve fixed quite a few things but also optimized the game even more (including the jail, commissary, etc.) in prevision for next month’s release on consoles. The photo mode has also gained the often requested focus distance control and we’ve added a couple of items for Tilo to wear.

But most importantly, this patch contains brand new character theme tracks composed by Mathieu. As previously indicated they have been recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and they’re, simply put, amazing. But don't take my word for it and listen to the theme of Tam & Farrow here:
In the same vein, whenever you transition to a new area in-game you will be greeted by new music tracks to emphasize the location’s atmosphere. It’s one of the things players always wished there were more of in the game.

On a different topic, over the last few months we’ve watched a lot of play-throughs and we’ve seen that most players just hit the quicksave button whenever they hide. Which means many of them will only have ONE save to rollback to (namely the autosave) if they decide they made a wrong decision in a dialog or if they stumble upon an issue that prevents them from moving ahead in a quest.

In order to alleviate that, we’ve implemented a new rolling quicksave system comprised of 5 slots. In other words, when you hit the quicksave button, the save will get created in the next available quicksave slot, looping from number 5 back to number 1. That way, you’ll always have 5 quicksaves available for you to roll back to.

We hope this will make your playing experience even more enjoyable! :)

  • Spiderwebs, urns and fake beards are a little too dark sometimes.
  • Case where Silas’ key can be picked up.
  • Achievement for closing all the shutters triggers too early.
  • Achievement for disposing of all the spiders triggers too early.
  • Couple of typos.
  • The windows’ fade planes remain translucent (instead of being black).
  • Light leaking in several places.
  • Some missing colliders.
  • A few plants on the shore change rotation when getting close to them.
  • In option menus, you can’t go down with the Dpad when selecting a dropdown menu.
  • Rare bug involving a certain magpie and a chest in the Great Hall.
  • An asterisk remains visible in the Misc and Keys categories of the inventory when it should not.
  • Fixed a rare case of Tilo getting stuck in the lower Great Hall with the elevator up.

  • Improved performance in many locations (jail, commissary, shore, etc.).
  • Rezzia won’t disappear at night if you’re in the middle of the commissary quest.
  • Photo mode instructions stay on the screen a little longer before fading away.
  • Improved songs’ volume.

  • Added Chinese title art.
  • Added new ambient musics to many locations (11 new tracks in total).
  • New cloth items have been added in Silas’ chest as a quest reward.
  • New score added to the final battle.
  • Brand new character theme musics added during dialogs.
  • Added focus distance control in photo mode.
  • Added new rolling quicksaves system.
Ghost of a Tale - (Edwin Evans-Thirlwell)

If my 2018 was the year of anything, it was surely the year of knowing your place. The games I’ve picked out in hindsight are united by the idea of understanding how you fit into a complex world – appreciating the intricacy of the variables and relationships that surround every given moment, whether your overall aim be to subdue them or just survive them. That and a fondness for long words and creative sci-fantasy concepts, anyway. Read on, adventurer, for much talk of gods, spiders and spaceships.


Oct 18, 2018
Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
Hello everyone, this is a small patch fixing a couple of bugs which you guys reported to us recently (thanks!). :)

  • Texture stretching on some of the catacombs' walls.
  • Some visual section toggling issues.
  • Tilo's flower book remains stuck on the first page.
  • One of the guards in the barracks doesn't go back to bed after being awoken.
Sep 20, 2018
Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
This corrective patch brings us to version 7.43 and fixes some small bugs which can occur in very specific conditions. It also takes care of a possible exploit at the end of the game involving casks of brisance.

As usual, if you still happen to stumble across unresolved issues, please do mention them on the Bugs & Issues forum, or send us an email (with as much relevant info as possible) at:

Cheers! :)

  • Tilo’s hood can sometimes have a weird rotation (over his chest).
  • Exploit with pre-staged brisances at the end of the game.
  • Edge case where time can occasionally get un-frozen when Tilo performs songs.
  • Some mesh gaps in the courtyard.
  • Dropping the water bucket on the skiff, saving and reloading can result in the bucket vanishing.
  • Hitting the ESC key to cancel quitting the game can make the main menu unresponsive.
  • German localization: The flower book’s first chapter spills over page 2.
  • Rare case where guards can detect Tilo when he’s in a specific spot in the harbour's pen.
  • Small distant section popping visually when getting out of the barracks.
  • Rare case where the grid shortcut in the jail is not properly reinitialized.
Sep 7, 2018
Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
Hi there! Here's a small corrective patch addressing a couple of bugs (including the clever exploit which allowed Tilo to stay longer up in the air while using the fire steel).

As usual, if you still happen to stumble across unresolved issues, please do mention them on the Bugs & Issues forum, or send us an email (with as much relevant info as possible) at:


  • Rats sometimes can’t enter the armory via the courtyard.
  • Exploit with Tilo floating in the air while using the fire steel tool.
  • Lots of little geometry gaps.
  • A few items appear too dark when they’re in the shadows.
  • Rats’ feet don’t quite touch the ground when climbing stairs.
  • Couple of floating items.
  • When failing the alembic quest and reloading a save, Tilo can’t fix all the leaks anymore.
  • Rare case where the small chest past the rubble is not interactible after reloading a save.
  • Corrupted letters (black squares) appearing in German texts.
Jul 27, 2018
Ghost of a Tale - SeithCG
Hi all, this is just a quick patch to address a few minor bugs (including the missing straw texture introduced in the previous patch).

  • Couple of typos in some dialogs.
  • Invisible blocker in the harbourmaster’s office near the top of the stairs.
  • The straw texture is not visible.
  • Lore section categories (in Inventory UI) don’t react properly to being clicked upon.
  • Tilo can change clothes in front of the gambler in the commissary (how rude!).
  • The portcullis/main gate’s state doesn’t refresh properly when reloading a save.
  • Rare case where the ladder in the rafters doesn’t refresh properly after reloading a save.
  • Tilo can’t climb through the garden window while wearing the armour.
  • The music heard when talking to the gambler is not the Rats' theme.
  • Hornets’ nest (from the jail's chest) sound remains active after reloading a save.

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