Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
This patch is mostly a quality-of-life patch to celebrate the launch of FMF on Discord as a Nitro game. Addresses a number of minor graphics and text issues, and a few major crashes. You can now also play with your friends using Discord servers!

Mac and Linux versions have also been updated to the latest (but they cannot be played on Discord).

- Fixed some minor string display issues and spelling mistakes.
- On-Level mastery stats now properly display HP and STR values.
- Fixed bug where Sniper was being pushed back after an empowered shot if she had the Gute Nacht rifle equipped.
- Fixed bug where players would apply status effects to burned enemies if their next attack had a status effect modifier on it.
- Fixed some incorrect stats display for Sniper's Electric Coating and SAM Coating.
- Addressed minor graphics glitches in the Nexus.
- Fixed text alignment bug with sign posts.
- Fixed bug where lobby would crash if a user had an illegal character in their username.
- Fixed bug where instrument notes in the air would get stuck there if you switched to the camp fire.
- Addressed issue where the icon display would sometimes be incorrectly scaled when uncovering new items.
- Finally fixed a really annoying bug where the screen would briefly flicker when entering certain arenas.
- Fixed bug where Libra would spawn a multitude of hexxers while playing on NG+.
- Fixed bug where NG+ flat Mastery bonuses were only applying to HP.
- Fixed bug where Mastery was being cached incorrectly, resulting in players dealing less than they should have if they reach max Mastery level on an item before obtaining the Ring of Cronus (thanks Vorgozz!)

- Fixed bug where the number of active players would sometimes be detected as too small or too large when defeating an enemy, resulting in a crash when they gave gold.
- Fixed bug where Sniper would sometimes drop her mine twice, causing a crash.
Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
Full Metal Furies is now available in Korean! The Korean language has been added to the translation list thanks to the amazing work from everyone at Team Plan B! It also comes with a bunch of balance tweaks and bug fixes.

A Mac and Linux version of this patch will come later, after we make sure everything's 100% a-okay.

- The Korean language has been added to the translation list.
- The text rendering system has been re-coded from scratch. This should fix all of the spacing and colourization issues that were occurring in different languages for different strings.
- Bug fix to mastery stats not changing correctly when switching languages.
- Fix to player input icons not displaying correctly in Trophy Shop.
- Additional Credits have been added to the Credits Screen (Korean translation).
- Fix to certain Monoliths displaying left aligned titles instead of centre aligned.

Implemented a large number of performance improvements that were originally added to get the Nintendo Switch version running at 60 fps, including:

- Added a batching algorithm to the Gaussian Blur effect. This will yield the most performance improvement, but does not improve the game for players who turn off the effect entirely.
- Modified a large number of stages that had assets that used up an unnecessary amount of resources.
- Fixed bug where constantly switching languages would result in a memory leak.

- Change to the shape of the "Lonely Tree" to make it more obvious.
- Tweak to Sniper's Fast Firing Rifle chest location to make it easier to see.
- Tweak to Sniper's Gravity Bomb location to make it easier to see.
- Level 05_04 tweaks to drawn assets to improve performance.
- Final Stage performance optimizations.
- Fixed a bug where players could bypass a tutorial in the first stage.
- Sneaking stage has been made slightly easier to pass.

- Fixed bug where revive regen SFX would keep playing when a teammate was killed while reviving their partner.

- Bug fix to enemy reflections drawing incorrectly when they had a status effect applied to them.
- Bug fix to certain achievements not triggering online of the player was not the host.
- Fixed a bug with NG+ Crown Logic only showing one crown when starting a new game.
- Bug fix to newly created profiles not using the default control scheme.
- Bug fix to Yellow Leeches not applying transparency to explosion radius.
- Bug fix to objective marker pointing in wrong direction in Stygian Well
- Erin's first line of dialogue changed.
- Fix to Tank's Shield Block displaying incorrect font.
- Fix to Fighter's spin attack stats displaying improper star values on certain equipment.
- Nintendo Switch controller icon spritesheet added (check the Content/Art/Input folder on how to add/remove custom controller icons).
- Fix to CD Modifiers in NG+ not being applied.
- Enemy Health and Strength lowered slightly in single-player.
- Enemy shields will now shatter faster.
- Added warning dialogue if the player keeps descending down the Stygian Well (you still can, but it tells you that's not the right way), to make it more clear on where to go at that part of the game.
Full Metal Furies - Valve
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Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
GAME LOBBIES have been added to Full Metal Furies, so were jumping up to version 1.1.0.

It is now possible to connect to the closest, highest quality games with random players around that are hosting. Please note that this feature is still in BETA, so some issues may come up.

The public launch of the Mac and Linux version of FMF will also be coming later today.

A big shout-out to Ethan "flibitijibibo" Lee for his always-incredible work on this.

Feel free to send any problems you may encounter regarding lobbies, the Mac/Linux versions, or the game in general to support@cellardoorgames.com.

- Added safety check to Prom Computers to prevent players from getting stuck if its completion state was not properly synced when playing online.
- Added game lobbies. You can now connect online with non-friend-listed players via the "Join Game" menu in the title screen. This feature is currently in beta, so some issues are expected.
- Added a new display on the map that indicates how many chests and rosetta stones have been found within each world area.
- Replaced some previously placeholder text with its proper translations.
- Fixed bug where a certain stage in Thessaly was not being properly unlocked for non-host players.
- Fixed some animation bugs while playing as Triss online.
- Fixed revive sfx not working.
- Fixed collision bugs in Oasis Temple.
- Fixed minor art issue in New Styx
- Fixed a few world sections where players could get blocked as Triss with False Ancille equipped.
- Fixed some translation issues in Russian.

To ensure it updates, please right-click Full Metal Furies > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

For any issues not found in the forums, feel free to send us bug reports at support@cellardoorgames.com


Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
This patch introduces improved graphical fidelity, and addresses a few more bugs in a seemingly never-ending list.

To ensure it updates, please right-click Full Metal Furies > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

For any issues not found in the forums, feel free to send us bug reports at support@cellardoorgames.com


DISCLAIMER: A lot of people have been complaining about blurry textures at specific resolutions. This is an unfortunate consequence of the mixed sampler state render modes that the game uses. To help offset this, we are including a sharpen filter that should increase visual fidelity. Because we wanted to get this out as soon as possible, and it was too big to be considered a hotfix, we've decided to release a new patch that is a little smaller than our previous ones.

For any one who prefers how the game previously looked, the filter can be disabled in the graphics options.


Full Metal Furies - v1.0.5

- Added a sharpen filter to the game to help with general blurriness at specific resolutions.
- Added a graphics option to enable/disable the sharpen filter as it does come with a performance cost. (Temporary translations)
- Added more text throughout the game that better explains its puzzles and the meta-gameplay. (Temporary translations)
- Fixed bug in Level 3-3 where a collision box was missing in an arena.
- Fixed Level 5-1 where turret bullets were not colliding with walls, meaning they would only be destroyed by time-out. This resulted in way too many bullets staying on-screen, and killing fps.
- Fixed bug where achievement sanity checks were not triggering for clients.
- Fixed bug where rotated rectangle collision safety checks at lower fps were no longer working (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where game would crash when four players fought the final boss (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where Sniper mines were dealing 1 damage if they had SAM coating equipped, and they slowed down time while triggering the mine.
- Fixed crash log being generated whenever the game was closed via Alt-F4 in Fullscreen mode.
- Fixed bug where Fighter's Anger Management ability was not working.
- Fixed bug where Sniper controls were inverted when a certain screen effect was being applied.
Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
With the network stability greatly improved, this patch focuses on more minor issues that arose (or broke in previous patches :\).

To ensure it updates, please right-click Full Metal Furies > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

For any issues not found in the forums, feel free to send us bug reports at support@cellardoorgames.com


DISCLAIMER: We are very happy to report that the online experience has been greatly improved for most, if not all, players. Because the netcode has stabilized, we've decided to focus more on improving the overall experience, as opposed to releasing the new interpolation logic as originally planned. It's still on the docket, but will be released for a later patch.


Full Metal Furies - v1.0.4

- Fixed bug where screen saturation would disappear on clients and stay like that, even if the Tank Survivor ability kicked in.
- Fixed bug where the NG+ dialog would not disappear for clients, if the host cancelled out of it.
- Fixed bug where sniper would sometimes visually fall straight through the floor after completing a grapnel.
- Fixed bug where sniper could not break her reload animation with a grapnel (hotfix).

- Fixed bug where enemies would sometimes teleport back to the wrong position due to position error correction not being handled properly when Camera bounds constrained movement.
- Fixed bug where enemies would sometimes teleport to an odd location if they were hit and knocked down either completely upward or downward.
- Implemented new confetti SFX for buffers to make it less annoying.
- Fixed bug where fighter flame attack was not being considered a final attack.
- Fixed bug where burn tick could trigger the fighter's cooldown reduction ability.
- Fixed bug where player stats were not updating correctly in the equipment shop.
- Fixed bug where player stats were not updating correctly in the skill tree.
- Fixed bug where tank glance ability was only working correctly on projectiles.
- Fixed bug where NG+ campaigns were saving incorrectly after playing on a regular campaign (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where you would not be able to unlock a certain trophy if you beat the game in a specific manner.
- Added a few new SFX to the Mission Complete screen.
- Fixed a few more stages where Tank's False Ancilles was blocking her movement.
- Fixed a memory leak that was causing some systems to slowdown and crash.
- Fixed bug where players who were unnecessarily cruel to Go-Cat could knock him out.
- Fixed bug where some unneeded anti-aliasing effects were being applied, which could slow the game down.
- Minor tweaks to Enemy Sniper Miniboss to reduce his difficulty.
- Tank Unstoppable invulnerability duration increased a smidge.
Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
We're releasing our first big patch to the networking experience for Full Metal Furies.

To ensure it updates, please right click Full Metal Furies > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

For any issues not found in the forums, feel free to send us bug reports at support@cellardoorgames.com


DISCLAIMER: This is our first patch targeted at fixing the networking experience, and hopefully addresses most of the major issues encountered online. Please note that this version does not fix everything, but should improve things. In the meantime, we are extremely grateful to the individual at BlitWorks who worked day and night to improve the networking.

We are also currently working on rehauling the network desync interpolation code, to make the overall experience feel much better online. We hoped to get it in for this patch, but could not get it to a state that we were 100% confident with, and have decided to delay it for the next patch.


Full Metal Furies - v1.0.3

- Preliminary implementation of network handling between systems running at drastically different frame rates. This should significantly reduce the number of desync and disconnect issues experienced when players are playing at different fps. A more solid fix will be introduced with the new interpolation build in the next patch.
- Fixed bug where loading a checkpoint while playing online would sometimes trigger an arena upon start (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where players would sometimes stay invisible after getting hit or knocked down, preventing them from interacting with other players.
- Fixed some instances (but not all) where player animations would freeze on client computers.
- Fixed conversations not triggering in one or more clients.
- Fixed bug where quitting a 2-player game where both players have readied up, would put you in an empty camp.
- Fixed bug where client on NG+ would have their stage beaten even if they were playing a stage where host was not on NG+.
- Fixed bug where slow computers would cause fast computers to switch back and forth between screen transitions.
- Fixed multiple bugs where using the campfire would result in player disconnection.
- Fixed bug where players would occasionally start the game with a flag that disabled the PhysicsManager from applying gravity, resulting in them floating whenever they were airborne (knocked down or fighter jumping). This is the cause of the notorious "float-to-corners-of-screen" bug many people were reporting.
- Fixed bug where unsent messages could potentially result in an out-of-mem error, causing a crash to desktop.
- Fixed bug where cancelling the sniper shot with her grapnel would result in a permanent aimer (until she shot or grapnelled again).
- Join screen timeout reduced to 15 secs from 90 secs.

- Added even more comprehensive collision checks (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where players were earning an achievement at the end of the game at the incorrect moment (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where players would receive a message about their controllers constantly disconnecting (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where Sniper could Mine-Cancel her AWP shot (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where player previous position was incorrect when swapping classes (hotfix).
- Game now keeps a backup of save files in case they become corrupt (hotfix),
- Fixed crash bug with Chinese language file (hotfix).
- Made some minor fixes to some stages that prevented Triss from progressing through them properly when she had a certain item equipped (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where enemy buffers would sometimes teleport to an odd spot when bouncing off a wall.
- Updated some descriptions of equipment to more accurately reflect their stats (hotfix).
- Fixed bug where Black Mask enemies would have their bullets destroyed upon spawn when cast within a wall.
- Audio ducking is now disabled when entering the audio suboptions, to allow players to properly set their audio volume levels.
- Fixed bug where Engineer's aiming radius was too small when equipping certain weapons.
- Fixed bug where game would freeze if it was idle and a video was playing for longer than 5 seconds.
- Fixed bug where the HELP! speech bubble was not auto-resizing to fit different languages.
- Fixed bug where Fighter was taking damage to certain grounded projectiles even if she successfully countered.
- Fixed bug where PS4 controllers were being recognized as both an XInput and DInput device, resulting in the player manipulating two profiles at once.
- Native PS4 DInput support has been disabled to prevent conflicts with Steam's XInput wrapper. Players having issues with PS4 controller support will need to turn on PS4 Configuration in the Steam Controller settings.
- Fixed ExtendedInputIndex crash when non-DInput or Xinput devices were being recognized as controllers.
Full Metal Furies

Imagine trying to tell to someone in 1995 that the 16-bit aesthetic would one day become a kind of fetishised commodity in videogames. Imagine sitting there, cross-legged in front of their massive CRT telly playing Chrono Trigger with them, and explaining that in the future even though we can make flecks of mud look better than that whole town there, sometimes developers still choose to make games in 2D. On purpose.

The artisanal pixel art in games like Cellar Door's Rogue Legacy, and their new co-op action RPG Full Metal Furies, has come to mean something more than simply 'remember the old times?' though. It's become a shorthand for a slightly more complex concept: a kind of games history remix, where old tropes are celebrated and then turned on their heads, and where genres are expanded and blended with modern awareness. Mother Russia Bleeds did that for the side-scrolling brawler in 2016 with a nihilistic shrug and copy of Vice conspicuously in its back pocket. Full Metal Furies does it with an earnest smile, and an unabashed tendency to draw on the kind of early noughties Flash games with which the Toronto studio first cut its teeth.

Here a four-strong squad of eponymous Furies - read that title carefully to avoid disappointment, Furry enthusiasts - must take down powerful Titans using their combined prowess as fighter, sniper, engineer and tank in the classical tradition of Streets of Rage, Battletoads et al. They're a well-rounded bunch to play, all admirably distinct from one another in the heat of battle in terms of their demands and functions. Which is to say it's deeply gratifying to throw a sentry gun out while unloading your pistol into a plague of Leeches as Engineer Erin, likewise whirling around with a flaming hammer and pulling off showy counters with Alex the Fighter. Triss draws the short straw on Tank duty, handed a shield and somehow expected to enjoy herself as much as the others with it. At a stretch you could call her an analogue of Overwatch's Reinhardt, but slapping enemies about with your shield like an angry chef with a baking tray just doesn't do it like swinging a hammer. As for Meg the near-sighted Sniper, I probably shouldn't find her rather obvious character trait as funny as I do. She presents a tougher challenge than her trio of companions because, as you might expect of a sniper, she's only effective at range, and the screen tends to fill up with foes at an alarming rate.

Read more…

Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
For anyone who is having trouble connecting online with friends, please reach out to us in our Discord channel. If we can replicate the issue while trying to connect to your game (or vice versa), it will GREATLY help us isolate the connection issues you are experiencing.

Please send a direct message to CDGAdmin in Discord if you're willing to help.


Discord Channel:
Full Metal Furies - Cellar Door Games
We're following up our first patch with some fixes to two major networking bugs, along with a few minor problems experienced offline.

Please verify your game files to ensure you receive the patch, and always be sure to double-check you have the latest version. The version number is displayed at the bottom left corner of the title screen.

And as always, for any issues not found in the forums, feel free to send us bug reports at support@cellardoorgames.com.


DISCLAIMER: We are aware that the most recent networking patch did not yield results for some players. That was expected, but you can rest assured we are still working our hardest to isolate and address the remaining issues. We won't be rest until the online experience is as good as we can make it.

DISCLAIMER 2: For those playing the game and experiencing significant frame rate issues while Discord is running, please disable Hardware Acceleration on Discord to improve performance. We hope to implement a more permanent fix in the future.


Full Metal Furies - v1.0.2

- Implemented a fix to address desync problems between clients when a stage is restarted from a checkpoint. (Example: loading a checkpoint and then teleporting around the map).
**We've implemented a moderate fix to this, but if it still proves to be a problem, we will be more aggressive in our solution.**

- Fixed bug where minimizing the game as the host would disable all AI logic.
- Fixed crash that would occur on client machines if a certain sequence was input on the wrong screen.

- Fixed bug where solving one of the Rosetta stone secrets was not working if host was playing on keyboard and mouse.
- Fixed bug where beating the world 4 boss rewarded players with the wrong achievement under certain circumstances.
- Fixed bug where constantly attempting to purchase equipment you could not afford resulted in the gold text to constantly grow.
- Fixed bug where purchasing skills you could not afford would not animate the gold text, like it did for the equipment shop.
- Fixed bug where moving downward on a certain node in the Nexus would make the Furies move down two nodes instead of one.

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