Gun Bombers - Antti

This version started with the usual bugfixes and other minor tweaks but it quickly developed into something a whole lot more...

One thing that players have occasionally missed from the legendary Mine Bombers is the ever expanding slime. While we didn't make this into a weapon (we're not that evil!) somehow this pink goo made it into the mines for your enjoyment - or annoyance. Feel free to use these in your custom maps also. Speaking of custom maps now you can mix small and large maps in your selected rounds!

Soccer mode (remember that?) has gotten some love with the addition of bots. There's bot goalies and fieldmen and they all get a kick out of running after the ball. It's pretty silly but that's the point!

Also included is a Mouse Lock feature for all you windowed and multiple monitor people. No more accidentally clicking outside the window in your moment of glory!

  • Map item: Slime barrels
  • Setting: Window mouse lock (also [F2] in-game)
  • Soccer: Bots fill in empty player spots
  • Custom games allow a mixture of small and large maps on rotation
  • Game Setting: Fast Reloads
  • Toggle FOW in Sandbox/Preview mode

  • Border colour changed in "No Borders" game setting to make it more obvious
  • Lava spreads faster in confined areas
  • Reduced damage from own Flamethrower fires
  • Faster recurring damage from fire, poison and radioactive gas
  • Custom map selection pages are faster and filters show all maps despite game settings

  • Endless mode co-op can be played solo
  • Editor: Grid doesn't work properly with Spawns on
  • Custom Maps: Bridges do not burn that have been placed on top of lava
  • Custom Maps: Lava sprite change if surrounded by walls
  • Custom Maps: Lava doesn't go fully on top of open doors (visual change)
  • Custom Maps: Nasty looking bomb marks on ground
  • Fire and bombs may end up on top of the borders when using "No Borders" game setting
  • Player funds may drop below zero
  • Bombs timer goes behind bottom wall on small maps
  • Bridges are pre-burned on custom maps if on top of lava
Gun Bombers - Antti
The last update introduced some unwanted features so here's a quick patch to fix those things.

Also the Endless Challenge has been replaced with a map from Nollakaks so do give that a try! You do know you can make your own Endless map with the level editor, right..?

Anyway Happy New Year to all!

  • Challenge map has been updated with 'Warehouse'
  • Player position network packet size reduced by 25%
  • Map Editor: Dropdown depth issue on New form
  • Endless: Timers on disabled spawns continue while the game is paused
  • Fluctuating market may persist through the host's subsequent games
  • Minimap stays on the wrong side of the screen in certain situations
  • Fog of War stopped working properly when 2 players were left in the game
Gun Bombers - Antti
It's been a while but recent feedback at our Discord channel kicked me into gear for another update.

First but not least there was a big GameMaker update that gives performance boosts and fixes issues with high refresh monitors.

Primary focus has been on existing features that have been revamped into something better; Zoom is now more customised (and useful) and the Fluctuating Market game setting will now increase or decrease shop prices based on previous round demand (i.e. Popular items become pricey while unpopular ones will see discounts)

All new stuff includes the No Borders game setting which allows hopping from one side of the map to the other whenever you cross the map borders. There's also a new special item available from the bones which gives you unlimited ammo (guns only) for that round.

For other changes and fixes, see below. Happy holidays and keep on digging!

  • Game Setting: "No Borders" allows players to wrap from one side of the map to the other
  • Item from Bones: "Infinite ammo" for the round
  • Can exit Shop with Escape
  • Minor Screen transition effect
  • Some gun reload sounds

  • Zoom has been reworked to be more useful with a wider range of depth levels
  • Game Setting: Fluctuation Market now adjusts prices according to player purchases
  • Shop GUI tweaks
  • Hidden lava will now spread over lava rivers
  • Guns that do not have a magazine require you to reload each bullet/shell (Revolver, Shotgun, Sawed-off, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher)
  • Ice breaking under you is 25% more unlikely

  • Speed issues with high refresh monitors (> 60hz)
  • Parts of the Small map borders were not displaying
  • Zoom level resets after closing the Shop, Chat or Exit Game screens
  • "Port Test Failed" message appeared too many times on screen
  • Maps pagination breaks when some filters are used on pages other than the first
Gun Bombers - Antti
This post is regarding Valve recently introducing a new version of Steam Play.

In short the main take of that news is "Windows games with no Linux version currently available can now be installed and run directly from the Linux Steam client, complete with native Steamworks and OpenVR support."

Previously I've heard Wine (Steam Play uses a modified distribution of Wine, called Proton) users having some luck running Gun Bombers. Now an active player (thanks Miikka!) told me that Gun Bombers works very well indeed through the new Steam Play.

Miikka was initially experiencing slowdowns but got over them after using the following Steam Launch Command: PROTON_USE_WINED3D11=1

As a developer this is great news because typically a separate Linux version would have to be tested and compiled in order for the game to be played on Linux.

I'm interested to hear from others too that have tried Gun Bombers on Linux and/or the new Steam Play and how your experience was.
Gun Bombers - Antti
Somehow the portals got dropped from the maps on the previous update, apologies about that. Happy jumping and look closely for Gun Bombers on the Steam Summer Sale!

  • vSync setting removed. This caused unusual issues in the current version of Gamemaker
  • Portals are not generated on maps
Gun Bombers - Antti

A major reason for this update is moving Gun Bombers to GameMaker Studio 2 for future compliance. Everything should hopefully work the same with some added performance gains - My laptop showed a roughly 20% increase in fps but your mileage may vary.

Of course just updating the game engine isn't that interesting so we did more; You can now create your own Endless maps that come with their own leaderboards! At the same time we also removed the 2 player gap that used to be in Endless Coop mode. For more thrills we've introduced a new Challenge mode where we will occasionally showcase an interesting Endless map from the community. The Map Editor in general has had more love with handy shortcut keys and other new tools.

Other notable mention is the return of the original Peekaboo mode as some players were keen on getting that back. This is an alternative option and doesn't replace the current mode.

  • Upgraded to a newer version of game engine
  • Create your own Endless maps and compete in global leaderboards
  • Challenge mode for community picked Endless maps
  • Endless: Play coop with any number of players
  • Endless: Base item descriptions at beginning of game
  • Game Setting: "Peekaboo Alt" visibility mode for the "original peekaboo" where explored areas remain visible
  • Setting: Toggle Minimap on/off for zoomed in state
  • Map Editor: FOW tool
  • custom visibility areas
  • Map Editor: Hotkeys available for many actions
  • Map Editor: Specify target area for Steam Preview screenshot
  • Ability to Cancel Reload when holding 'R' (or your custom key) for half a second

  • Smoke expands quicker
  • Taser can disable any bomb (including turret)
  • Sawed-off reload time reduced by 1s
  • Player grunts are heard when hit by flash grenade
  • Portal is animated
  • Setting: Removed Vertex Buffer option (deprecated in new engine)
  • Setting: Vsync default is 'off'
  • Tutorial: Removed Minimap
  • Tutorial: Removed Portals
  • Endless: Generator sound is lower/higher depending on distance

  • Black Screen on startup bug (new Windows updates look to have resolved this)
  • Bomb timers are visible when under smoke
  • Enemy has issues with base doors
  • Flamethrower does not pass open doors
  • Steel and Wood blocks not obstructing enemies when part of custom map
  • Infinite Ammo setting places bulletproof vest and pickaxe to weapon inventory
  • Map Editor: Replacing snowman with sand fails
Gun Bombers - Antti
In an effort to make the game a bit more accessible to new players we've made changes to the zoomed in state and set that as the default view for everyone. Veterans fear not as you may override this preference from the settings.

  • Minimap when playing zoomed in
  • "Zoom On Start" setting
  • Zoomed in state is on by default
  • Zoomed in area is slightly bigger
  • Vertical Sync setting is on by default (to overcome black screen issue for new players)
  • Rebirth in small map preview puts the player outside playable area
  • Peekaboo visibility area remains open after team member dies
  • Fire enemy can shoot through minecarts
  • Team members are hidden when in smoke
Gun Bombers - Antti
First off, welcome all new players that the Steam summer sale brought forward! Coincidentally I received further feedback and motivation to look into something that has needed an overhaul for a long time - the Peekaboo mode. While fun, the biggest issue has been that it too easily turns into a camp frenzy where players hide in their own little corner of the map waiting for unsuspecting prey. Well, things are about to change.

In the new Peekaboo mode the areas you discover will be hidden shortly after. You will for the most part be constantly in the dark. You will however be able to see where your clones or team mates are just like before. At the same time the standard visiblity radius around you is slightly bigger. That's it really. Doesn't sound like much but it completely changes the dynamics of this mode. Hope you enjoy and as always keep that feedback coming!

  • Peekaboo mode is scarier than ever
Gun Bombers - Antti
It's really nice to be back working on a more normal update. The past week has been great listening to feedback and seeing your custom maps hit the workshop!

In general the map editor has opened up possibilities to new forms of gameplay. To support this we've given you more editor objects and game settings for a wider variety of custom games. Enjoy!

A special mention goes to never before seen objects (usable only in editor for custom games); Wood Block and Wall Doors (with switches). Wood Block is the younger and lighter brother of Steel Block. Wall Doors on the other hand are solid walls that can be opened up with the flick of a switch.

  • Map editor: Rubble (broken rock) object. Rubble is no longer generated automatically for custom maps
  • Map editor: Hidden Lava object. Hidden Lava is no longer generated automatically for custom maps
  • Map editor: Wood Block object
  • Map editor: Wall Door and Wall Door Switch object
  • Map editor: Medbay object
  • Map editor: Shop object
  • Game setting: Infinite Lives
  • Game setting: Infinite Ammo
  • Game setting: No Loot Drops
  • Game setting: Skip Shop
  • Next map information will reveal the custom map name (if applicable)
  • Hide scores at end of Endless mode to get a better view of the map
  • Map editor: Notice regarding Steam 2MB max file size for images
  • Chance of ice breaking is sligthly lower but you will be immobilised for longer if you fall in
  • Water tiles do not generate correctly on some cases near the border
  • Map editor screenshots on small maps cropped too small
  • Ice can brake even though walking on top of bridge
  • Rail tracks have winter tiles when placed on base floors (on Winter theme)
  • Lava doesn't continue to spread after being blocked
Gun Bombers - Antti
Finally. It's been a massive effort but here it is; You can now create your own multiplayer maps with the in-game Map Editor and share the creations on Steam Workshop! For the time being only DM and TDM game modes are supported. So go on and make some maps as I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  • Map Editor with Steam Workshop support
  • LAN games list fails to display player numbers
  • Next Map information is not always appearing
  • Enemies sometimes stack up huge amounts in Endless mode

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