Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
It's been a while. I'm still working on a third new Tactics project, but while that's in progress, here are a few important bugfixes and some balance changes.

  • Fixed various minor tooltip typos and errors.
  • Fixed Rasmen flanking evasion bonus not working.
  • Fixed Humans not receiving an XP bonus after combat.
  • Fixed being able to teleport bookshelves with Gate: Item.
  • Fixed bug where re-entering the boat at certain times in the first zone would prevent progression.
  • Blade's 'Flash Cut' damage increased from 60% -> 75%
  • Increased Breaker's 'Break Armor' accuracy by 10%.
  • Reduced Spell Archon's 'Lightning Imbue' rank up duration bonus from 10 -> 6.
  • Increased Scholar's 'Prayer' base MP recovery, but reduced the Skill & Magic Attack scaling.
  • Reduced Sorcerer's 'Freeze' rank up duration bonus from 10 -> 5.
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
A small patch that fixes a few very rare edge cases, as well as cleaning up some Sharpshooter abilities.

The main change is that Headshot is now less potent but more reliable when used as a combat opener. No longer do you need to savescum to get the perfect snipe.
  • Sharpshooter's Headshot now only deals 150% damage when used outside of combat, but can't miss.
  • Sharpshooter's Charge Shot tooltip now correctly updates to show increased damage when you rank it up.
  • Void Veil visuals no longer disappear when you are in critical condition
  • Added extra checks to Spiretop to ensure your actions are remembered correctly
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
Small bugfix patch today, as well as a minor balance change to Bonemeld.

  • Fixed bug where Bone Crossbows turned into Iron Crossbows when fired.
  • Fixed inaccurate text in Fareem journal entry.
  • Fixed minor typos in journal entries.
  • Greatly reduced effectiveness of Bonemeld vs. Undead (now only x3 damage, not x5 damage).
  • Slightly weakened red undead.
  • Made broken lever more visible.
  • Fixed 'Continue' option not appearing in main menu if you get a Game Over on your first play session.
  • Fixed crash for cards that do not support Shader Model 3.0.
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
Alvora Tactics, the psuedo-sequel to Voidspire Tactics, is out!

It is also available to buy direct and DRM-free from this site:

Alvora Tactics features the same combat and class system that Voidspire Tactics does, but has a number of important differences:
  • Maximum party size of 6, with backup characters you can swap in and out
  • New classes, abilities, races, and enemies
  • Procedural mission-based exploration instead of open-world exploration
  • New weapon & armor augmenting system
  • Buy party-wide upgrades and class unlocks
  • And more!
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
If you enjoyed Voidspire Tactics, I've got another game coming up that's just like it!

However, it needs help getting through Steam Greenlight. If you're interested, please take a look and give it a vote!

Alvora Tactics features the same combat and class system that Voidspire Tactics does, but has a number of differences.
  • Maximum party size of 6, and you can swap backup characters in and out
  • New classes, abilities, races, and enemies
  • Procedural mission-based exploration instead of standard open exploration
  • New weapon & armor augmenting system
  • Buy party-wide upgrades and class unlocks
  • And other stuff!
Visit the Greenlight page for more information. Thanks for your support!
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
Another patch, this time fixing a long-standing save bug that affected players using drives other than C! Really excited to have gotten this one solved.

  • Fixed bug that prevented overwriting saves when Voidspire Tactics is not installed on C: drive.
  • Fixed evasion being calculated incorrectly at certain angles.
  • Fixed crash on cancelling New Game character generation.
  • Fixed bug where Ship's Wheel would not be recognized by Liss.
  • Equipping a duplicate accessory in slot 2 then slot 1 no longer gives double stat bonuses.
  • Combining stackable items in a certain order inside a full container no longer deletes the resulting combined item.
  • Fixed minor damage number/alert text display bug.
  • Attempted a fix for Achievements not registering for some people.
Entering the menu (not the main menu but the in-game one) now tries to refresh certain Steam Achievements, such as Kitted Out or Able. If you had trouble registering those Achievements, load a game, hit Escape, and see if it works! If not, please let me know on the Steam forums.
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
As of today, Voidspire Tactics has been out on Steam for one year! And with a new year comes a new patch.

  • Fixed Shovels/Pickaxes regaining their maximum uses when game is saved with 1 use remaining.
  • Disabled cloud cover effect when Intense Visuals are disabled.
  • Fixed rare case where dialog could repeat in one of the final areas, making you refight one of the final battles.
  • Fixed price of Ancient Pistol.
  • Added missing info to the tooltip of Scholar's 'Study' ability.
  • Fixed Mechanist's 'Remote Heal' being able to miss.
  • Shiftcloak's 'Shift Stab' tooltip now shows that it pierces 'Guard' status.
  • Spell Archon's 'Fire Imbue', 'Ice Imbue', and 'Lightning Imbue' MP cost increased from 8 to 9.
  • Spell Archon's 'Disrupt Lance' MP cost decreased from 12 to 6.
  • Slightly reduced enemy confidence in negotiations.
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
A small patch this time - mostly focused on bugfixes, but with a little bit of extra content too.

  • added more craftable Fang equipment (bow, crossbow, greatsword, shield, armor) to complete the set.
  • changed graphics, description, and name of Fine Bag and Fine Satchel (now Huge Bag and Huge Satchel) for the sake of clarity.
  • added a Huge Bag to an early area for easier inventory management.
  • increased damage of Shiftcloak's "Whirl", "Sudden Shot", and "Backstep Shot".
  • fixed Wind Skill reducing the damage of Blade's "Shockwave".
  • fixed being able to revive long-dead NPCs.
  • fixed staircase bug in Spiretop.
  • fixed rare bug where fleeing/ending combat in certain ways could add enemies to your party.
  • made the cracks on Cracked Stone blocks more visible.
  • tweaked secret super-hard boss fight to be more interesting and harder to cheese.
  • various minor bugfixes.
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
More bugfixes - and a new class! Check out this short preview of the Mechanist:
  • new class: the Mechanist!
  • added character shadows
  • Blitz & Aqueous Band no longer have penalties
  • Guardian Passive 'Bulwark' now protects against bad morale.
  • Seal doors can now be opened via explosion
  • fixed distant allies not aggroing when you attack a friendly unit
  • fixed hang when dying from a Counter while you have 'Preserve' status
  • fixed randomly generated enemies spawning with a bow and a shield
  • fixed Bins being unbreakable.
  • HP/MP indicators no longer show for invisible enemies
  • added a secret or two (will only show up for saves that have not previously visited the areas the secrets are in)
  • fixed triggers not firing if you walk into them from a specific diagonal angle
  • added constant faint movement outline during your turn
  • fog of war now clears more consistently during combat
  • Minor interface improvements / bug fixes
Voidspire Tactics - Rad Codex
Hotfix time!

There was a bug that prevented installing Aerstone being counted correctly, so I had to fix that ASAP. Old saves affected by this bug should work just fine, though some of Liss' dialog may trigger slightly earlier than makes sense in certain circumstances.


  • fixed a bug with Aerstone installation not being accounted for.
  • fixed bug where global 'jurrinAerstone' would not be set if you visited the Battery first.


  • fixed a bug with the bugfix

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