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Motorsport Manager - Motorsport Manager

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Motorsport Manager - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

Motor on

Fast car fiddler Motorsport Manager has a new expansion that adds 6-hour endurance races, announced Playsport Games. These require swapping out your tired drivers for fresh-eyed speedsters mid-race. Of course, this is a management sim and the fast forward button is there to be used. But the new race lengths of 90 mins, 3 hours and 6 hours are designed to give you a new type of challenge, in which you have to build vehicles with longevity in mind and look out for your drivers stamina bars, lest they become bored and start pooping at the wheel, or whatever it is motorsport competitors do when they get tired and cranky. (more…)

Motorsport Manager - Motorsport Manager
Stirred by the thrilling title-clincher in Mexico, Motorsport Manager is back!
Meet the Endurance Series DLC – the massive new mode we’ve been dying to add to the game, bringing a whole new, thrilling Endurance Championship to your MM experience.

With six drivers per team to manage, an entirely new stamina system and some of the most beautiful cars in racing, we’ve taken this one up to the top step of the podium. What’s more, it’s out now!

Alongside, to mark coming up to a year since Motorsport Manager launched and thank our loyal and incredible community (that’s you!), we’ve released the Anniversary Update – a large, free add on which will bring fully-fledged pit crews to the game.

More info and buy on Steam -> http://store.steampowered.com/app/736770

Free update patch notes:

• Players can now manage the speed and safety of their pitstops through the new pit crew feature

• Pit crew members have 5 core stats: Tyres, Part Fixing, Refuelling, Front Jack and Rear Jack. Their stat levels determine the speed at which they can perform each task

• Crew members will become fatigued after each race and will need to be placed 'In Recovery' to regain their stamina. Tired crew members are more likely to make mistakes

• As well as time mistakes, there are now new, job-specific pit mistakes: Wrong tyre compound fitted, underfuelled, front and rear jack damage and part fixing red-zone increase

• Catastrophic mistakes are new, rare mistakes that can drastically alter the outcome of a race. There are 2 catastrophic mistakes: Loose wheel and pit fire (only if refuelling is active)

• If a pit fire occurs, there is a chance that the car will be retired from the race. Pit fire retirements can have a psychological impact on the driver

• The pit crew can be automanaged by your mechanics. A mechanic's Pitstop and Concentration stats impact how effectively they will auto-manage your pit crew

• Car cornering stats impacting the simulation have been re-worked to reduce emphasis on the top speed of the engine. This makes low, medium and high cornering speeds more dependant on the Front Wing, Suspension and Rear Wing

• Driver form now has a larger impact in a race weekend's performance. During a race, a driver's form will fluctuate depending on their consistancy stat

• A driver's current form is now displayed on their portrait during the race

• Added a new x12 speed during races

• Added a preference screen for the new x12 speed that allows players to customise when the game automatically slows down to show important events

• Reworked the Tyre Heating chassis stat: Now, a high star rating will cause the temperature gauge to move away from the center slowly, but return quickly

• New Part Design components

• The mechanic's 'Part Fixing' stat now impacts both raceday part fixes and fixing parts when returning from a race weekend

• Added keyboard shortcuts for engine modes, driving styles and swapping the camera between drivers

• Weight Stripping is now a rule that can be voted in or out per series

• Spec Parts can no longer be weight stripped

• Weight stripping is now banded per series to improve balancing

• Improved saving and loading during a race event

• If autosave is enabled, the game will now save at the end of a race before returning to the frontend

• Pit stop strategy now does not add a fixed amount of time to the pit stops, but instead adds a percentage of the expected time

• Fixed instances where the driver "Sammy White" would appear in the frontend

• New interview questions

• New media messages

• Reworked and rebalanced existing interview and media messages that were not triggering

• New radio messages

• Fixed an issue where the personality traits 'Boring Winner', 'Losing Hope' and 'Top of the World' were not triggering

• The personality trait 'Media Trained' now removes more negative media-related traits if the target driver possesses them

• Fixed a bug where new mechanic hire mails would be blank if the player was unemployed

• Fixed an issue where AI teams would not be charged for mechanic and designer race bonuses

• Fixed a bug where qualifying bonuses would be deducted three times if the series had three-stage qualifying

• Improved how AI cars use the ERS system

• Improved how AI cars refuel during a race

• Improved how AI cars interact during the first lap of the race

• Fixed a bug where temp drivers would retain previous morale debuffs and traits from working with other teams

• Fixed an exploit where the player could press the ERS boost button as it breaks in a pitstop, leading to an infinite boost until the end of the race

• Increased the rate at which drivers and staff improve when influenced by HQ buildings

• Improved the regen system to have more varied 'drivable series'

• Improved the AI team intelligence on when to build a new car part

• Fixed a bug that was preventing the activation of corner cutting

• UI improvements to front-end menus

• UI improvements to the scouting screen

• When refuelling, the player can now also add fuel in increments of 5 or click to fill the whole tank

• Can now view each team's chassis supplier information from the Choose Team screen

• Fixed an issue where the player couldn't click the 'traits' button in the post-race screen if no new traits had been assigned

• Added the current track and the current layout information to the load setup popup

• New 'Choose Series' screen

• Updated the challenge medal icon

• Optimised the 'Lap Chart' screen performance when loading for the first time

• General performance improvements

• New Personality Traits

• New Achievements

• New tooltips

• The weight stripping reliability to performance ratio is now editable in the Championships.csv ( if set to zero the AI will not use the feature )

• Each series now has 'restricted rules' which are editable in the Championships.csv. A 'restricted' rule can never be voted in by the player or AI in that series

• Championships now handle having between 6 to 12 teams
Motorsport Manager - Motorsport Manager
It’s time to return to the podium. The brand new Motorsport Manager Challenge Pack DLC is out today (at around 6PM BST).

That’s not all - thanks to your great community feedback, a brand new, free update “The Devil’s in the Detail” is also released today for everyone, with a raft of upgrades for all users. They include weight stripping, run wides, the ability to tweak the driver AI to make the game even more challenging and – a much-requested feature – the ability to save/load car setups.

But it doesn’t end there. From today through to the end of the Belgian GP weekend, Motorsport Manager will be 66% off. So if you’ve never played, there has never been a better time.

Challenge Pack -> http://store.steampowered.com/app/639680/Motorsport_Manager__Challenge_Pack/

66% off base game -> http://store.steampowered.com/app/415200/Motorsport_Manager/


Patch notes:

Realistic AI Game Preference: If enabled, AI teams make smarter decisions on when to pit during races and adapt to wet weather conditions more effectively.

Run Wides & Corner Cutting: Cars can now run wide and cut corners in all tracks, the liklihood of a driver running wide or cutting a corner is increased by the pressure they're under from nearby cars.

Weight Stripping: Teams can now remove reliability from parts to increase their performance before practice, qualifying and race.

Lap Chart Screen: Availaible in the data centre, the new lap chart screen provides detailed information for every lap of the race.

Expanded Camera Preference: If enabled, increases the zoom of the raceday camera, allowing you to see the cars up close.

Ability to save and load setups for each track.

When leaving for a race weekend, the player now has the ability to force a driver to sit out the weekend if they are injured.

The driver who sits out the race weekend will recover faster and the reserve driver will take their position.

Injuries now show an icon on the driver's portrait. The icon can be moused over to reveal more information.

Player now recieves a mail when a driver recovers from an injury trait.

The race report screen has been tweaked to better inform the player about gained traits and traits that have ended.

Various UI tweaks to the title screen and race day screens.

Session HUD now shows when teams are fixing parts.

Tyre wear and heating are no longer banded into thirds, but are instead a direct reading.

Car crashes have been rebalanced to provide a more even spread of crashes throughout the race.

Driver’s adaptability stat impacts the threshold at which they can change onto wets/slicks/inter.

The two different tyre suppliers have different wet/inter threshold points.
Fixed a bug where the tyre supplier wasn't correctly affecting speed and wear.

Fixed a bug where the track rubber wasn't correctly affecting the lap times.
Street circuits (Cape Town, Sydney) take longer to achieve a full ‘Rubber on Track’ to imply that they have less grip then a standard track.

Underfuelling the car is now possible when no-refuelling is active.

Tyres left overheating for too long cause blistering, dropping the wear at a faster rate.

Tyres left underheating for too long will cause graining, dropping the performance of the car.

Cars who have retired will now keep their standings position if they cross the finish line.

The standings tab has been expanded to show live Team/Driver Championship standings and tyre history.

New personality traits.

New dilemmas with unique personality trait event chains.

Fixed issues with AI teams being able to perform pitstops faster than they should.

AI teams now make smarter desicions on when to use 'safe' pitstops.

AI team setup percentages now reflect their mechanics' stats.

Downforce setup setting affects car performance during wet sessions.

During pre-season, AI teams can gain an additional star in up to two different chassis stats. This is to mimic the player’s dilemmas.

Vehicles that are experiencing critical issues ( broken part, out of fuel, etc ) will now pit regardless of whether it causes stacking.

New radio messages.

Grammatical fixes to existing dilemmas.

Signifcant performance improvements to minimise game crashes.

Chassis Suppliers availaible to edit with Steam Workshop.

Single Seater and GT design data available to edit with Steam Workshop.


See you on the pit wall.

^The Motorsport Manager Team
Motorsport Manager - Motorsport Manager
Great news, managers!

We’ve announced the release date of the upcoming DLC Challenge Pack and free accompanying update (The "Devil’s in the Detail" Update) is August 21st!

You can bag yourself 10% off if you purchase before the 21st -> http://store.steampowered.com/app/639680/Motorsport_Manager__Challenge_Pack/

…which, of course, means more money to spend on pimping your real-life ride.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the trailer, which covers off some of the exciting things you can expect with the Challenge Pack and some of the exciting features going into the free update.

The free update (automatically applied to all players) will cover off a range of community requests, including save/load setups, run wides and weight stripping.

Check out the full trailer right here:

See you on the pit wall!

-The Motorsport Manager Team
Motorsport Manager - Motorsport Manager
Hello, managers! It's all going on at the moment.

Yesterday, we had the exciting announcement that Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is on the horizon! Check out this article for a full rundown on what to expect. In short: more depth, more awesomeness!


And, as you no doubt saw recently (in our last announcement, in fact), we announced the rip-roaring new DLC in our new series Team Radio and FREE accompanying update for Motorsport Manager PC version. We're looking to release that DLC and free update in August (more news soon on an exact release date).

So, with all of this excitement, we sat down with the team to discuss their favourite challenges from the new DLC - and they have the scoop on a new feature that is sure to be fantastic news for fans of the PC game. Keep reading for more information!

Up in Flames

The 2016 season has taken a horrific turn for Scuderia Rossini. During the tenth race, their star driver Wexler was involved in a severe crash and sustained life-threatening injuries! He's in the infirmary for the next few races: can Rossini get everything ready for his triumphant return?

Why is it a team favourite?

Because of the limited time frame: with just 5 races in the challenge, every race result is vital. The new ‘Stay at Home’ injury feature (available to everyone in the accompanying free update) is also put to full use in this challenge, as players have the option to bench Wexler while he’s injured. Leaving a main driver at home allows them to heal faster and gives your reserve driver a chance to shine. Wexler’s injuries give rival driver Harry Chapman time to catch up in the Drivers’ standings, meaning that the last few races are always tight and tense in the fight for the title!

Surging Absurdity

While Energy Recovery Systems have proven to add suspense to the IGTC, Ernie wanted to take it one step further… Now, every car’s Harvest Efficiency dynamically changes to match their current position in the race. The car in first place receives 0% Harvest Efficiency while the bottom car gains a whopping 200%! Can Wolfhagen rise to the challenge?

Why is it a team favourite?

This unique rule brings new life to the Energy Recovery System, levelling the playing field for this challenge. Races are often very close, with teams fighting back from lower positions thanks to their enhanced ERS. The challenge is also set in the GT series, but will be open to players who don’t have the GT pack. Finally, as with race sprinklers, this rule is added to the list that can be voted in by the player in their regular career if they own the Challenge Pack.

Fighting for Fifth

It’s the last race of the WMC. Chapman can secure the driver’s championship without even getting on the podium. However, after a crash-heavy and rain soaked first lap, the plan must evolve. Olivera is closing fast and her position will directly impact where Chapman needs to place. Can he overcome the odds?

Why is it a team favourite?

This single-race challenge in Rio has been a regular sight around the office during lunchbreaks! The challenge starts during the race, meaning players will have to adapt to a developing situation. To succeed, players need quick thinking and a good knowledge of tyre management. They can also make use of some of the advanced standings features (coming in the free update) to see how Olivera’s position is affecting Chapman’s championship position.

***A big announcement - Saving and Loading Setups!***

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding one of the community’s most requested features – the ability to save and load setups! This will be available in the free DLC pack.

View on the website:
Motorsport Manager - craig.laycock
Before we start, is your headrest fitted properly? OK, good.

Welcome to Team Radio, the brand new series straight from the Playsport Games studio.

Click to watch the video below:


In this first episode, we’ve got a deluge of new info for you - whether you’re completely new and discovering Motorsport Manager for the first time in the Steam Summer Sale, or if you’re a seasoned spanner-wielding manager who’s been inspecting your parts for longer than you can remember.

In a nutshell - we’re developing two brand new bits of content for Motorsport Manager PC:

1. A brand new piece of DLC called the Challenge Pack, featuring 12 new challenges inspired by the history of motorsport.

2. A feature-rich FREE update called “The Devil’s in the Detail” which introduces our most detail-rich data screens yet plus new features like run wide, corner cutting and weight stripping.

We’ve been listening to what you’ve had to say on the Steam Forums, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, and, from what we’re hearing, you want to hear more from us. Well, good!

That’s why Team Radio is here. We think the best way to communicate what we’re up to is to show you, and keep you abreast of developments as they happen. On this episode, we’re joined by Luke Finlay-Maxwell, one of the designers of the new DLC and free update. He’s promised to give us a very early lowdown on the whole shebang.

We don’t have a release date yet – we are currently working very hard on getting all of this together and tested, but we’ll keep you updated. Rest assured we’re working on it!

What we can say is that the free update will roll out to all users at the same time we release the DLC.

Speak soon,

The Motorsport Manager Team
Motorsport Manager - Motorsport Manager
Grab your headsets and run to the pit wall, because today we're delighted to announce that Motorsport Manager is a terrific 66% off for the duration of the Steam Sale.

If you haven't given us a try yet, you're missing out on your chance to build and manage your own racing team in an unprecedented amount of detail.

So what are you waiting for? Stop watching. Start winning. Take control.
Motorsport Manager - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

The full version of Motorsport Manager [official site] is free to play until Monday, giving plenty of time to check out Sega’s first foray into being a carboss. Our Adam’s a Football Manager fan and quite enjoyed his time with the PC adapatation of Playsport’s racecar management sim, so you might fancy a crack too. … [visit site to read more]


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