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Most modded Stardew Valley farms are all about increasing acreage and maximizing efficiency, but modder Exblaster has gone a totally different route with this island getaway farm map. If you need something new while we wait for more information on the next Stardew Valley update, this laid-back ocean-side property may help you relax. Rather than a countryside locale perfect for planting corn, this beach farm is covered in cliffs on the north and dotted with palm trees. 

There are only a few places on the Hidden Spirit Cove map that look well-suited to rows of crops. But that's okay, because this island looks primed for relaxation. So you're better off planting some crops in your greenhouse rather than spending hours tilling the sand on the beach. 

But a cozy island isn't all that grandpa left you in this mod. "Attached to his will, you found a snippet saying his grave will bring you closer to his domain in the spirit world." Apparently interacting with your grandpa's shrine will teleport you to a hidden cove in another realm. Sunny and spooky.

This is Exblaster's second custom farm map on Nexus. You can also try out the Quiet Basin Farm which has a similar style-over-space approach. After over 200 hours playing Stardew Valley, I don't know that I need perfectly proportioned farm plots as much as a fresh new perspective on the valley. The quiet basin map even has an underground tunnel system for traversing the huge farm, as all of the streams and bridges breaking up the area can make getting around a chore. 

Exblaster is apparently on a roll, as they've posted a poll to vote on what the theme of their next custom farm map should be. Give it a vote and keep an eye out for more funky farms in the future. 

Stardew Valley - (Emily Gera)

In the depths of my heart can be found a place barely accessible to anything, cold and barren. But like a Russian Sleeper agent or Denzel Washington in The Manchurian Candidate, this heart can become triggered into action instantly by the incantation of a single phrase. My heart, a wasteland of memories about dogs and good sandwiches once had, will thump with the euphoric power of a house beat with just one sentence:

There exists a Stardew Valley mod that lets you play fetch with your pet, and your pet will follow you around everywhere.


Stardew Valley

Phenomenally popular farm-life sim Stardew Valley's next major update is on the horizon, and developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone is starting to open up about what's in store - including a new farm map and more.

Stardew Valley's forthcoming update, if you haven't been keeping track of your version numbers, will be known as 1.4 (1.3, you might recall, added a very-long-awaited multiplayer mode to the game) and Barone describes it as "a big one".

Part of its various additions include a brand-new farm map titled Four Corners, which will be available both in multiplayer and solo games. And if you're curious, there's the tiniest glimpse of its layout in the screenshot below, first shared on Barone's Twitter feed.

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone isn't done tinkering with his farming sim, and he took to Twitter over the weekend to share what he's been up to, namely update 1.4. "It's a big one," Barone promised, and will include a new farm map, Four Corners, and separate bank accounts in multiplayer. No more going seed shopping only to realise your mate's blown it all on garden ornaments. We said we'd discuss purchases as a group!

Barone showed off a screenshot of Four Corners, which apparently only reveals a fraction of what's heading to Stardew Valley, first on PC and then eventually on consoles.

The new farm will split farmers up a little bit more than normal, but it's still cooperative. "There's one shared cave, shared community centre, mines etc," Barone said. So you won't be going it alone entirely, but you will be more independent than you would be on the older farms. 

Existing multiplayer farms will still have shared accounts, but you can hit up the mayor and make the switch. That will automatically share all the cash evenly. New multiplayer farms can select the option at the beginning. Barone confirmed that the new map, while "perfect" for the new separate account option, will also be available in singleplayer. 

Last week, Barone advertised a new administrator position, as he's looking to expand the Stardew Valley team. The job listing was criticised for having enough responsibilities to fill two jobs, if not more. Barone responded by saying that the position isn't to take over every responsible that was listed, just to help him manage them. That wasn't especially clear, and it still isn't. The high number of applicants means that Barone's not accepting more, but the listing is still up and continues to look pretty hefty for just one person.

There's no release date for 1.4 yet, but the tease suggests that it's not too far off. 

Stardew Valley - (Alice O'Connor)

The next free update for Stardew Valley will let players have their own separate wallet in the cooperative multiplayer mode, creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has revealed. Yes, you’ll get to blow your cash on lawn flamingos without riling your one pal who takes virtuafarming oh-so seriously. Or simply run your own farms as neighbours rather than colleagues. As Barone toils away, he shared a screenshot showing a new map as well as hinting at other newness. Expect new haircuts, new clothes, and a new breed of dog. Yes, new dog!


Stardew Valley

Update: Barone has responded in a series of tweets, saying that the job posting isn't accurately conveying the level of work he is expecting out of the position.

Original Story: Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone is expanding his Seattle studio with a new team, and more Stardew Valley, in whatever form that takes, is exciting. There's nothing unusual about the growth—the game has sold more than 3.5M copies across all platforms—but I bring it up because the first job posting is so comically overstuffed with responsibilities that it's hard to believe anyone would be able to do it for more than a week.

It's really a sight to behold. Whoever were to take the position, simply called 'Administrator,' would be responsible for:

  • Updating social media feeds
  • Updating the Stardew Valley website
  • Collecting feedback from players
  • Answering troubleshooting emails
  • Maintaining payroll and employee benefits
  • Hiring and on-boarding new employees
  • Managing travel logistics
  • Executing projects with contractors
  • Corresponding with "external business partners to track and maintain various projects"
  • Organizing and stocking the office
  • Mailing packages
  • Working with an accounting firm to maintain finance records 

And that's the abridged version. The job title, put more accurately, is 'social media and community and business development and office and human resources manager producer accountant.' 

The qualifications Barone is looking for are likewise broad. He wants someone who understands difficult subjects like employee benefits and employment law, who can publicly represent Stardew Valley, has web development skills, can grapple with office equipment, and who has an iron grip on the nucleus of all job postings, Microsoft Office Suite.

At such a small developer—it's just Barone right now, as far as I know—this may all sound like more than it really is. But as the "core team" grows, the idea that someone could be a marketing and project manager, HR manager, accountant, and more without exploding is just a little questionable. These are all different fields.

It makes some sense why Barone would seek such a multifaceted generalist: he created Stardew Valley largely by himself, with some help from publisher Chucklefish, which he recently split with. (It is probably not coincidental that some of the listed responsibilities, such as promotion and working with third-parties, are things a publisher might provide.)

But Twitter users were quick to point out that making a game by yourself isn't the same as running every part of a multi-employee business. Human resources is especially not something typically mixed with other roles, given the sensitive nature of the information being handled.

I've asked Barone if, given the feedback, he's thinking of modifying the job description before making a hire. If not, then I hope those who apply ask for seven figure salaries. If you make it through a year, you'll have earned it.

Stardew Valley - (Jay Castello)

I would love to be a fly on the wall for the planning meetings at Twitch Rivals. The livestreaming platform s esports series keeps pushing the envelope into all sorts of weird and wonderful games and rulesets. Streamers have recently faced off in the arena modes of both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering; they hosted two Apex Legends tournaments just one week after its release, and now they ve branched out into competitive Stardew Valley.


Stardew Valley - ConcernedApe
Hi everyone,

The new languages update (1.3.36) is now live for everyone, and includes a couple of bug fixes.


*Added French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, and Turkish language support
*Fixes bug where giving a gift to an NPC caused the gift action to happen twice in rapid succession
*Fixes furniture rotation bug for "stools"
*Fixes morning music not being played correctly
*(spoiler) Fixes Junimos not disappearing after the final goodbye
*New "About/Credits" menu on title screen

Thanks everyone who helped test out the beta, your feedback was really helpful!

Next up is a big free content update (1.4), that includes lots of new stuff, as well as some really nice quality of life features.

Thanks for playing Stardew Valley!


Update: Just a heads up... you may have noticed a couple of very small additional updates recently (after the 1.3.36). These are minor tweaks/fixes for a couple things that weren't caught in the beta (typos, etc.)
Stardew Valley - ConcernedApe
Hi everyone,

The beta for French, Turkish, Italian, Hungarian and Korean is here. If you speak any of those languages, and want to help me find bugs, typos, or even just give feedback on the new text, it would be a big favor and I'd really appreciate it!

To access the current beta version of Stardew Valley:

  • Right click on Stardew Valley in your games library and select "Properties"
  • Click the "Betas" tab
  • Click the drop down menu and select "beta" (no password is necessary)
  • Steam will download the beta version. Stardew Valley should now have a [beta] tag in your library.

While it's very unlikely that playing the beta version will threaten your save files, I recommend backing them up anyway. Your save files can be found in the "%appdata%/StardewValley/Saves" folder (on PC).

If you have any feedback or bug reports, please use this thread on the Stardew Valley Subreddit.

Patch notes for v1.3.35 (beta):
  • Added French, Turkish, Italian, and Korean languages
  • Added a new Credits menu to replace the "About" menu on the title screen
  • Removed the /credits command from the chat box
  • Removed unnecessary map files

Update on Feb 2nd:
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Trying out a different font for Korean

Thanks for your help & thanks for playing Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley - ConcernedApe
Hi everyone,

There's a very small patch going live today, which fixes a couple of bugs and improves performance in certain situations:

*Improved performance in locations with lots of light sources (e.g. torches).
*Improved performance on farms with lots of animals.
*Tweaked new "H" health icon.

Bug fixes:
*Fixed multiplayer visual glitch when another player uses a tool and then starts moving in a new direction.
*Fixed "fishing stance" visual glitches in multiplayer.

Just wanted to let you know. There will also be a beta for the new languages (French, Korean, Turkish, Italian, and possibly one more) soon. I'm also working on a new free content update (1.4) as well, which should be ready some time in the next few months.

Thanks for playing Stardew Valley!


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