Mytheon - Ted
Hey Mytheon Fans! We have released an update that handles the following...

  • Location check was preventing players from some countries from logging in to the servers. This has been fixed by removing the check on locale.

  • The following stones were only available from bosses but have now been made available from the Olympus vendor: Fire Trap, Geyser Mine, Jetstream Mine, Stalagmites, Stun Mine, Web Trap

  • The following stone was only available from bosses but has now been made available from the Great Pyramid vendor: Light of Apollo

  • Fixed data issue causing the Armor of Bast chest piece to use an incorrect model.

The new stones should make the game a *little* easier for you if you're soloing through on your own. We always keep an eye on the forums so please let us know what you think should be addressed in a future patch.

Mytheon - VirtualTed

We have a few updates to Mytheon based on player feedback we're sharing with you today. Please give the latest version a try and let us know what you think!

-Petroglyph Team

Mytheon Balance Update Notes:

Loot Adjustments for Ares (Temple of War), Zeus (Mount Olympus), Set (Valley of the Serpent) and Anubis (Great Pyramid):

In order to make it easier for players to collect the sets they want from the final bosses of each region, we've made the following adjustments to loot tables:

  • All non-set items have been removed from the main loot table for the above gods and moved to other drop tables within the map.

  • The loot tables have been reduced in scope to increase the chance that you will get the item you want, in the following manner:
    • Ares now drops the Weapon, Hand and Feet slot set items for Greece.
    • Zeus now drops the Body, Head and Shoulder slot set items for Greece.
    • Set now drops the Weapon, Hand and Feet slot set items for Egypt.
    • Anubis now drops the Body, Head and Shoulder set slot items for Egypt.

  • The drop chance for all items in the main drop table for each boss mentioned above have been equalized (that is, no item is more rare than any other).

  • The main set loot table for each of the gods mentioned above now drops 2 items per player instead of 1. This is in addition to any other loot tables those god may have active.

  • To keep the drop tables light, all of the reskin set items that were originally RMT have been moved off of the god loot tables and on to vendors. Because we want people to put some effort into getting these items, the new vendors have been placed near the god encounter that would normally drop the items. For Greece, this will be in Mount Olympus near Zeus' throne. For Egypt, the vendor appears in Anubis' chamber. The vendors will carry both the armor and weapon reskins. These items will be expensive and are bind-on-pickup.
Apr 15, 2016
Mytheon - Psychozen
Mytheon has been updated!

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent players from selecting their character.
  • Added the original game credits from 2010

Also, this week only, the Mytheon Deluxe Pack is 40% off!
Feb 5, 2016
Mytheon - @GGitsChief
Hey Guys!
Hope you've been having a wondeful time! Patch 1.01 has a few quality of life fixes some crash fixes and a bunch of design fixes/changes. Let us know what you think!

Design Fixes/Chages
  • The global base critical hit chance has been reduced to 5% (was 10%).

  • Stone: Single-Minded Ferocity
    Stone mechanics adjusted such that the stone slot will free up immediately even though the effect is permanent.
    Changed status effect text to reflect the immunity to taunt and not other status effects.
    Adjusted tooltip to state that players can't be targeted by the effect.

Instance Changes
  • Removed shield from Anubian Guardian mob in Great Pyramid instance since he seemed more inclined to eat the shield than block with it.
  • Fixed issue with Atonasar heal proc.
  • Apophis no longer drops loot of his own when summoned by Set.

Quality of Life Changes!
Hardware and Settings Changes
  • Fix for Hardware mouse setting not being saved properly.
  • Added borderless fullscreen windowed mode support
  • Potential fix for the directx9 device lost on windows 10 problem.
  • Added an fps cap at 200fps.

Crash Fixes
A lot of crashes have been addressed, if you experience a crash please contact us in the support forum section of the steam discussion boards and we will work with you to narrow it down and get the right fix in. <3

Good Luck Have Fun!
Mytheon - bhayes
The Egypt expansion is now active and available for purchase!

  • The following are active for owners of Egypt:
  • The level cap has been increased to 40.
  • 66 New stones have been added to the game. Egypt stones will not drop from bundle packs or the stone forge lottery unless you have purchased the Egypt expansion.
  • 9 of these stones are ultra-rare (3 for each class) and can only be gained via the stone forge. See the forge vendor in Thebes for details.
  • Captain Kasiya's ship in Argos has finally been repaired and is available to take you to Thebes. Note that adventure instances in Egypt start at level 28, but you can visit Thebes at any level.
  • Eight new adventure zones are available for play via the new Thebes world map (see below).
  • A new dueling instance (Pit of Vipers) is available via the Thebes Battlemaster.
  • A new PvP scenario instance (Chamber of the Dead) is available via the Thebes Battlemaster.

  • The following instances have been added for owners of the Egypt Expansion:
  • Thebes - Hub
  • Karnak (28-30)
  • Bubastis (30-32)
  • Giza Plateau (32-34)
  • Ramasseum (34-36)
  • Temple of the Sky (36-38)
  • Crocodilopolis (38-40)
  • Valley of the Serpent (40 Group)
  • Great Pyramid (40 Group)
  • Pit of Vipers (28, PvP-Duel)
  • Chamber of the Dead (30, PvP-Scenario)

  • Fixed a few cases in the GUI where character "class" was referred to as "discipline".
  • A new potion (Anti-Stun Elixir) has been added to potion vendors in Argos and Thebes.
  • All map bosses will now drop at least one Stone Forge Gift item 100% of the time.
  • The default expiration time for mail left in the mailbox has been reduced to 90 days (was 999 days).

  • Isle of Oblivion: Fixed an issue causing Hecate to perform her summons at incorrect times.

  • Elemental Mastery (Elementalist) - Critical hit bonus reduced to 50% (was 65%).
  • Will of Thoth (Elementalist) - Critical hit bonus removed from ability; zero-mana stone cost remains the same.

  • The following stones will no longer drop from random bundles, the stone forge lottery or the world drop table. They can still drop from map bosses, be awarded for quests or drop as recipes.
  • Forge of Hephaestus
  • Amazon Queen
  • Shrine of Nemesis
  • Flame of Spell Corruption
  • Zeus Thunderbolt
  • Defense of the Titans
  • Lightning Rod
  • Altar of Hecate
  • Deathly Lure
  • Celestial Quake
  • Spirit of Isis
  • Strength of Hercules: Reduced duration of the stone's effect to 8 seconds (was 15). In addition, the stone was unintentionally increasing crit chance by 85% instead of the stated and intended 75% - this has been fixed.

  • Gladiator's Blade - Reduced critical hit proc effect to only allow up to three gladiators to spawn at any given time (originally allowed infinite gladiators).

  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause anything with a healing effect to not work.
  • Fixed random client crash that could occur mid-instance.
  • Fixed flickering selection blob that sometimes appeared under loot bags.
Mytheon - bhayes

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