TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Krome Studios is pleased to announce that TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan has been released from Early Access, and is available now!

To coincide with the full release of the game, the TY3 Official Soundtrack DLC is now also available to purchase:

We also have made available a Digital Deluxe TY3 bundle (and catch up bundle):

And... now that the games are all on Steam, the new Boomerang Collection Bundles allow you to buy all four TY games at a lower price! (one is "just the games" and the other also has all the soundtracks)

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hey all,

A small patch fix for TY1 has been released.
This patch fixes up that collecting all of the rainbow scales <does> double your health, in Hardcore mode.

For people with existing save games; I believe you may need to return to Rainbow Cliffs; before it will apply.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hi all,

A new build of TY1 (r3497_v1.26) has been released.
The major addition to this build is the new Hardcore Mode!

In Hardcore mode we've removed all bonus lives and respawning - you literally have <one> life to get through the game. If you do happen to lose a life; we helpfully reset your save game and restart your adventure.

We've added two new leaderboards (Hardcore Game Complete and Hardcore 100% Game Complete) and two new achievements (Completing the game in Hardcore and 100% Completing the Game in Hardcore) for your troubles! And cheats are disabled in Hardcore mode :)

We hope that this provides a little bit of replayability for you all (and maybe bragging rights!)

Additionally, we're happy to announce that TY3 has been released in to Early Access! As part of TY3's release, TY1 is currently on sale to celebrate; and if you own TY1 or TY2, you should receive an extra bonus discount for buying TY3 during this first week of Early Access - as we've increased the launch discount to 22% across the board!

Lastly, this TY1 build has the following bug fixes:
  • AUDIO: Fixes for volume ranges of the Fluffy boss fight
  • CHEATS: Fixed issue where, if you use cheats to obtain the elemental rangs, then shatter a blocker into areas of the game you shouldn't get to yet, you cannot then talk to Julius to spawn the boss and continue the game.
  • CONTROLS: Fixed TY not being able to tip-toe with keyboard, meaning he can't get across ice (SHIFT key now enters tip-toe properly)
  • GAMEPLAY: Added hardcore mode, and associated leaderboards and achievements.
  • LEADERBOARDS: Fix uninitialised speed run mode variable and memory overwrite if a speed run time went to 10+ hours.
  • UI: Added mouse input handling for Continue screen (when you run out of lives)

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hi all,

We're gearing up for the Early Access launch in just over 2 weeks time!
And now, without further adieu; here is the TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan Early Access Trailer; straight from the Oscars*.



*ok fine, so it's not from the Oscars at all. But it's got a bunch of BWWWAAAAAAA sounds in it just like a real movie trailer!
TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hey all,

TY3 has its own store page up and on Steam now!

Please note that it is listed as "coming soon" - but the community is up and running and there a few discussions there that I've pinned for you to start contributing to.

We look forward to releasing TY3 in to Early Access soon!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hi all,

We've released a new build for TY on to Steam now, with a few general fixes and one new feature.

The major new feature we've added is the option to DISABLE the rang selection wheel, if you don't want to use it during your game, as this has been a major request by both people speed-running the game, and those after the original feel. You can find the option in the Controls Options!

The changes in this build are:
  • CAMERA: Fixed bug where switching away from zoomerang while zoomed in, using the rang select wheel, would stay zoomed in.
  • CONTROLS: Fixed some controller deadzone issues
  • CONTROLS / UI: Added option to enable/disable rang selection wheel
  • GRAPHICS: Fixed rendering issue when running at high DPI (would render in a corner, not full screen)
  • GRAPHICS: game window is not double-created when launched with MSAA enabled

Lastly - good news everybody! TY2 has now been released from Early Access!
You can pick it up here, and see our totally awesome launch trailer here!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hey all,

You guys asked for it; so we've implemented it!
The rang selection wheel from TY2 has been implemented in to TY1, for all your rang selection needs!

You can access it just like you do in TY2 - by using the "Y" button (or R button for default keybindings) when not in a trigger area.

If you're an old school fan, don't worry though - the original controls (left and right on the d-pad; Q and E on keyboard default bindings) will still also scroll through the rangs one-by-one; like it was in the original relese.

In addition to this feature update; we've done a pretty large audio update, as well as fixed some bugs (full list below).

To top that all off - the game is on sale FROM TOMORROW (9am 15th September PST) for TY's 15th Anniversary! We've also got a bunch of merch available for his birthday - check out the TY the Tasmanian Tiger page for more details.


  • AUDIO: Updated sounds to match their TY2 versions, for various footstep, cutscene, rang, environment and UI sounds
  • AUDIO: increased the maximum sound prop range allowed to 3000 to match what the XBOX version did (PS2 and PC was set to 1500)
  • COLLECTABLES: Fixed incorrect picture fame number in level E3 (would result in bad completion numbers if collected in a specific order; will be backwards compatible with existing saves)
  • GAMEPLAY: Added in rang selection wheel
  • GAMEPLAY: Fix for glide camera sometimes erroring, if you started gliding while the camera was pointed up at you
  • GRAPHICS: Fixed water reflections.
  • GRAPHICS: Made plankton a bit more opaque
  • GRAPHICS: Adjusted auto-brightness effect to work with new shader updates
  • GRAPHICS: Fixed sqaure shadows in magnet effect glow and aquarang glow.
  • MISC: Added some more logging to bootup to help diagnose issues with graphics cards
  • MISC: Fixed bug where the turtle critter could cause massive framerate drop due to collision checks
TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
Hi all,

We're pleased to announce not only the release of not only a new build for TY, that completes the additions to the levels in the game, but also the release of two great DLC packs for the game:

TY1 Soundtrack DLC
All the music you know and love, in MP3 format so that it can work through the Steam music player.
NOTE - if you own the TY soundtracks DLC for TY4; you already have these music tracks and you do not need to purchase this DLC.

Art of TY the Tasmanian Tiger
A 156 page PDF of never-before seen concept art and sketches for the game, including information as to the "why" and "how" of the development of the art of the game.

With these two DLCs, we've also released two different BUNDLES for the game:
  • TY the Tasmanian Tiger Digital Deluxe Bundle
  • Digital Deluxe Catchup Bundle

Buying the Digitial Deluxe bundle will save you a little bit of money (5%) for buying everything together.
The "Catchup" bundle will let those people who've previously bought the game purchase the DLC at a reduced cost, to "catch up" to the Digital Deluxe bundle.
These bundles are available from the main TY the Tasmanian Tiger store page on Steam.

The new build (r2135_v1.11) has the following changes, which completes the addition of new set dressing content to the levels:
  • CAMERA: Added settings.ini value for the camera distance so that it is maintained between loads.
  • CONTENT: Bull's Pen - added some more windmills, props and some critters to fill out the level.
  • CONTENT: Updated staghorn texture
  • CONTENT: Added additional props to Rex Marks The Spot

  • CONTENT: Beyond the Black Stump - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".

  • CONTENT: Snow Worries - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".
  • CONTENT: Fluffy's Fjord - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".

  • CONTENT: Cass' Pass - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".
  • CONTENT: Cass' Crest - added additional props and set dressing items to fill out the level, for if props are set to "high".

  • CAMERA: Changed the scaling of the 3rd person camera speed GUI slider, so that the default speed is a little slower than it used to be, and the min/max speeds you can set it to are a little slower. Made it feel a bit more like the TY2 camera from these changes.
  • GRAPHICS: TY1 - fix for "undefined" material name on a collision subobject (which is only on one prop in the game that we use - snowgum_02) and set it to wood like snowgum_01 - so the collision subobject isn't drawn when the model is instanced.
  • GRAPHICS: Stopped the wake from drawing in shadows and reflections.
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for the invulnerability particles to not have square edges due to edge pixels not being 100% alpha.
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for flickering shadows on some AMD video cards.
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for graphics popping on/off in the water shader
  • MISC: Fix for crash for unavailable language, depending on system language setting
  • MISC: Memory leak fixes
  • CAMERA: Fixes to camera lockon in Fluffy's Fjord
  • OPALS: Potential fix for opals that receive bad spawn locations (like that one in Lyre, Lyre)
  • GRAPHICS: Fix for some popping of particles due to issues with alpha

As per normal, if there are any issues, please let us know!

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - Linds
We're happy to announce that TY2 is now available for purchase, in Early Access!
To get it, go here!

In celebration of TY2's Early Access launch, and the 1-year-on-Steam anniversary for TY1, TY1 is 30% off this week!
And you'll get an extra 5% off the price of TY2 during the TY2 launch week, if you own TY1 or have it in your cart at the same time you purchase TY2.


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