VROOM: Galleon - kideternal
Just a small update to address a few reported issues:

  • Changed Vive teleport to appear on Touchpad press instead of touch, to address issues some users are experiencing.
  • Fixed missing collider on whipstaff base, made coin-pile a teleport target.
  • Increased scale of mermaid, sword, rings, and pistols.
  • Fixed the "Maverick" Achievement not saving on Steam.
  • Upgraded to Unity 2017.4.2f2, which fixes an issue with tree transparencies during lighting transitions.
VROOM: Galleon - kideternal

I'm excited to release this massive update with a lot of improvements!

Most notably: cloth sails and Oculus Touch support. (Finally!) I overhauled almost everything, fixed all known issues, made things "holdable/throwable", flying as a Seagull is now even more fun, and so much more.

Here's the full list of changes:
- Added Oculus Touch support.
- Added cloth sails and ship wake while in open seas.
- Improved buoyancy physics.
- Fixed camera positioning while flying as Seagull.
- Toggling between indoors/outdoors should always work now. (Detection is more accurate as well.)
- Updated to Unity 2017.3.1p1, which improves tree rotation as you move your head.
- Made hat, belt, coat, boots, and coconuts "grabbable".
- Gems, rings, and coins increase in size when grabbed to provide a closer look.
- Most objects now can be dropped/thrown instead of floating back into place.
- Added a mermaid crest to galleon stern.
- Reduced installation size almost by half, and improved load times, via better compression.
- Many texture, material, and shader improvements.
- Reworked quality settings: 2 is now default, and 7 much more demanding.
- Changed seagull flight mechanics to reduce head-movement and allow for rolling upside-down.
- Better detection and handling of motion controllers vs gamepad/keyboard/mouse at startup.
- Removed scaling capability and crouch when using keyboard/gamepad.
- Improved interior lighting.
- Consolidated PlayerControllers and input functions; rebuilt PlayerController for keyboard/mouse/gamepad.
- Increased consistency of LOD values.
- Improved appearance of distant trees.
- Reduced object and tree "popping" as you get closer to them. (Still happens, but much less often.)
- Added an underwater effect, just in case, and fixed the way Ceto draws it in VR.
- Reduced polycount of galleon and other objects to improve performance.
- Improved gem and glass shaders.
- Added additional treasure models: rings, pots, and gems.
- Made capstan "pushable", so it doesnt get in your way.
- Screenshots, via the "P" key, now save faster.
- Anchor line now draws dynamically between ship and anchor.
- Added a "quality settings" notification. (Tried to adjust dynamically, but too many factors for now.)
- Adjusted player and island scale.
- Added a "treasure map".
- Fewer trees on island, especially around "monkey fight", for better framerates.
- Added a third LOD for galleon at far distance.
- Player can no longer look/walk through walls.
- Should run ok without a VR headset now, but why would you want to?

I think I've squashed all of the bugs, but with an update this large there are bound to be a couple, so if you find one please don't hesitate to describe it in the Discussion board.
VROOM: Galleon - kideternal
I'm hard at work adding Oculus Touch support, plus fixing a few bugs and adding some nice improvements, like one of the most requested: sails!

Yes, I've finally found a way to get cloth sails performing fast enough to maintain VR framerates, which means the ship will soon be moving forward while at sea! (Sailing near land is unfortunately still too heavy on system resources.) This also means improving buoyancy physics, and handling new issues like falling-overboard.

I hope to have the release out in the next few days once I've squashed the few remaining bugs and performance issues on my list.

Sep 6, 2016
Community Announcements - kideternal
Please post a review when you have a chance! Most of them are from 6+ months ago, when this was a very different experience.

I just posted an updated trailer; see above!

Also, I checked-in a very small update for a couple of niggles:

- Ocean caustics on Rift are now animated.
- Fixed a scaling issue when using a ladder.
- Smoke is no longer drawn on top of everything else.
Sep 1, 2016
Community Announcements - kideternal
VROOM: Galleon now fully supports the HTC Vive!

It took longer than expected, due primarily to both the vastly different input methods and rendering performance between the Rift and Vive, but here it is!

I also added several new features, including a fun flintlock-shooting mini-game where you blast items thrown by monkeys before they can hit you in the head! It was built primarily for Vive controllers, so kindly excuse the poor play-ability if you're using a standard Xbox controller. (I'll have to update it for Touch once I get my hands on a pair.)

Also, now that faster graphics cards are becoming available, I've extended the graphics quality settings to a 7th level. (Just press a number from 1 to 7 on your keyboard, 7 is highest, 4 is default.) Settings 5 thru 7 now use super-sampling.

A lost has changed since the last version! Here's the full change-log:

- Added HTC Vive support, with teleport and interactive-pointer controls!
- Added a "Monkey Fight" mini-game on the island where you can shoot thrown objects for points! (Was designed for VR positional controllers, so gameplay using Xbox Controller isn't great.)
- Added a Steam Achievement for winning the monkey fight.
- Sword and Telescope are now "picked up" when using Vive controllers.
- Telescope on Oculus is now held up to your eye to match Vive functionality, and is available on the open sea.
- Distant trees twist less as you move your head.
- Upgraded and tweaked ocean to look better, work with SteamVR, have caustics on Rift, and not "wriggle" as you move your head.
- Made some adjustments to quality levels, including adding a new 7th level, as well as increased renderScale (supersampling) for settings 5 and above. (5=1.5, 6&7=2.0)
- Adjusted indoor lighting and added an eye-adjustment effect.
- Treasure items can now be inspected by interacting with them.
- Improved several ring models now that they're more easily scrutinized.
- Added refraction to water in buckets.
- Camera now shakes when firing cannons.
- Controller used on introduction screen is now the active controller. (Fixes issue with interfering controllers like pedals and steering-wheels.)
- Rotation snapping is now enabled by default in VR mode. (Press F4 to toggle it.)
- Added a pirate's hook in the Captain's cabin.
- All doors on island can now be opened.
- Adjusted scale of Galleon and some other models.
- Smoothed and slowed player movement using Xbox controller.
- Left trigger now halves player movement rate, right doubles it.
- Corrected Xbox controller displayed in intro.
- Switched to a more reliable camera fade-in/out method.
- Sharpened text message fonts.
- Seagull now flaps up into the air upon entering it.
- Fixed some trees having bright ocean reflections.
- Removed animated camera transition option.
- Fixed a faint underwater shark outline in open sea.
- Reduced installation size ~80MB by crunching textures.
- Fixed some missing faces on rigging lines.
- Reinstated cannonball explosions that had gone missing.
- Built using Unity 5.4.0F3 and SteamVR v1.1.1.
Community Announcements - kideternal
I'm busy adding Vive support but ran into some performance and rendering issues with the ocean so it's taking longer than expected.

I hope to have them resolved within the next couple of weeks.
Community Announcements - kideternal
I'm excited to announce that VROOM: Galleon is now compatible with the consumer version of the Oculus Rift!

It was a fair amount of work getting such a complex and graphically-intense experience running at 90fps and higher resolution, but I think you'll be pleased with the results.

I do still plan to add HTC Vive support but am awaiting my order delivery.

v0.96 changes:
- Updated for use with the consumer version of the Oculus Rift and runtime v1.3
- Upgraded to a newer version of Unity (v5.4.0) that has fixed ocean reflections during camera rotation and improved interior lighting.
- Improved ocean rendering.
- Added an Xbox Controller to intro screen because Oculus shipped with one.
- Many performance improvements to support higher resolution and framerate demands of the consumer Rift.
- Jumping as a seagull always results in flight, and occurs immediately upon use of the seagull.
- Foam trails now stop drawing when time has stopped.
- Colliding with moving Aztec figure is no longer possible, and leaving the hold no longer causes it to reset.
- Bucket water changed to a simpler material for faster rendering.
- Fixed a telescope orientation issue, and you may now recenter while inside telescope.
- Removed MSAA as it wasn't worth the overhead now that resolution is higher.
- Fixed several object UVs (mattress, ropes, sailcloth, etc.)
- Fixed reflection culling issue when camera is low in the water.
- Graphics quality now adjusts ocean quality as well.
- Reduced time spent drunk. :)
- Better gem shader.
- Skymap, sun position, and wind direction now change upon traveling.
Nov 24, 2015
Community Announcements - kideternal
Here's something fun I wanted to include in yesterday's big update: Steam Achievements!

Who will be first to collect them all?
Nov 23, 2015
Community Announcements - kideternal
With thanks to your feedback, I am pleased to announce several fixes and improvements:

- New introduction screen now displays keyboard controls.
- Player-moving transitions now default to a fade-in/out teleport. (You may toggle back to movement animations via the F1 key.)
- Buoyant objects (including the ship) no longer sway/rotate with waves by default, but do bob up and down. This was done to reduce nausea for some users, and can be toggled off/on via the F2 key.
- By popular demand, rotating your head now also rotates your body by default. This can also be reverted back to "decoupled" mode via the F3 key.
- The above settings and graphics quality level are preserved between launches.
- Added a few missing colliders. (Nuisance obstacles, like ropes and belaying-pins, remain incorporeal because a real human would just step past/around them.)
- The ocean now has a few whitecaps, smoother shoreline edges, surface ripples, and reduced sky reflection intensity.
- Ocean wave heights now transition smoothly between calm/storm.
- Fixed an issue where sinking particles didn't draw properly.
- The player is now kept vertical relative to the world while in the longboat, to reduce seasickness.
- Fixed an issue where the ship-model teleport didn't always return the player to its starting position.
- Removed Bloom and added-in MSAA for "default and higher quality levels". (mode 4=2x, 5=4x, 6=8x AA)
- Fixed an issue where ocean-surface collision could happen in the hold.
- Drinking wine again after recently sobering-up didn't get you tipsy right away.
- 12 Steam Achievements! Who will be first to collect them all?

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