Nov 23, 2017
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
Did you see that Steam autumn sale has started?
And you can nominate games to earn some badge, get Steam XPs and maybe a level up!

Maybe you could go and nominate "12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas" for The “Labor of Love” Award? We know that specific game doesn’t get new content, but we keep bringing you new games in Hercules series! But kids of Hellas are probably labor of love between Hercules and Megara ːGlamBoxː

How about "Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures" !?
You just love that game, right? Then nominate it for The “No Apologies” Award. Unconditionally.

How would you nominate other games? Drop us a comment.

And don’t forget you can earn extra badge for reviewing game you’ve nominated!

This would also be great time to grab any missing titles from the store, since ALL our titles are on sale!
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
JetDogs is announcing a fabulous opportunity for fans to be part of the team for Wanderland, the game with a deep storyline, fairy tale graphics and amazing locations!

How By helping us localize Wanderland into your native language. You'll win some great awards, too:
Every contributor who translators more than 5% of the text will get 3 copies of any JetDogs game and 3 copies of any Wanderland DLCs of their choice.
Even better, when the project is finished, the Top 10 contributors for each language (in volume) will get a special prize: all the Wanderland DLCs and a copy of every JetDogs game!

We especially need translations into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, but we welcome any languages that we don't already have. Don't see your native language? Don't worry: you can add any language you want to the project.

Start ​participating here:

Make sure to read the technical specs first​, and ​
do not change, translate or delete any of the following:
1) ​%d or%s
2) Anything between "<" and ">". For example <br> should not be translated, and for "<font color=Blue>
<font color=Blue>1 energy</font> I want to eat </font>​," only “1 energy” and “I want to eat” should get translated.
​3) &nbps:;

​We're looking forward to get your translations!

P.S. Please, don't try to goodle translate it! We'll check it and ban participant.
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
The best JetDogs traditions, art and story line has been put in the game. Try and enjoy!
Take part in the long and dangerous journey with Alicia and find out why her father had been disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
- Quick progress;
- More effectiveness in the fight against enemies;
- Improve Magic Well and Ruby dragon;
- It will help to activate the rare collections more quickly;
- Make easier to perform tasks Archivist.
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
Greetings to all Knights, Princesses, Fearsome Goblins, Rattling Skeletons, and Other Enchanted Forest Dwellers!
More than gold is buried in Wanderland: you'll also find keys, powerful keys that open up passages to other worlds for you.
Journey to the dark void of outer space in "Galaxy Admirals." Travel back in time to ancient Greece with the "12 Labours of Hercules." Or even visit the mysterious, creepy universe of "Cursed."
Once per month whenever you spend over $2.99 USD in Wanderland, you'll get a random bonus reward key for one of JetDogs' great games.
So wander through Wanderland and be rewarded!
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
Hey JetDoggers,
Join the Jetdogs Studios group on Steam. There you can find all the latest news about our released games as well as about the progress in creating our new games. And what is more, every week we publish posts about discounts and other goodies, giveaway keys, play our games together etc. Catch the spirit!
Join the group
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna (JetDogs)
Check out "12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus"
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna
News flash! JetDogs has released multiplayer, turn-based cosmic strategy game "Galaxy Admirals" in the Apple Store for free.
Yes, this spectacular game is available for all your mobile IOS devices. Now you can play it anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. See you in "Galaxy Admirals," Commander!
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna
Don’t forget to join our Steam group to learn more about our games, events and give-aways
Galaxy Admirals - Karyna
Don’t forget to join our Steam group to learn more about our games, events and give-aways

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