SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames

First Update is coming , and when ready ,
Next updates will come very fast.
Be patient

Stay in touch in July First days.
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
Hi ,

Thanks for all SHOWTIME 2073 players.

I'm come back on SHOWTIME 2073 and Need you.

I start a one year of update of the game with update every month.
i hope to make a great and good game.
So first Date is june 13 2017 , for the first update.

Please Comment , say you like the game , or everything you want to say.
i am listening and work on it


B.Nicolas SHOWTIME 2073 Developer
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
Thanks to lot of people have really enjoy the game.
I'm working hard on next updates and every people who want help me to make this game great can now use INDIEGOGO campaign.
Because i need servers, support , hardware and time , money is welcome.

So , be sure the game is coming but it can become faster and Big with help.


Link here :

Apr 6, 2016
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
Lot of people want the next Update of the game and it is comming soon...
Be Ready and Patient too.
Because lot of people like the game , i really want to make anAwesome Update and make the game better.
So i certainly need Beta tester for Multyplayer beta.
Just post a comment say " i want test the beta multyplayer "
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
Lot of Work but a First Update come this Week.
Thanks to all people have do a big " Welcome " to the game.
Mar 2, 2016
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
Another big thank you to all and the game community that grows every day. Do I start the developement of updates and update the game that will be published every 2 weeks.
so here is the program of what will happen and appear in the game:

MOST WANTED by community :

more guns,weapons
more game mod
controller supporting more
saving options
audio options
slow motion options
more Maps
Complete menu
Boss level
invert mouse options
dancing girl can be shoot
steam achievements
trading cards
multiplayers mod
linux compatibility more

VERY GOOD Community ideas :

Red enemies follow one player. Blue player two enemies follow
* The two players must work together using the map to bring Their
Pursuers Sami to the location in order to make Their shields interfere.
-Also, Speaking of Running Man: How about Adding in a Presenter? One That wants you to die, and rallies the audience at home à son side?

Follow the game and above all continue to post future developements wishes.
SHOWTIME 2073 - genomgames
If you like the game , recommand it on steam and review it ( just few word who represent your feeling with the game ).Share it with you friends , make video on it ...

Why ?

Because i realy want make this game better and have more contents.
It is possible if lot of people know it and support the game.
the price is low and i want it stay low ...

Little things can be great !


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