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G'day, Forts fans! It's been a couple of weeks since the launch of the new Moonshot DLC, and we couldn't be happier with the response it has received. So great to see so many servers with the blue Moonshot icon. Since launch, we've been busy listening to and responding to your feedback, the results of which are contained in this update.

Moonshot Invitational Tournament
Recently, we saw Moonshot get a thorough play through by some of Forts' experienced players in the Moonshot Invitational Tournament. The new features and weapons were deployed over the course of some 1v1 regular battles, 1v1 & 2v2 Capture Point matches, and rounded off with a 4v4 maelstrom including the hosts Frazz and Incursus. Check it out on one of these links!


Capture Point Template Map

We've added a capture point template map for those wanting to create maps for the new game mode. The map can be found under the name 'dlc1_MP0(Template - CP mode)' in the editor. We have also put together a guide to help you get started.

Changelist for release 2019-07-05a

Add: option to hide rank in lobby
Add: Include capture point template (dlc1_MP0)
Add: season number and its dates to Ranked menu
Add: convert neutral portal structures to background throughout Moonshot campaign to avoid splash and emp issues
Add: increase max free particles from 1000 to 2000
Add: make brake power consumption proportional to strength
Add: BrakeLevels shifted +1 to be easier to understand (0 -> stop dead, 1 -> disabled)
Add: no-build block flag (Alt + C) for derrick areas
Add: no build flag to blocks to all derricks in capture maps
Add: portal destruction effect set to new effect adapted from shield destroy
Add: RequiresMoonshot set automatically when making a new map
Add: new RequiresVanilla flag that disables a mod when Moonshot is enabled

Balance: no fires lit and no solid damage if beam is moving fast
Balance: increase Magnabeam reload period from 14s to 28s
Balance: increase Buster charge time by ~30%

Optimise: convert meffect_list from a list to a vector to save making many small memory allocations
Optimise: reserve space for 1000 sorted effects

Fix: some systems can run out of memory due to integrated display drivers using application memory (double virtual memory available to 4GB)
Fix: crash when a projectile action spawns a new mesh projectile with none available
Fix: mesh projectiles can run out, temporarily preventing the spawning of new ones
Fix: crash when Armourdillo commander is used with Extra Stuff++ mod
Fix: crash in ClientManager::Update during replay when a mod change causes ClientData::mSelectedDeviceIndex to go out of range
Fix: another instance where out of range ClientData::mSelectedDeviceIndex can cause a crash
Fix: crash with invalid edge indices
Fix: copying ground blocks with custom envs textures & surfaces are lost and auto environmental effects are added incorrectly
Fix: field auto env effects in custom env are not created
Fix: when converting to another environment surface indices can become invalid or change into common surfaces
Fix: Ctrl + Delete crashes editor if environmental effect props are associated with any of them
Fix: after creating a new block with blank edges, it's hard to change the edges of the whole block
Fix: EMP and swarm missile projectiles collide with background portals
Fix: EffectsManager gets a large delta at the end of loading while World zeros it, causing many effects to expire
Fix: environmental effects don't have their lifespans extended, causing them to periodically expire
Fix: environmental effects expire if time is sped up
Fix: effect script and missile trail filename exceeding buffer limits can be used without warning
Fix: crash drawing rare invalid effects
Fix: debugging sprite on smoke projectile remains
Fix: smokebomb projectile sprite is missing
Fix: portals can be linked while/after changing materials
Fix: replacing materials doesn't instantly unlink portals or cancel warmup
Fix: Store::Load accessing NULL file that should exist (blocked by antivirus?)
Fix: portals can only be used once per frame per projectile/beam
Fix: new tech building descriptions not showing - device strings.lua files not commited to repository
Fix: It's possible to extrude rope from disabled materials (e.g. backbarrier)
Fix: mExtrudeMaterialIndex is invalid if Extrusion.DefaultMaterial is not found
Fix: You can build devices over new bracing that's been replaced with armour
Fix: Spy enemy resource panel is out of sync with the rest of the HUD
Fix: In 'Head in the Sand' and 'Fire in the Hole' if you upgrade mines they won't count towards the objective
Fix: missiles can be previewed upside down on 'Sever & Seize'
Fix: derricks in capture maps can be destroyed using portals
Fix: neutral portals are vulnerable to splash and emp, and behaviour is buggy when disabled by emp
Fix: weapon refire can be stuck repeatedly trying to fire against the edge of a door
Fix: in Mission 114 AI can't build foundations on the fissure between the ground and safe zone
Fix: can't build to a backbarrier foundation on Close Quarters
Fix: free particles are not cleaned up in CampaignScreen::ExitCampaign
Fix: Barrier material not invulnerable
Fix: incendiary projectiles fail to collide with ground when passing a non-flammable strut in the same frame
Fix: 'A Bridge Too Far' objective Don't attach to floating islands granted incorrectly
Fix: portals are enabled in height challenge
Fix: brake context button has a placeholder texture
Fix: negative and zero brake levels broken
Fix: sparks keyframes can be empty, and no warning is shown
Fix: Russian 'Unranked' translation overlaps rank category buttons
Fix: incorrect initial hitpoints at times, causing desync when repairs are attempted
Fix: extruding a shield over a ground device fails and leaves behind a standin-foundation, preventing further construction
Fix: ground devices can be placed below ground at the back in 'Lock Pick'
Fix: brake context menu doesn't show current state for 10%
Fix: Fmod falls back on nosound to allow players to play multiplayer when init fails
Fix: Desync when restoring some portals from keyframes
Fix: can't hit background devices in some situations
Fix: "Log into Steam and go online to use this feature" is overlapped with player and map columns
Fix: Background team blocks auto-orientation
Fix: crash when Moonshine extrudes portal over weapon
Fix: extrusion looks up active materials
Fix: when extruding a short portal preview works but construction fails (now substitutes bracing)
Fix: when extruding a long portal it fails without preview (now substitutes bracing)
Fix: extrusion fails if current selected material is too long (use support material instead)
Fix: attempt to link nodes to self when extruding large portal box
Fix: very short portal extrusions are possible and don't have previews
Fix: extrusions so short that the cross brace fail are common (increased minimum offset from 30 to 40)
Fix: weapon bounding box is not lifted at the base to allow placement near armour below, or retrofitting
Fix: big explosion missing when howitzer collides with a shield
Fix: flamingbuzzsaw is missing RayDamage
Fix: standard forts are out of date
Fix: crash when old chat lines with workshop icons are culled (unlimited history again)
Fix: crash when updating refire on weapon with no resource account
Fix: crash when showing very large production and capacity values for device tags

Remove: AlienFX lighting turned off by default to avoid crashes (now opt in)
Remove: 'avoiding writing keyframe due to paint required' console spam
Remove: extended block details for unselected terrain
Remove: near zero factor brakes
Remove: brakes reducing speed below BrakeMinSpeed threshold

Thanks for playing Forts!


Forts - [DEV] Blammo

G'day Forts fans! Now that the Moonshot DLC has been out for a while, we'd like to announce the introduction of Forts seasons for the ranked matches and leaderboard. Our intention with this to give the ranked scene some momentum and context, and do away with the stagnation an endless 'season' has created.

How it works
  • The leaderboards have been reset.
  • Starting today, July 1st 2019, seasons will run for three months.
  • At the end of each season, the first second and third placed players will be awarded medals in the form of in-game icons placed next to their name in the leaderboard.
  • Icons will be Gold, Silver and Bronze, and will have a number denoting the season in which the medal was earned.
  • Visibility of these icons in lobbies can be turned on and off, so as to avoid being kicked for being 'too good'.

We'd like to take this opportunity to say well done to the top placed players as of the old leaderboards, who are as follows:

Ranked 1v1
  1. samsam
  2. QASAklim_
  3. The Mouther 'Fudger'
Ranked 2v2
  1. 42 scientist
  2. trekjeft
  3. CronkhinatorYT
Looking forward to seeing some high level play, and who will be the champions of season 1! Leaderboards being reset in 3... 2... 1...

Thanks for playing Forts!

Forts - [DEV] Blammo

To celebrate the launch of Forts - Moonshot, several of Forts' experienced community members are taking each other on in an invitation-only tournament.

The tournament will consist of 1v1 standard battles, followed by 1v1 contests on new Capture Point maps, rounding out with 2v2 Capture Point encounters, all the while showcasing the new weapons and features of the DLC.

Date: Saturday 22nd June
Time: 12noon PDT / 3pm ET / 7pm UCT-GMT

Where to watch:


Hope to see you there, and thanks for playing Forts!
Forts - Valve
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Check out the brand new DLC Moonshot!

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Forts - [DEV] Blammo

G'day Forts Fans! After much work over the previous 12-18 months, we're happy to say that Forts - Moonshot DLC is out! Read on to find out more or go straight to the store page!

Take command of the Combined Forces in their battle to beat back a resurgent Black Penguin Oil in Forts’ first DLC. Moonshot DLC features a whole new campaign, new weapons, features and commanders!

Fight to recover the moontech across the Pacific Rim, in four new theatres of combat, unlocking new weapons, and discovering new features.


  • Shreds bracing and background bracing
  • Self-destructs after three shots
  • Requires: Workshop


  • Blinds enemy anti-air defences
  • Prevents enemy construction and repair. Blocks laser weapons.
  • Requires: Armoury


  • Causes huge structural damage
  • Projectile has multiple hitpoints
  • Requires: Munitions Plant


  • Attracts projectiles to point of impact
  • Requires: Factory

Discover all the new possibilities of attack and defence with the portal.

  • Link portals to pass weapons through
  • Switch direction of fire
  • Draws energy during operation

Moonshot brings with it a new gameplay mode, requiring players to fight over battlefield derricks in order to activate the endgame.

  • Connect to a derrick to decrease points
  • The more derricks controlled, the faster the rate of depletion
  • Depletion of all points causes enemy blastdoor to open, allowing reactor to be attacked

Marshal your fort with one of the new Combined Forces commanders


  • Passive: AP Sniper can target for Silos
  • Active: Depleted uranium shells. EMP Sniper - Sniper can disable weapons, devices and doors


  • Passive: Shields block AP snipers/Shields behave like doors
  • Active: AoE weapons swap explosive power for EMP capability


  • Passive: Cloaked weapons until damaged. Dummy Weapons (appear ghosted for player)
  • Active: Uproot and move weapons almost instantly. Silent weapons

Combined Forces HUD
New in-game Combined Forces HUD for you to enjoy

Moonshot Music
All-new soundtrack, also available to purchase separately.

NB - Replays are subject to desyncs, which will be addressed as soon as possible.
Forts - [DEV] Blammo

G’day, Forts fans! We hope you’ve had a good 2019 so far. We’d like to point you to our new EarthWork Games developer page, the central location for all things EWG, be they news, content or social media links. Head over here and give the page a ‘follow’ to ensure you don’t miss out on any new updates.

Mod Picks
Forts is lucky to have so many diligent modders, and we love seeing what they come up with. There’s so much creativity out there that we’d like to highlight a couple of notable ones.

Birdie’s Mod
This epic mod, created by SamsterBirdies contains a whole host of extra weapons, devices and... helicopters. Fantastic work, Samster!

BFC v2
A collaboration between Trollodel and CreeLoPer27, this mod brings an upgrade of the Big Flippin’ Gun, with the penetrative power to go through 10/15 layers of armour. That’s a lot of flippin’ armour!

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, we’d like to draw your attention to this most ubiquitous of mods. Created by General Tanya-Chan, it adds a ton of new weapons, as well as alternate suped-up versions of the commanders. Amazing, and it keeps getting better!

Thanks for playing Forts!

Forts - Valve
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Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Forts - [DEV] Nozehed

G'day FORTS Fans!

It has been long awaited, but we're back with The Official FORTS Tournament XIV !

This will be a 2v2 TDM tournament. It is being organised by the awesome [FR/Official] FORTS Communauté Véritable, and is open to everyone and all languages.

In order to participate, you must do the following...
  • Join the FORTS Discord
  • Send a direct message on Discord to 42 scientist#6023 saying you want to enter the tournament.
  • Your name on Discord and Steam have to match.
  • No long, obscure or offensive names allowed.
  • At this stage your team will be entered into the tournament bracket as a competitor.

  • Tournament starts March 9th at...
  • 3pm (EST Eastern USA)
  • 8PM UTC/GMT (London)
  • 9PM CET (France)
  • 7AM AEDT March 10th (Eastern Australia)


  • 2v2 Team Death Match
  • Single Elimination
  • 15 minute battle time limit
  • Ton of Guns enabled
  • Commanders enabled
  • Draws decided by total damage inflicted
  • 16 competitors max
  • No suicides
  • Late or missing players instantly forfeit
  • Finals match is best of 3

Smash Gaming Twitch Channel
Project Incursus Youtube Channel
Communauté Véritable Twitch Channel (French stream)

(chosen randomly during the tournament)

Abyss 2v2

Balls 2v2

Vanilla Large 2v2

Stalactites 2v2

Wingman 2v2

Snow Leopards 2v2

Caverns 2v2

Up & Down 2v2

note: Earthwork Games reserves the right to make changes to this event as needed
Forts - [DEV] BeeMan

G'day Forts fans, and happy new year! We've got another hotfix for you today. It should smooth out a few problems we've noticed since the December update.

One issue was that mass was being ignored for weapons and always defaulting to 40. To avoid disrupting already published mods, we have introduced a new variable called WeaponMass, which works only for weapons. Mod authors will have to set this instead of the usual Mass in order to change it from the default of 40. We've updated the built-in weapons, so the bigger weapons will put additional strain on the structure.

As always, if you notice any issues or have questions, please let us know.

Thanks for playing Forts!


Build 2019-01-11a Changelist
Add: WeaponMass variable which defaults to 40 if not set, and writes a warning to the log
Add: don't allow access to multiplayer if sound fails to initialise to prevent desyncs
Add: show a message and open known issues guide if the software renderer is detected
Add: don't record desync if any of the clients has a ping greater than a threshold (1 second)
Add: enable DebugDataDesync for every progressive checksum
Add: effects checksum to progressive data checksum debugging
Add: include host's version of the full desync in the desync detected message to immediately set sync state and print it out
Add: rewrite host log when the full tick check has been received
Add: defer sending desync files until full tick check has been received by host
Add: log data desync detail to separate file on data desync
Add: separated material, device, projectile and effect data checksum debugging for granular desync diagnosis
Add: Replay.DataDesyncEnabled to allow disabling data desync detection in replays
Add: if there is no device/material description for a language default to English

Optimise: don't take desync screenshot with console fully dropped
Optimise: don't send current (simplified) world dump on desync (not useful)

Fix: entire effects cache has its checksum calculated when index wraps
Fix: effect scripts and samples are loaded from the drive root
Fix: crash in DeviceEditor::DrawLaserPainting when mCurrentDeviceTypeIndex is -1
Fix: access to freed memory when upgrading a device
Fix: sandbox replays desync when firing weapons (always allow when player is promiscuous)
Fix: DebugDataDesync is incomplete for the first frame
Fix: crash when logging Msg::set_weapon_target and device not found
Fix: replay data desync immediately after recording a sandbox game (ambient effect loading)
Fix: crash when client selects a map while the host disconnects while loading game or map select screen
Fix: Hide enemy fort during truce shows struts and cladding
Fix: FileSelect button to cycle previews doesn't have an effect
Fix: desync when firing machine gun while AI is shooting it esp. when show cursors is on
Fix: lagging players don't drop out before they desync
Fix: desync message is duplicated in the console
Fix: last two desync screenshots don't add anything - now focus on team 1 and team 2 home screens
Fix: fog of war is enabled in desync screenshots
Fix: weapon mass has no effect (removed from simple data and now referenced directly from DeviceSlot)
Fix: crash when client tries to receive host desync files over LAN
Fix: desync files not always sent by the correct channel
Fix: sprite effect and sparks effect checksums were not being calculated
Fix: sparks effect keyframe was not having the complete data checksum done
Fix: randomised SpriteEffect mangular_deviation was incorrectly part of the data checksum
Fix: Data desync due to environment ambient effect inconsistently loaded
Fix: in some cases devices don't add any mass to the structure
Fix: memory allocation failure when loading Japanese language in 4K resolution
Fix: set window position before showing the window to prevent it jumping
Fix: AI doesn't build in some position on large multi-fort maps
Fix: crash when downloading replays while browsing another FileSelect screen
Fix: update mNextPhysicsFrameCutOff immediately after physics frame is updated - should reduce physics stalls
Fix: Escape during cutscene pause starts play instead of unpausing
Fix: Objective 2 Mission 6 description is incorrect in German. Should be "Schießen Sie AUF DIE Miniguns durch geschlossene Türen."
Fix: nested quotation marks in Portuguese for Mission 401 cause string loading errors
Fix: multi-group select & delete removes the wrong blocks and can crash
Fix: materials crash if Node value is missing
Fix: looping audio when quitting motherlode victory or defeat movie
Fix: AlienFX checkbox doesn't stay checked after restarting
Fix: 20mm rounds apply splash damage when reflected off Scattershot's shields
Fix: ui/screens/strings.lua unnecessarily reloaded (including in mods) every time a page effect is triggered
Fix: localisation of debug readout in map editor
Fix: prefab forts are out of date
Fix: dynamic parsing of Map and user selected mod scripts (no need to restart when adding new scripts)
Fix: various minor code correctness issues
Fix: AI exception when creating link and PosB doesn't exist in the action
Fix: extend client list box to the right to contain longest strings
Fix: reduce size of client list text to reduce obstruction during play
Fix: reduced precision of cursor position readout in map editor
Fix: FileSelect mProgress isn't always initialised, causing crash when downloading
Fix: ModManager::ApplyMod assumes a file exists if it's in mModFiles, causing a crash if it's missing

Remove: holiday theming
Remove: requirement for workshop mods to have a "mod.lua" script
Forts - [DEV] Blammo

G'day Forts Fans!

Well, it's been a long year, with a lot of bullets fired, and many a fort coming tumbling down. We hope you have enjoyed all the extra features and functionalty we have brought you, and all the great output from the modding community.

The EarthWork Games team will be taking a break for a couple of weeks to recharge. We have big plans for next year, but in the meantime we're bringing you the last fixes of the year, along with a sprinkle of festive spirit to the game...

Release 2018-12-23a
Add: button to download featured replays, instead of automatically at start
Add: video card model and driver version to log
Add: message box when uploads are still in progress on exit
Add: in-game message box to query player about desync report upload
Add: notification and progress bars when crash or desync uploads are in progress on exit

Optimise: don't calculate checksum twice when writing a replay keyframe

Fix: some players have a black screen on start
- Add a checkbox to enable refresh rate selection
- Add a message box the first time a display mode with frequency is set
Fix: crash in Node::AddToChecksum when team projectile types are not even
Fix: replay desync when placing ropes
Fix: BreakStructure can destroy nodes when close to the ground
Fix: translation not provided if mainmenu has no strings table for the current language
Fix: application VSync option is not used (was always on)
Fix: crash when pressing Edit with no map selected
Fix: disconnected close ranked matches are always given to Team1
Fix: fires not extinguished for victors in TDM
Fix: when all items in a HUD tab have been maxed out, an item in another tab can be selected
Fix: when a device is selected which can't be built, it's not possible to select structure
Fix: the lobby chat edit box can overflow
Fix: players can spam the chat, causing performance issues and disconnection for others
Fix: desync/crash when a player replaces a material adjacent to where another player is placing a device
Fix: weapons can fire after being disconnected due to latency
Fix: tick profiling is inaccurate
Fix: seams are visible in HUD background
Fix: desync files are not considered to be uploading during the 5s delay
Fix: hung workshop downloads cause a loop which spams log, network and CPU
Fix: chat history workshop download buttons sometimes reappear

Remove: obsolete colour depth display/selection from options screen

Happy Holidays!

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