Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
"Neutron Star" Preview

Hey everyone,
I have been working on some more content for Gravity Lab!

The "Neutron Star" update will bring 9 new levels, a new environment and a new mechanic.

I am still fine-tuning the levels, but if you are keen, you can check out the first level by switching to the the Beta branch on Steam!

Includes Knuckles Support

1.6 does include support for Knuckles controllers! However, this support is based on the curl values reported pre-EV2. To use your EV2 Knuckles, you need to manually bind the curl values to the axes in the rebind tool. You need to unhide them in this file though: steamapps\common\SteamVRKnucklesDriver\resources\input\knuckles_profile.json
Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
Hey everyone,

I have uploaded a new version just now (version number 1.51, Build ID 2554420) which should fix the grip button issue.

For anyone who is interested in what caused the bug, I filed an issue on the SteamVR github page with more details:

Thank you to everyone who reported this issue.
Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
// Update Feb 25th
This issue has now been fixed:

// Original Post

Hey everyone,

I am working on a new fix for this. Sorry if the game isn't working currently. Something has changed in the SteamVR backend and the method to get the grip buttons (which has worked for the last 2 years) stopped working reliably. I was hoping this was just a fluke in the SteamVR beta, but it looks like it went now into the main branch....

Feel free to refund the game. Sorry for the broken teleport :(

Will update the store page ASAP once I have fixed it.
Aug 27, 2017
Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
Hey folks,

I have just pushed update 1.1, which replaces the laser pointer UI and controllers with actual hands.

It looks like this:

There are also some minor bug fixes as well as the ability to grab two items at once.

The game has also been renamed to "Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations".
Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
Just a tiny update which fixes the level progression issue some users were having.

Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
Hey everyone,

version 1.0 is out now :). It brings 7 new levels with 3 difficulty settings each.

With this update, Grav|Lab transitions from Early Access to Full Release, but that doesn't mean the updates will stop! :)

For the coming months, I am planning to release more levels via the built-in Workshop and add more features and probably a bit more polish to the existing gameplay.

I'd like to thank everybody who played Grav|Lab during its Early Access phase. The game would have been very different with your feedback and input :).

Apr 24, 2017
Gravity Lab - Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations - skyworxx
The Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations would like to welcome you to our new lunar testing facility.


new intro environment
new reception environment
new level environments

[Level Changes]
recreated most Basic Testing levels and changed sequence

[Item Changes]
new item: bouncer (in Professional Testing)
new item: tubes (for level creators)
new item: spinner (for level creators)
spawner has now a max number of balls produced
signal generators have now a speed setting and clocks are synced
upgraded acceleration tube (removes inconsistency added by the tube)
signal generator has now a better indication on when it is off
gate can now be set inverted or not inverted

[Community Features]

level editor with progression indicators
custom workshop (experimental)

balls now make sounds
music player
camera can now tweet gifs (need to be saved first)
hand smoothing

[Quality of Life features]

level progression save
height offset
miniature mode (experimental)

[Game Changes]
new intro environment
new reception environment
new level environments
new audio for each level

[Menu Changes]
new graphic options
new startup dialog for graphics settings
controller labels turned off by default; added proper tutorial cards
Community Announcements - skyworxx
Hey Folks,

I have been working on a new website that will list all campaign levels and display the highscore lists:

Let me know what you think :)
Community Announcements - skyworxx
Just to prevent a little bit of confusion:

The Steam version of Grav|Lab has support for both native OpenVR and native OVR. This means when you play Grav|Lab with a Vive connected, it uses the native OpenVR runtime and when you play it with a Rift, it has access to the native Oculus runtime.

The Steam version has also access to Steam Workshop.

Happy Touch launch everybody :)
Community Announcements - skyworxx
Hey folks,

EAv9 should be rolling out over the coming hours. This update mainly focuses on performance. Performance was good to begin with, but now it should be even better!
If you're running a GTX970, you can probably run 4x or even 8x MSAA on the "Fastest" graphics setting with 1.0 renderscale. This is obviously dependent on the level.

If you have any faster card, you should be able to crank everything up to the max and even run high multipliers for renderscale.

One of the main reasons for further performance improvement was the new level editor I am working on. Eventually, players will be able to build their custom environment and while the stock levels are quite minimalist, the performance headroom will greatly help in large custom levels.

This update also adds icons for the level editor & sandbox parts as well fixes some of the level saving issues.

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