Killing Room - Corwin8
Hi everyone,

we would like to show you our upcoming game, Band of Defenders, that is now "Coming Soon on Steam".
You will find it here:
Killing Room - Corwin8

we would like to thank you for feedback and support you gave us, it really helped us realize (and fix) many mistakes we did with Killing Room. We would also like to ask for your help as we started Greenlight campaign for our new game, coop FPS with tower defense elements called Band of Defenders.

Killing Room was our first real PC game and with Band of Defenders we want to use all experience we got to make much better game.

You can vote for it here:

Thanks again!
Killing Room - Corwin8

How do you like your eggs? We prefere explosive! New update is here and it is easter-themed. We have new decoration and in-game explosive eggs, but we also fixed few smaller bugs and balanced game more.

  • Balance of boss battles
  • Snowman shooter nerf - he is really fragile now so he won't be such a problem for most of the players
  • Smaller bug fixes
  • Easter decoration
  • Explosive easter eggs
Killing Room - Corwin8
Hi! We are here with one smaller but still very important patch. Most of all, we are fixing bug that returned to our game in previous update which made game almost unplayable when you had item Old Socks. But we tweaked various other things and we continue in balancing boss difficulty. We are reducing difficulty for third boss (Duna worm), fifth boss (KungFu snowman) and sixth boss (Demon) which we boosted a little bit too much in previous updates.
Hope you like it!

  • Bugfix for item Old Socks
  • Duna boss now spawns 2 small worms again, not 3
  • Demon boss has reduced HP
  • KungFu boss damage significantly decreased
  • Various small fixes
Killing Room - Corwin8

Hi there,
we are here with new update to Killing Room. Christmas is all around us and Killing Room is no exception. Apart from christmas themed content we focused on balancing and some more reality show immersion. Details below.

Christmas content
  • Six new items! (thanks for all of your tips, you really helped us!)
  • New christmas decoration for Main Menu
  • Exploding gifts!
  • Christmas tree with gift in starting room
  • New music for Main Menu

Christmas content will disappear from game after January 6th so make sure to enjoy it while you can! (only christmas themed items will remain)

Other improvements
  • More boss battles balancing - we are analyzing boss statistics to achieve the best possible flow and difficulty, your battles with bosses are most helpful!
  • Flying camera in every room that follows you so you know that each of your steps and deaths is being watched and broadcasted :-)
  • + various fixes throughout the game

Hope you enjoy it!
Killing Room - Corwin8


We have new update for you. As always, it contains some bugfixes, improvements and some new content focused on traps and enemy groups that you will encounter. But we are also trying to balance game a little bit more so you can enjoy it with as little frustration as possible.

New content:
  • New enemy groups, mostly hard ones (more than 100)
  • New trap room variations in each "world"
  • New achievement for beating game on Hardcore mode

  • Frost rifle shooting in wrong direction sometimes
  • Two achievements fixed - Quiter and Unlimited Gun Works (it was part of previous hotfix with no announcement so we are only writing it here to make it more visible)
  • Bad item not working if it deducts from 0 and you later increase that stat
    Various fixes to Online Voting - if it still won't work for you, please, let us know
  • Left Shift key not bindable
  • Puzzle rooms activating even before player opens the door
  • Player sometimes losing bonus from items that give more/less points to character development (Kingpin, Mollycoddle etc)
  • Player soemtimes obtains wrong bad item from Wheel of Fortune (game informs you about one item and gives you different one)

Balancing and improvements:
  • Boss 2 (Snowman) has now reduced HP
  • Boss 4 has now reduced HP
  • Boss 5 has now reduced HP
  • Boss 7 has now more HP and gives you more collision damage
  • Boss 8 has now more HP, much stronger attacks and spawns more dangerous snowman types
    Increased range for melee weapons
Killing Room - Corwin8

This is our "HARDCORE" update that brings new difficulty for players who think that Killing Room is too easy. HARDCORE mode gives you less Ammo and lower starting stats and it also makes you more fragile (25% increased damage from all sources). You also get one Bad perk at the start of each game. We didn't lower your stamina and speed (because it would be frustrating) and you can always use aiming to compensate for lowered accuracy stat (our aiming is now extremely precise). But hardcore mode isn't the only change in this update. There is a lot of balancing, fixing and improving. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Player takes 25% more damage from all sources
  • One random Bad Item on every new game
  • Lower starting stats of player's character
  • Less ammo on weapon pickup

  • Another part of solution to fps drops
  • Some cases of crashes
  • Enemies outside the room preventing player to continue to other rooms
  • Various fixes to Online Voting and Item generating
  • Many other small and tiny fixes

  • Higher popularity deduction for entering main rooms (unpopular one, we know, but it was too easy to maintain high popularity with additional ammo loot from previous update)
  • Player takes less damage from explosions
  • Enemies are frozen for longer period of time
  • Tough bosses get lower health (Snowman boss #1)
  • Easy bosses get more health, better behaviour and sometimes even stronger attacks

Changes and improvements:
  • More bindable keys (right shift, mouse buttons etc)
  • You cannot open coffin with insufficient popularity
  • More accurately working lockpicking
  • Better freezing of enemies and objects, more freezable objects

We are preparing new update that will probably take more time - some new puzzle/trap rooms and new enemy groups, together with fixes, more balancing and anything you guys tell us to do (if we can do it and if we think that it will make game better!). ːwink_krː
Killing Room - Corwin8
Let's celebrate Halloween holiday in Killing Room!

With our new patch we are still focused on fixing bugs and problems and balancing difficulty. But this time we prepared also new content.

Halloween themed content:
  • Halloween-style Main Menu
  • Pumpkin explosives (much more fragile than ordinary ones, you have been warned)
  • 5 new Items giving you various bonuses and powers ("levitation", immunity to some zombie attacks, life stealing)

Ammo loot content:
  • We added new loot for ammo. It can be found in coffins, fridges and shops (for 600 bucks).

  • More health for boss creatures 2,4,5,6,7 and 8
  • Less health for boss creature 3 (Duna worm)
  • Explosives now deal more damage to boss creatures
  • Spiderman T-shirt Item set as Legendary

Major fixes:
  • Some achievements not working
  • Crashes and framerate drops (work in progress but some issues were fixed and we are trying to make game run smoother during longer game sessions)
  • Progress bar missing in some cases in Boss rooms (and more problems associated with this) - it was problem with Item "Budget Cuts" and could cause boss room to be never completed
  • Some objects (like tables) stopped bullets
  • Charging worms suicides
  • Suicide booth not working properly
  • Points of Interest not generating with correct probabilities
  • Player stucking in some furniture (most notably chairs)
  • Item Room Pose not working properly
  • Loot from boss disappearing when player exits boss room
  • Player walking through walls and some other objects and falling down/dying from it (there are still tricky places, please, if you encouter them, tell us)
  • Player sometimes getting more ammo in weapons after dying and playing again

Small fixes
  • Item Steam Summer Sale not working in next level
  • Sound for picking-up coins sometimes too silent
  • 4th boss not taking damage when rotating with ray attack and exposing his back to the player
  • Switched text in Input settings for moving Left/Right
  • Slow movement when walking bind to RMB
  • Heavy breathing in Outro when player kills last boss with low stamina
  • Misspelled word Popularity on Armor machine
  • Item "Heels" causing problems with Online Voting

  • Better teleport menu
  • Second highlight of puzzle tooltips
  • Frozen enemies are not giving collision damage to player now
  • Some furniture in Morgue floors deleted

We are already working on another update that should bring you the biggest change yet - hardcore mode. Of course, together with another bugfixes, small improvements etc. Also we would like to thank you for your support and for caring about Killing Room, your bug reports and suggestions of improvements are helpful and it is the only thing that can make game get better and better!
Oct 26, 2016
Killing Room - Corwin8
We just released new small patch that takes care of problem caused by yesterdays update. You will no longer "not fall down" which occured most notably in "OldHospital" trap room with moving platforms. :-)

Bigger update coming on Friday!
Oct 25, 2016
Killing Room - Corwin8
Hi, we are glad that most of you like our game even with the problems it had (and has, we know about those :-) ). This is our first but not last update that fixes some bigger and smaller bugs and makes game more fun to play. Hope you like it. If not, tell us, you know that we are always ready to listen to your comments in Discussion part of Community hub. :-)

Major fixes:
  • Players falling through floor
  • Death counter adding 2 deaths after dying once
  • Game not working on 32bit Windows (you may need to delete game and do a fresh install if you have 32bit Windows)
  • Spiked Cube trap hitting player immediately after he enters the room

Small fixes:
  • Wrong spelling of word "Villain" in character menu
  • Bad description of item Richman (changed from 500 bucks to 2000, thx Jesse)
  • Wrong number of levels in one of the Hints on Loading Menu
  • Lockpicking visualy improved
  • Wrong description on one of the Suicidebooths buttons (function still bugged though)

Balancing and new features:
  • Increased ammo found in secondary weapons (better solution comming this Friday with proper ammo loot)
  • Some boss creatures have now Headshots and more health to
  • compensate for this change (all Snowman bosses and Demon boss)
    Reduces Stamina consumption while aiming
  • Higher shooting accuracy
  • Popularity deduction from opening coffins reduced to 5
  • Reduced number of votes for Online Voting to 3
  • Frozen enemies no more giving collision damage

Changes and fixes we are preparing for next patch:
  • Better logic for generating some room types
  • Halloween themed content
  • Better teleport menu
  • Fixing of many items and perks not working properly
  • Some items blocking bullets from reaching target (like space under the table)
  • Ammo loot!
  • Character breating in whole Outro if he finishes game without Stamina
  • FPS drops (hopefully!)
  • Suicidebooth fix
  • Steam achievements
  • and much more

Thanks for your support, we could never make better game without you all! We are already working on another, more polished I would say, update that will bring some new (Halloween themed) content and many more fixes and features meant to balance game (ammo loot will replace current "hotfix" with more ammo in weapons etc). There is still a lot of work to do, we know that and we won't disappoint you!

P.S. We are thinking about making game even easier - it would allow us create HARD mode that would be even more difficult than game in pre-patch state. What do you think? Would you like it or do you believe that there should be only one difficulty in rogue-like/lite genre?

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