Staxel - bartwe
This update was focused on improving questing and making completing a building slightly easier. It also features bug fixes and some other improvements.

  • Tiles placed on top of tables, counters and other storage places can now count towards a sign/postbox. (Tiles must appear full size, and not all signs (i.e. Barn, Chicken Coop etc) will accept stored items.)
  • If your inventory is full when an NPC gives you an item. They will send it via mail instead of dropping it on the ground. (Quests done before mailbox is given and certain other cases will not send mail.)
  • If a mail would give you money, claiming it will always give you the money.
  • Backup quest completion will now properly work for Aliza Max and Riah. (For old saves.)
  • Sleeping Bag will now appear in store as intended.
  • Fixed Riah trying to sell you a second totem, when she gives you a totem when your inventory is full.
  • If you told Aliza the barn is complete, Max will not require the barn to still be complete when talking to him.
  • Fixed Farm Fan acting crazy during the Harvest Festival.
  • Fixed up the case of two identical cardboard boxes showing up in game.
  • Postbox will now appear when searching for “mail” in the catalogues.
  • Made inventory screen more forgiving of mouse movement. Should solve some issues of cursor disappearing.
  • Villager job items can now include tiles placed in storage. But only if they count towards the sign.
  • Starbits will give an inventory full message if attempted to be picked up but will stay emitting particles.
  • Fix Morel being able to pathfind while at the Mushroom Island.
  • Box Deleter will no longer act like it is a Box Placer. You can now also get rid of it like normal.
  • Patch files will now give warnings on revalidation if they are patching nothing. (Can be turned off per file.)
Staxel - bartwe
A small update to fix up some bugs and other issues.
  • All NPC’s for festivals will reset every year. Allowing you to get the limited items, once per year.
  • Players no longer get debuffed for fainting in creative mode.
  • Removed a check that might have caused some people to not get the build a barn quest from Aliza.
  • Fixed Likes for Aliza, Cirahna, and Oscar. Added some additional likes as well.
  • Snails are now actually counted as snails by the game.
  • Starbits merchant will not help with Sell Boxes, nor mention that you can resell items.
  • Cecile’s monster is now more tolerable of multiplayer. (No longer pickup able at the wrong times, will respawn if missing etc.)
  • Fix a Null Reference that would occur if a .patch file was invalid.
  • Manifest files can no longer be edited by .patch files.
  • Added an “Are You Sure” check to deleting all mods.
  • Onigiri recipe now uses Boiled rice and not uncooked rice.
  • Fishing gatherables with negative spawn chance weight, will now be made positive.
  • Added a box deleter tool. Acts like the box placer, except only deletes the area.
  • Added a sleeping bag, which does not set the players home.
  • Made the earliest sleep time to a bit after midday.
  • Fixed several issues that occurred when attempting to do a daily quest after midnight.
  • NPC’s will (mostly) stay in their home until wake up time.
  • Farm Fan stays out for more of the night.
  • Game should no longer crash due to back in time exception.
Staxel - bartwe
This patch was focused on fixing a couple issues that were happening later in the game, as well as some other minor issues.

  • Added a button to swap an entire inventory row with the main row.
  • Added rotating the hotbar and inventory using alt+scrollwheel
  • Fix collections menu skipping half a page when pressing the arrows.
  • Slightly increase the height of the fishing pond to allow for more layers of water.
  • Fixed some bugs and fish not showing up in the collections menu.
  • Fix talking to Tourists early messing up Max’s final quest.
  • Fixed the delay on the sponge, causing it to place much later.
  • Fix 2 infinite dialogue loops for Max’s final quest.
  • Fix backup villager spawns for Max’s final quest.
  • Leif’s prison is now indestructible.
  • Treetop village will no longer teleport you before you hit the ground. It will teleport if you walk too far away.
  • Added a backup to Riah to complete the fishing spot quest for very old worlds.
  • Fixed a couple Null Pointer Exceptions.
  • Don’t crash if a player somehow gets the same exact quest twice.
  • Added priority to patch files. Higher priority means it is applied later.
Staxel - bartwe
This is an update that aims to fix some of the randomization issues, causing it to be harder than necessary to find items. As well as smoothing out some of the issues with quests.

  • Shops and Merchants now use a biased spawn system. They will rotate their stock with new items more regularly.
  • Added Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Table, Kitchen Counter, TV, Fridge, Door Frame, Bathtub, Sink, Toilet, Desk Clock, Computer and Office Filing cabinet to the furniture merchant.
  • Many totems are now excluded as being part of the town, including the barn and fishing spot. It should be easier to find a home for Cirahna and Morel.
  • Farm animals will now follow you if you have food, that you can give them, in your hands.
  • Petal rewards for quests have been slightly increased for all quests.
  • Pet houses can no longer be placed in Festival grounds. (Can no longer lose the pet permanently this way.
  • Animal renamer appears in the catalogue.
  • Fixed Easter eggs spawning when they should not be.
  • Increased the relative chance to get any Quest Fish.
  • Spider Cave and Cotton Island will now reset once a month.
  • Fixed a bug which could count a Quest Fish as part of the spawnable pool when it wasn’t.
  • Fixed a bug where after using a player renamer would mean that animal renamers would only rename the player.
  • Slop Trough is now distinct from the normal trough.
  • Pet shop shelves are now distinct from normal shelves.
  • Can no longer empty a sponge, if there is not space for it in the inventory.
  • Fixed Airship Parts and Mundane Transformation potion items being quest items.
  • Emelia will give you the cheesecake recipe if you have not already learnt it. (If you are not finished the quest, you can talk to her to gain it.)
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use the player list commands if the person had a space in their name.
  • Spare Rainbow Butterfly harvests can now be removed by talking to Vorlen after finishing his quest.
  • Spare Tower Door keys can now be removed by talking to Eris after finishing his quest.
  • Spare Demon Door keys can now be removed by talking to Jamie after finishing his quest.
  • Spare Game Contracts and Pitch Documents can now be removed by talking to Jamie after finishing his quest.
  • A new tile has been added to the catalogue. A small blue crate which you place quest items into.
  • Recipes will no longer content build if the result is a quest item. Unless you provide a value to bypass the check.
  • Fixed a couple of layer issues on easter Accessories.
  • Large number of updates to the Asset Manager.
  • Added an editor to the Asset Manager which allows you to edit world files. (e.g. Remove the cheat flag from worlds.)
Apr 26
Staxel - bartwe
This is a small update to fix some bugs found since the Arcade Update. (1.2.29)

  • Fixed an error that could occur when the postman failed to find a grocery store
  • Fixed another crash caused by an empty name in character generator.
  • Scythe has been sped up a tiny bit.
  • Fixed the offsetted Princess Dress model.
  • Fixed an issue where the controller could select nothing on the recipe screen. (And cause an internal crash.)
  • Fixed some cases where Cirahna would get stuck with no Dialogue when trying to check for mailboxes.
Apr 22
Staxel - bartwe

Take a trip back to the most excellent golden age of arcade gaming with the all new Arcade Mini-Games available in Staxel! After you've had the local video game enthusiast twist your arm to build them a sterling Arcade, simply interact with one of the normal Arcade Machines to gain access to the new mini-games. They come in three flavours, reflecting the playstyle of early arcade games, but we'll let you discover those for yourself. We hope you enjoy!

Staxel - bartwe
  • The arcade machine now contains 3 games.
  • The game now allows the user to add their own modded minigames to the Arcade Machine.
  • You can now edit mail by left clicking on the Mail Counter.
  • Candy prices have been lowered.
  • Villagers will always show when an item is unlocked.
  • Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 are now bindable.
  • Mouse buttons can now be double clicked to sprint. (If bound to movement.)
  • Magnifying glass now unlocks items you look at.
  • Stray Cat can now be spawned again if it goes missing. (By talking to Rosemary.)
  • Stray Cat should also avoid being taken if the quest is already complete, or not started by the player talking.
  • Eris will try to go to Daily quests more often.
  • Cirahna will give items again if they go missing.
  • Growth Time of the giant mushroom has been lowered to 1 day per visual change. (Down from 2.)
  • Wedding gifts can be sold, and are no longer quest items.
  • Barn sign is now sold with the rest of animal furniture once the barn quest is complete.
  • Players can now buy water from the callum was here catalogue, as long as they purchase it with starbits first.
  • Allow Mushroom walls to be searched for. (Will now also unlock in catalogue.)
  • Max will now remove the giant turnips as well as the seeds.
  • Changes to Max’s Friend quest to improve reliability. (If stuck talking to the villagers, try again and it should continue now.)
  • Watering Can stack size lowered to 1.
  • Watering Can should be used in crafting recipes 100% of the time now.
  • Restrict Lief from liking the upgraded tools, and thus requesting them.
  • Lower the distance required for Signs/Postboxes to be considered “Away From Town” (From 175 blocks away from any town totems to 100 blocks.)
Staxel - bartwe

Happy Easter everyone! It’s been one week since we launched Staxel and we're so grateful to our amazing community (including all you new players!) for making it happen!

This past week we've been working hard to fix all the pesky bugs that have showed up, and producing some eggcellent new content! That's right, Staxel now has 100% more eggs, of the sweet variety of course. From the 17th to the 24th of April each year, you'll find some colorful eggs popping up around your world! These eggs can be opened by interacting with them, and will give you some tasty treats. That's not all though, we've added some new easter themed accessories to collect from these eggs, but they're pretty rare!

We hope you're all enjoying Staxel and that you have fun with the Easter update! Now hop to it, those eggs won't be around forever!

Staxel - bartwe
Today, we released a new patch for Staxel, with version Staxel 1.4.28 (190418a)

This patch adds in a yearly easter event. Eggs are now all around staxel! Collect them to find some easter goodies.

The rest of this focuses on fixes various issues, including a fix to clothing appearing as coins and the lucky box dropping the wrong items. Improvements to the reputation system, and the early game have also been added.

  • Easter Eggs now spawn until the 24th of April.
  • New accessories have been added in celebration of Easter.
  • NPC’s will play an expression when you passed a level of reputation.
  • Reputation needed for each stage have been lowered across the board. (20 → 10, 60 → 40, 120 → 100, 240 → 200)
  • A new reputation level has been added at 1 reputation. Helps identify who you have and haven’t talked to.
  • Tiles in your hand will now appear upright, but transparent when placing.
  • The male personality running animations have been adjusted so items they carry sway to the side, rather than into the camera.
  • Reduced the delay between blocks breaking, when using the charged tools.
  • Buffed the first Axe level to cut down 2 tiles instead of 1.
  • Fixed some clothing items always showing as a coin.
  • Fixed the lucky box dropping the wrong items. It now has 1000+ items it can drop.
  • Fixed the LOD not updating after the lucky box destroys itself.
  • Troughs no longer need Fine Lumber to make them.
  • Trees will always drop a piece of wood per block. However they sell for 2 petals instead of 3.
  • Crafting Lumber and Fine Lumber is now much faster.
  • Added a possible fix to Leif not going to his first quest.
  • Leif will now give recipes for the Post Office items, if they have been lost.
  • Emelia will now give recipes for the Patisserie, if they have been lost.
  • Fixed an error that would occur if you leave the name box, while creating the player, empty.
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar could not close and forced a restart of the game.
  • You will now exit selfie mode when you catch a fish.
  • Basalt and Marble will now drop their respective materials.
  • Farm Fan will enable fishing again, for the lost fishing tools, if the quest is not finished yet.
  • Improved logging of dialogue.
  • Some more items got their names corrected. (Including Cake Cheese → Cheesecake)
  • Cobblestone recipe now accepts both types of sand.
  • Fix some clothing appearing multiple times in creative.
  • Farm Fan’s book no longer counts as a quest item.
  • Slop troughs are now sold in the grocery store.
Staxel - bartwe
Here is the list of changes made to the game;
  • Adjusted the Starbit hitbox to be easier to pick up.
  • Mailbox can now bought in the Grocery store.
  • Post office items are now sold after completing Leif’s first quest.
  • Slop Trough is now sold along with the other Farm Animal items.
  • Version number now only shows on the main menu and pause menu.
  • Fixed clothing not getting unlocked in the shipping catalogue. (Modded and Unmodded.)
  • Fixed being unable to set home after using the teleport button in the menu.
  • More staxel net relays have been added. If you want there is an option under gameplay. (Game restart required to switch relays)
  • Fixed a number of cases in dialogue where the player’s name was not coloured.
  • VR items can now be sold.
  • Allow the License Delivered achievement to be done out of order.
  • Fix a bug which would let Server Owners get the Build Barn Quest too early.
  • Allow Farm Fan to move again, if you completed the barn quest before the tutorial.
  • Farm Fan can now remove extra registration letters from your inventory when they aren’t needed.
  • No longer able to create a world with Impossible Folder names, or using \ or / or |. ( . is also limited.)
  • Aliza can now give extra trough recipes if you don’t have it in your inventory or if you didn’t learn it.
  • Fixed a case where the “Use Staxel Net” option could disappear after exiting edit world menu.
  • Some other minor crash fixes.

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