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I started working on my follow up to Pony Island, called The Hex, shortly after Pony Island's release in 2016. It's been a long and intense period of creation, but the game is finally complete!

The inciting incident in The Hex is a phone call that the bartender at an old inn receives. Because of a raging storm the connection is shaky; he can hear that there is a murder plot, but not who is planning it. The only possible suspects are the six patrons of the inn, each of them a videogame protagonist with a history of failures and felonies. In sequence, the player takes control of the characters and eventually triggers a memory from their past. This is where it gets interesting.

Each character’s past plays out in an entirely different game genre. The majority of The Hex’s ~6 hour play time is actually playing each of these 6 different sub-games. They are mechanically diverse yet themes and aesthetics tie them together, making The Hex feel like more than a collection of minigames. At times genres are bent and blended together.

I’ve been working on The Hex full-time for the better part of 2.5 years. It’s the biggest, most complex project I’ve ever undertaken by a great measure. Jonah Senzel, the composer behind Pony Island’s OST, has also been working on The Hex. He created an incredibly diverse soundtrack with over 20 original tracks and also handled the sound design. For the last stretch of the project I had the pleasure of working with Brendan Sullivan (@artofsully) who created some fantastic 3D models, as well as voice actor Michael Mola.

The Hex shares some similarities with Pony Island: games within games, frequent surprises, and a heavy helping of secrets. I think it's safe to say that if you liked Pony Island, you will like this next one.

Thank you all for supporting me and my games!
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It seems IGN’s recent purchase of Humble Bundle hasn’t compromised their ability to put together a pack of awesome games. For the next 5 days, The Humble Care Package Bundle offers 27 games–including Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon, and Pony Island–for $30 and all of the money is going to emergency relief charities, which makes this one well worth checking out.


Pony Island

The Humble Microjumbo Bundle is a little different than most previous Humble Bundles, because two of the games in the package are straight-up free: Just give them your email address and enjoy. But a few bucks more will get you a number of other games, including some we've played in the past that we actually really enjoyed. 

DRM-free (that is, non-Steam) versions of Space Pilgrim Episode 1 and Pony Island are yours for the taking, or for a minimum of one penny (although that's kind of a dick move) you can also lay claim to Space Pilgrim Episodes 1-4. For $1, you get Steam keys for all of the above, plus Geometry Dash, Pony Island, and Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator. 

And as usual, there's still more to be had for breaking the average price, which right now is just a hair over three bucks: Who's Your Daddy, Town of Salem, hack_me and hack_me 2, Devil Daggers, and Oh... Sir! The Hollywood Roast.   

None of these games are blockbuster fare, but Chris and James had a "good time" trying to keep a baby from dying in a multitude of horrible ways in Who's Your Daddy (they also found a giant floppy dildo, yes they did), Pony Island scored a whopping 91/100 in our 2016 review, and we declared Devil Daggers "the year's best game about shooting infinite skulls forever." Oh... Sir! is mostly about farts (the original, anyway) which may or may not be a plus depending on how you feel about these things. 

In any event, it's a very solid selection of games for less than the cost of a jumbo bag of chips. The Humble Microjumbo Bundle is live now and will remain on tap until August 22. 

Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.

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Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

I will fight to the death anyone who tries to stop Pony Island entering the RPS Advent Calendar this Christmas. This extraordinary oddity could potentially be misunderstood as a gag, when it is in fact one of the cleverest, most peculiar and splendidly delivered games of the year.

… [visit site to read more]

Pony Island - TheDanman
Just a fix for a bug that was reported for the Danish localization. The passwords.txt file in the corrupted OS screen was blank.
Pony Island - TheDanman
This has been the most requested language since the game came out. I have received many emails from people looking to translate the game into Russian but none were willing to tackle the task of adding the Cyrillic alphabet to all 5 of the game's fonts... that is until Farhad took it on.

Many thanks to Farhad Alyshev (@FarhAlishev25) for making this localization possible.
Pony Island - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 40% on Pony Island!*

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Daniel Mullins, the developer behind Pony Island, has announced his next game – The Hex [official site]. This time around, it’s a murder mystery game dabbling in a number of different video game genres.

… [visit site to read more]

Pony Island - TheDanman
Another thank you to all who played Pony Island. The success of this game has been allowing me to devote most of my time to a new project, a game called The Hex. I recently put out a trailer for it.

And here it is:

Also at:

If you want to stay up to date on its development, you can follow me on twitter @DMullinsGames

Thanks again!
Pony Island - TheDanman
A big thank you to Barrie van der Velden and Rowan Stokvis for translating Pony Island into Dutch!

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