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The Mapworks is the heart of Torchlight 2. In many ways it feels like the heart of so much that is great in video games in general. You spawn at the portal and then you walk out, along a narrow golden bridge, to a magical clockwork escapement suspended in the void. I can imagine what the floor feels like here: the glossiness of the crystal and polished metal, and that hum coming up through your feet that suggests vast energies twisting and churning beneath you. The Mapworks is where you get to once Torchlight 2 is all but done, but it's also where you realise that Torchlight 2 is just beginning, and that it never has to end if you don't want it to. The campaign is over, and here, in this stately firmament, you can buy an endless supply of procedurally-generated maps that will take you to an endless stretch of procedurally-generated dungeons.

I went to the Mapworks a few weeks back when I heard Runic Games, the developer that made the Torchlight series, alongside this year's wonderfully intricate Hob, was closing down. The idea was to slip back into Torchlight 2 for a few minutes to remind myself of this team's particular greatness, and then slip back out again to write a quick piece about how much I would miss them and their work. The problem, of course, is obvious. The idea was to slip back into Torchlight 2 for a few minutes... So yes, this farewell to Runic Games is so delayed because I was playing Runic games. I cannot think of a better tribute, to be honest.

Anyway, let's begin this sad task. Here is my second-favourite bit of writing in Torchlight 2: "Flame Hammer". Flame Hammer is the go-to skill I rely on when playing my Engineer, a sort of steampunk pet-class who dashes into battle alongside a clanking, wheezing, skittering collection of Roombas and rollerskates that spit gatling fire and poison at anyone stupid enough to cross their path. Flame Hammer is far more fun than a basic attack in an action RPG should be. Flame Hammer is seismic. I could describe it, but why not quote the flavour text, which does a far better job of it than I could ever hope to? "Your weapon crushes foes it strikes--" All good so far. "--Creating 4 flaming splinters that seek out enemies within 5 meters. If available a Charge is consumed to generate two additional--" Whoa whoa whoa. That's quite enough of that. 4 flaming splinters! That seek out enemies!Within 5 meters!

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Gigantic - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

The owners of Torchlight developers Runic Games, the Chinese free-to-play-focused publisher Perfect World Entertainment, confirmed today that it has shut down Runic’s Seattle studio. Seeing as that’s Runic’s only studio, er, that’s them basically gone – though their games will live on. This comes barely one month after Runic released Hob.

Perfect World have also laid off most the team at Motiga, the studio behind Gigantic – which only launched in July. Perfect World say these are unconnected but sheesh, not a good week to be owned by Perfect World. (more…)

Oct 26, 2017
Hob - PrimeDirective
  • Fixed instances where some players did not earn endgame trophies (PS4)
  • Adjusted map in electric area to accurately reflect terrain
Oct 19, 2017
Hob - PrimeDirective
  • Reduced micro stutters most prevalent on Nvidia 10-Series GPUs*

  • Made it easier to knock enemies off cliffs
  • Improved camera position during some grapple points
  • Adjusted sounds on various units and events throughout the game for a better experience
  • Fixed some event saves to avoid being stuck if you quit in the middle of the event
  • You can no longer grapple in the middle of a warp
  • Added a higher quality shadow detail level

  • Fixed some incorrect Arabic translations and controller UI

  • Hunter achievement should now include warp and down-punch attacks

  • Reconfigured Shadow Detail dropdown for three settings: Low, Medium, High (previously only two settings)

*Note: If you have a Windows 10 machine with an Nvidia 10 series GPU and are seeing performance issues, please also grab the Fall Creators Update (Windows 10, version 1709). This update has been verified to resolve micro stutter issues in the game. For more information on how to update to this version of windows 10: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028685/windows-10-get-the-fall-creators-update.

Additional Note: On PS4, the 1.13 incremental patch was styled as 1.14. We are skipping this number on PC to sync up the versions again.
Hob - PrimeDirective
  • Monitor dropdown detects monitors correctly
  • Added Graphics Adapter selection to launcher so players can explicitly select their GPU

  • Fixed various crashes throughout the game
  • Adjusted save states on various events to avoid blocked save games
  • Added blocking volumes in various places to prevent players from getting stuck
  • Adjusted death planes in various places to make sure players die when they are supposed to
  • Adjusted collision in various places so players can no longer walk through things they should not
  • Fixed places where music was not playing in the world
  • Invisible robot in water dungeon no longer invisible
  • Menu UI easier to navigate with gamepad

  • Fixed issue where game would sometimes crash when awarding achievements
  • Fixed issue where achievements earned when offline were not being reported
  • Fixed issue where players would not earn "Make it Home" achievement

Note: Issues reported with Nvidia 10-Series graphics devices have been inconsistent and difficult to track down. If you have one of these cards, please try the latest patch. If you are still having trouble, see our Performance troubleshooting KB article and if that doesn't resolve the issue, please contact us at support@runicgames.com with specific additional information.
Hob - PrimeDirective
  • Resolved issues with snap points for blocks.
  • Fix for punch soft lock.
  • Adjustments to camera angles to make it easier to see in some areas.
  • Fix for an issue where the game state would be broken if the player exited during a world shift event.
  • Localization fix for controller layouts.
Note: We are still investigating issues with Nvidia 10-Series graphics devices. Thanks for your patience!

This is an incremental patch and will be rolled into the next minor patch on PS4.
Sep 28, 2017
Hob - PrimeDirective
  • Stability improvements.
  • Butterfly collection should increment properly.
  • Added a ladder in electric zone for easier return traversal.
  • Adjusted deathfall sound volume.
  • Improved camera angle during certain puzzles to make it easier to see.
  • Updated vista map markers.

    Note: We are very close to tracking down the launching crashes folks are getting with Nvidia 10-Series graphics cards. If you're running into this issue, try reinstalling your MSVC++ redistributables (see Launching Issues for more info on how to do this.) If you receive an assert message at this point, let us know via support@runicgames.com which one you received. Removing one or more of the microcodecache.bin files (info also in Launching Issues) may resolve the issue. If not, rest assured, we are working round the clock to resolve the issue. Thanks to everyone in the community who has taken time to help us track this issue down!
HITMAN™ - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brendan Caldwell)

"Hello dad, yeah it's all gone a bit murdery"

Oh no, you’ve tripped the alarm. Now the terrifying RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, knows you’re here. It’s going to hunt you down and force you to listen to it. Quick! Think of a way out of this, before you hear all about Adam becoming an accidental mass murderer in Dishonored, or John obsessively re-loading his way out of a bad situation. If you don’t escape, I’ll have to tell you about the time I threw a gun at someone’s head in Heat Signature, to absolutely no effect. This week, you see, we’re talking about Things Going Wrong. (more…)

Sep 27, 2017
Hob - PrimeDirective
  • Crash fixes
  • Fix for terrain race condition

    Note: We are actively investigating launching issues for Nvidia 10-Series GPUs. Resolving it is our top priority. Thanks for your patience! Remember to restart the game to apply this update.

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