The Consuming Shadow - theconsumingshadow
For users experiencing the problem where the game launches with a black screen and only sound, or any other graphical issues possibly relating to compatibility with newest Windows updates, there's a new beta build that may help.

Details in the discussion thread:
Jan 6, 2016
Community Announcements - Yahtzee
With the most recent update to the game, the game has been rebuilt in the newest version of Game Maker Studio to hopefully alleviate compatability issues with Windows 10 users.

In the process, some changes had to be made to the workings of the Steam stats, and you may now find that your progress on certain stat-based achievements have been reset. This was unavoidable. Any stat-based achievement that you already had unlocked should stay unlocked, however.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

In truth, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw’s Lovecraftian roguelike has been available for a while already, but the Steam version that launched moments ago brings fresh horrors to The Consuming Shadow [official site] in the form of new monsters and creature variants, challenge modes, an infinite dungeon mode, and more. I’ve dabbled with the original release, which I reckon manages to make a suitably grim atmosphere from its barely animated silhouetted characters and scenes. It’s sort of like a miniature Arkham Horror, set in the UK.

… [visit site to read more]


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