Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft

Hey Barbarians, we're forging the sequel of Age of Barbarians.
Months to months, days to days, hours to hours, minutes to minutes, every second, the game becomes closer to its final path: the release day.

Anyhow, much remains to be done.
In the last month, we have worked mainly on the code; therefore, still, we aren't ready to show you any game images.

So we quote:
For us there is no spring Just the wind that smells fresh be·fore the storm
Dec 3, 2019
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft
Prepare yourself for an adventure beyond your wildest fantasies!
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft

Hey Barbarians, we're excited to share with you some news about the Age of Barbarians II.
First of all, we can officially declare that Age of Barbarians 2 will be our next game!
So prepare yourselves to be bombarded with tons of news, very shortly.
Age of Barbarians 2 will be an action-adventure RPG, wholly realized in high-resolution 2d graphics.
Unlike its predecessor, it will be realized in an isometric perspective.

The game will be huge, ambient in an intense and refined fantasy world, freely explorable.
In addition to the epic main story, the game will contain a vast number of side quests, dungeons, towns and places to explores.

Lastly, but not least, we can confirm that Rahaan & Sheyna will be newly playable in the game!
Stay tuned!
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft
Metal Fury 3000 - Our next game \m/
Crian Soft studio is hyped to announce Metal Fury 3000, an over-the-top grindhouse run & gun game filled with heavy metal flavor.
Metal Fury 3000 will mix furious shootings, brutal fights, awesome pixel art, real physics, destructible environments, dismembering enemies, a lot of secrets to find, absurdly devastating weapons to use, an amazing Heavy Metal soundtrack (that will split your eardrums) and much more.

Be ready, a long furious journey is about to begin!
Sep 13, 2019
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft

Hey guys, I'm Fanucci Christian, the game designer of Crian Soft!
First of all, I want to say Thank you, for all the support you give to Crian Soft! That's will never forget...
Now the big question is :
What's the future of the Age of Barbarians series?
Many features have been requested.
So many ideas, a lot of ambition... That is good
Now, "Age of Barbarians" is a game that was first released in 2012...
So, in order to add all the new features you requested us, in order to create a new reference point on the history of the Sword & Sorcery games genre
in simple words ... to make the game awesome!
We need to re-write the code from the very beginning.
For this reason, we're already working on AGE OF BARBARIANS 2
For the moment we cannot say anything else, we are not yet ready! .. DAMNED!!!!
Moreover, concerning the series, we can anticipate that we are working on two other projects, and that they are not video games.
But, this.. is another story!…
Now keep your belts fastened, because the next week we'll officially announce the name of our next upcoming sci-fi title.
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft

A tiny dwarf and a gigantic cyborg?! This is madness!
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft

Hey... wait a minute... who's she?
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft
Hey Barbarians, a small hotfix for the version 1.9.8 is ready:
We'll do our best to fix all the issues reported and update the game on regular basis. Thank you!

- Spider God - the basement: Sometimes a Spider's rider was buggy, fixed.
- Spider God - Top floor: When you saved a maiden the button wan't appear, fixed.
Jun 5, 2019
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft

For the series better late than never, the update 1.9.8 for Age of Barbarian Ex is finally ready!
We also take the opportunity to inform you that very soon we'll announce our next game, it's a huge and very ambitious project.
Stay tuned.

Age of Barbarian Ex 1.9.8

- Game engine: Image size are optimized in order to request less memory in runtime.
- Game engine: Various optimizations, now it should run smoother.
- Forest of Azga: the Low FPS should be fixed now.
- Forest of Azga: Shayna's weapon icon displayed the saw-axe instead of the moon-axe, fixed.
- Forest of Azga 2-1a: If you hang over a pit the player screams as when he die, fixed.
- Boruth's peak: When you kill Boruth the game counts as you kill two people, fixed.
- Boruth's peak: Player's shadow is now displayed correctly.
- Jungle of Chuth: The light contrast was missing, fixed.
- Jungle of Chuth 4-2: A part of the background was glitched, fixed.
- Jungle of Chuth 4-2: The Deathbird death animation was glitch, fixed.
- Wyvern's rider ambush: If pushed out of the screen the Wyvern's rider "level up", fixed.
- Wyvern’s peaks 5-3b: Tentacle grab animation glitch, fixed.
- Wyvern’s peaks 6-3a: In the middle of the screen there was a glitched line, fixed.
- Wyvern’s peaks 6-3a: The run button doesn't work, fixed.
- Wyvern’s peaks 6-3a: The Deathbringer sometimes could roll out of the screen, fixed.
- Dark warriors: Sometimes while roll, they didn't move, fixed.
- Dark warriors: Now is not longer possible to hit them while they roll.
- Slaves' Fortress: Sometimes if the Cyclops health was a zero he could start walking without moving, fixed.
- Slaves' Fortress: While the player falls into the Ciclope's cell it is no longer possible to move.
- Spider God: When you climb the first waterfall there was a strange shadow's behavior, fixed.
- Spider God: Due a memory leak, the game could crash, fixed.
- Spider God: On some configuration the water could been glitched, fixed.
- Spider God - Top floor: A texture was missing, fixed.
- Spider God - Top floor: After Rouna had found the treasure, his icon was still visible, fixed.
- Spider God - Top floor: Added some missing sfx.
- Spider God - Top floor: Sometimes when you saved a maiden the button didn't appear, fixed.
- Spider God the witch: Rarely she was able to roll out of the screen, fixed.
- Spider God the witch: Tentacle behavior improved.
- When Rouna found the treasure, there were some graphic glitches, fixed.
- Some other minor glitches fixed.


- Cyclop AI improved.
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut - Crian Soft
Due of the numerous issues of the update 1.9.8 we've decided to restore the precedent version. We're working on a new version of the 1.9.8 that should be ready for the end of this week.
In the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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