Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars

We have a new blog post up on our website detailing more features that we will be adding into the Beta Update #5! Go check it out!
Link below:


Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Head over to our website so you may view our very exciting progress, as we get closer to releasing the Beta Update #5! The link will be listed below!

Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars

Please be sure to view our updated website, where you may view our recent video that showcases some of the new features coming to the game, along with further information regarding the Beta Update #5! The link to our website will be listed below:

Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Check out our Assault Rifle! What do you think? Can you see yourself blasting a few creatures with one of these?

Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Please be sure to head over to our website, where you can watch a new video of our latest work-in-progress for our Beta #5 Update! The link will be listed below!

Link :

Apr 3
Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Thank you Reaper for naming our new Rover, Pathfinder!

Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
It’s been a couple of weeks since our latest post and we’ve been making great strides on Osiris: New Dawn. Please click this link below to view new screenshots of our latest achievements:

And please be sure to also view our updated Road Map, where you may view our current progress for our Beta Update #5!

Link to view Road Map:
Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Please be sure to visit our website to view our updated Roadmap and Latest Development! Link is listed below!

Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Check out the flocking AI behavior within Multiplayer! What do you think?

Osiris: New Dawn - FromMars
Hey guys! If you are interested in what we are working on, our goals, and what the next update will consist of, then please be sure to check out our Road Map!

Link to Road Map:


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