Overfall - Pera Games
Hello adventurers,

We proudly announce our next, currently in-development game;

A battle commander simulation game where you train your fighters with a vast variety of collected skills to manage them in mythical battlegrounds.

Core Features
  • 3 on 3 online strategy simulation with bright and peppy visuals. Group up with your buddies or match with new friends for an art of war against other commanders.
  • Make a collection within thousands of unique skills to beef up your library. Hire and customize fighters to suit your personal playing style, as they level up and bring you more glories!
  • You will have full control of battle strategy, decide who goes which objective and do what, also you will use ultimate skills to impact the most critical moments of fights. You are in complete control of tactics, combat positions, and objective instructions, and will be able to follow the battle live with our battle simulator.
  • Experience all multiplayer online battle arena aspects in a fresh new way - high fantasy role-playing elements, classes, skills, battlegrounds, arenas, maps, lanes, objectives and tactical depth are all present.
  • Regular updates and additions of new skills, battlegrounds, classes, events and more!

Please vote in Greenlight and share some love with your feedbacks!

In the meantime, enjoy a weekly discount for Overfall, if you don't have it already or wish to gift a friend.
Community Announcements - Pera Games

The aftermath of the Ancient War was devastating. The victorious Orcish Emperor executed each and everyone on Dys who practiced dark arts and summoning. The indisputable power they controlled and carried within their spirits became too dangerous to be used in the wrong hands. The bodies of those once the mightiest commanders were locked and hidden away in the Tombs that are scattered all around Dys. Never to be found again.

Until one day two heroes disembark on an island and hear the call for help of an Imperial Archaeologist.
  • 8 intense dungeon questlines with epic boss battles.
  • More than 15 new player personas with more upgrade options.
  • New and modified NPC stats and personas for more intense fights.
  • Reputation questlines giving you another alternative way of finishing your playthrough.
Community Announcements - Bulut
  • Minor bug fixes about steam connection.
Community Announcements - Bulut
  • Fixed a bug which caused massive frame rate drop if you exit to the main menu from the sailing interface and start the game a couple of times.
  • General bug fixes and minor improvements.
Community Announcements - Bulut
  • [Bug fix]Unlocks should be working as intended again.
  • Chance for getting inflamed, frail, brain damaged, slick has been modified.
Community Announcements - Bulut
  • The initial loading time has been improved.
  • Added an option to release the fps lock.
  • Made some optimizations for the ship AI.
  • When the game is run on a monitor that does not support the last display resolution the game will reset to default resolution for that screen.
  • Fixing the wrong enemy prefabs seen on the story builder.
  • Changing Migrane personas proc rate to %25 from %40
  • In rare cases the persona you get from islands could stuck to one of the personas. Now it is fixed.
  • In story builder adding a persona which has a space in its name will work as intended.
  • In story builder empty rewards and requirements fields will not appear.
  • The wizard void weapon unlock will not require a razed island.
  • Updating the game engine.
Community Announcements - Bulut
  • Clearing personas at the inn will reset all the persona counters for that character. So the character can get similar personas in the future
  • Achievements related to skills, classes and companions will be rewarded correctly. Any old progress will be automatically synced next time you open the game.
  • Objects from 'Floor Objects' category will not disable the hexes they inhabit during battles. So our characters can fight in a cosy environment on warm carpets.
  • Added Corpse Armored as a new Story builder item.
  • Pirate ship quests will no longer trick you into quests that are impossible.
  • The Everguards have a new line for when you have just the right amount of dust.
  • Characters cannot get the same persona twice even if one of them comes from encounters from story builder.
  • Fixing typo in Aegis condition tooltip.
  • Several typos in the encounters are fixed.
  • Added some new story arcs to fillers.
Community Announcements - Pera Games
Dear adventurers,

Our final build before the main release is now open for general consumption on Steam! (note: this version will be uploaded to GOG once we’re sure there are no unexpected bugs during the transition).

Highlights for this patch includes;

  • All missing power SFX have been added to the game.
  • Added several sounds to UI elements.
  • Finally fixed the black screen of doom bug.
  • The AI will use personal all battle damaging powers correctly. In some cases this caused some AI to not move for several rounds.
  • Melee Charge will not protect agains rewind as it was intervening with Monk's special power.

Thanks to everyone who contributed the Early Access to help us find the bugs and see what should be more fun in the game. Happily we have completed every missing part of the game, finished missing animations, art assets and sounds, fine tuned the game UI, balanced the battle and unlocks, added more stories to encounter, and completed our main goal for the EA - The Story Builder!


Our aim is to be in the top ten selling titles on Steam on our launch day. That kind of visibility could make a very meaningful difference to the future of us, so we are massing all of our efforts to get there on 17 May.

You can do a lot to support our goal. If you do even one of the things below we'd be hugely grateful.

  1. Tweet about the game on launch day. It takes a few seconds and will help hugely. Your endorsement of the finished product would mean a lot.
  2. Write a review of Overfall on Steam. Help people get to know the finished game. Upload a review after the Early Access box has left the page and help our finished game make a good impression on the public.
  3. Facebook-post. This isn’t for everyone, but if you have friends and family who play games, or are a member of any Facebook groups who would genuinely enjoy the game, we'd love you to share it with them.
  4. Stream the game on launch day, on Twitch, YouTube or Steam. Promote the stream to your friends and followers, we’ll feature our favourites and may even drop in. Even just playing the game on Steam on the 17th will help drive awareness!
Community Announcements - Bulut
  • Changed the class unlock requirements and hints. Hopefully the new hints will point you in the right direction.
  • Added some tooltips for story builder.
  • Modified the Bear hollow misc power to work better with AI.
  • Fixed a bug in saving system which was not recording the last seed dialog correctly sometimes. Which was causing several different problems itself.
  • Altar icon will be removed from mini map if we find another altar and resurect our hero there.
Community Announcements - cibram
Hello adventurers,

We are happy to announce Overfall will be released next week, 17th of May.

Price tag will be $14.99 USD. (Standart Valve rates for other countries)

Early Access has been a tremendous experience for Overfall team, in which we have learned very valuable lessons, and reshaped the game according to the user feedback. Here are some noteworthy facts about the process:
  • We fine tuned the game UI to give more feedback and information to the player.
  • Important revisions are made for the unlock system; to ensure more fun, and satisfying player progression.
  • Lots of new visual and sounds effects are added to give the unique art style more flavor.
  • Apart from adding new encounters and stories, hundreds of them are also modified according to the player ratings and comments through our in-game feedback system, and online forums.
  • We made many tweaks and fixes on the game balance and mechanics, according to the feedback from our community and play tests.
  • Three different difficulty settings are introduced, ensuring the players have more freedom to play the game in their own way.
  • To provide infinite content, we have created and introduced the Story Builder. A tool that gives you the ability to create your own stories, and publish them via Steam Workshop.
  • Many improvements are made for the Story Builder, to offer the creators the best user experience possible.
  • Collaborating with the almighty Chris Avellone, we have created the Story Writing Guide. A guide which is not only important to define the writing pillars of Overfall, but for anyone who’s interested in game writing, and game narrative overall.
  • Tons of performance improvements are done to make sure as many people as possible can play Overfall, even on aged systems.

Thank you for being part of the early access experience! This community has grown beyond our expectations, and we’re both grateful and humbled by your support, ideas, critiques, and feedback since the beginning.

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