The Guest - hyoga28
Hello dear guests!

We have some good news! The Guest has been nominated for Best Design and Best Debut Game at the Spanish National Videogame Awards!

It's such an honor to be nominated on this ceremony! We are SUPER excited about travelling to Barcelona next week to attend the award ceremony at Gamelab.

Wish us some luck guys!

Thanks for your support people! This couldn't be possible without you (:

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
Hello dear guests!

Today, we want to thank you for being AWESOME!

We have prepared a couple of things for today:

- New patch allows you to skip the ending credits


A free DLC download for the Original Soundtrack of The Guest! :D

We are super excited about sharing with you this 3 themes that contains the very essence of the game and we hope you really enjoy them!

Please, feel free to share your thoughts! You know where to find us!

Thanks again for your support guys!

P.S: If you can’t see the album on your music library, be sure to hit the + near albums and scan the steam music directory at “Steam\steamapps”.

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
We’re happy to announce that The Guest is now featuring Steam Cards!

We have made 8 different cards to collect, trade and exchange! Be sure to get The Guest’s badges and make your profile look awesome!

Gotta catch’em all!

Also, we wanted to thank you all for your support (: Hope you enjoy the cards!

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
Hello Guests,

We noticed a number of requests asking for the game to be available for Mac. We took it in consideration and, while working to fix a few tech issues reported on the first two weeks, we put together the Mac version.

We are updating the game today and you’ll find the Mac version playable and a hotfix patch addressing the following issues:

- Changed the mouse and keyboard/gamepad behavior so that the input changes when the mouse is clicked or in the gamepads case, the button X/A/B/Y is pressed.

- Fixed the issue where the save data got corrupted if you saved a lot in a short period of time (resulted in a save data file that was big memory wise).
This was the cause of items missing when you loaded your saved game.

- Added a Confirmation window when saving. [Only in english, pending for localization]

- The Labyrinth achievement stats now reset (if not completed) when you load the game.

- The game no longer freezes or crashes if you clicked where other buttons were when the confirmation window pops up.

- The UI at the computer room hides correctly after exiting the puzzle

Hope all of you have a great vacation at the Oakwood Hotel.

Thanks for your support and feedback (: You are the BEST!

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
Hello people!

Along this week you have been reporting some issues and we have listened to your feedback!

IMPORTANT: We found an issue where the save data got corrupted if you save your game several times (way more than the average) during your walkthrough not allowing the player to save the game again. It'll be fixed for the next patch.

Next week we'll be uploading the first patch, solving some of the issues you mentioned in the forum:

- The Labyrinth achievement will be easier more understable to unlock.

- Minor UI bugs will be fixed.

- Added a confirmation message when the game is saved.

Thanks so much for your support this first days. We try to read everything you write in the forums and we'll keep doing it. We are here to listen to you guys!

You are all the best (:

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
This is it people. The Guest is NOW AVAILABLE on Steam! Finally you can check-in with a 25% off the first days!

After 2 years of development, FINALLY we can share this with you guys. We have been waiting this day since the very first day.

It has been a long time since we started with this project. We have been working with passion and dedication, through thick and thin with ONE unique goal: YOU.

We want you to be absorbed by The Guest’s story, we want you to feel through the skin of Dr. Leonov, we want you to experience the vibe of the Oakwood Hotel and to understand and enjoy our first game as much as we did making it.

This game is all for you people.

Thanks so much for you support all these years, from our Greenlight supporters, to our family & friends, the indie dev community of Spain and beyond, the press and media, all, the likes, RTs and shares in the social media… THANK YOU.

When we say that we love you, it is because we do.

You’re the reason to keep fighting.

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
It'll be ready soon people!
The Guest - hyoga28

The Guest demo is now available on Steam!

The Oakwood Hotel is opening for you to have a quick look to the first minutes of the game and shorten the wait till March 10th to get the full experience.

We really hope you enjoy these minutes of gameplay guys! Let us know what you think about it and feel free to share your experiences with us!

Thanks a lot for making this possible.

There’s only one week to go!

Team Gotham
The Guest - hyoga28
Finally, we are SUPER happy to share The Guest with you.

It’s been a long long journey, it took almost 2 years but… We are here! The Guest will be released in just a month for 9.99$. We can barely believe it…

We are super excited about you playing The Guest and sharing your thoughts with us. As our first game, we have tried to take care of every detail and make the best game possible.

We’ll be monitoring the forums to read your comments and get valuable feedback for the future.

Along this month will share with you a couple of surprises on The Guest so please, stay tuned!

Bed is made, carpet is vacuumed, clues, hints and puzzles are set. We now leave this room ready for you…

For more information, please visit The Guest's website - Twitter profile - Facebook page.

Thank you all for being awesome and supportive!

Team Gotham

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